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NannyCare Formula Review: Yay or Nay?

NannyCare Formula Review: Yay or Nay?
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As any parent can attest, finding the right formula for your baby can be hard. Some babies might be gassier than others and require a sensitive option, while others might need a lactose-free formula to get their nutrients. But what some parents might not realize is that there’s a goat milk formula option in the form of NannyCare Baby Formula, among others.

In general, goat milk baby formula can be a healthy and convenient alternative for babies who have an intolerance to lactose or allergy to cow’s milk protein. In some cases, goat milk formula might be easier for babies to digest, but as it does have lactose, some little ones may still be negatively affected by goat milk formula.

The bottom line is that while it may not be the perfect solution for all babies, goat milk formula, such as NannyCare Formula, can be a suitable alternative. NannyCare Formula comes in three different stages to help give your growing baby or toddler the nutrition they would otherwise get from cow’s milk, standard formula, or breastmilk.

First Infant Milk is for babies from birth, Follow On Milk is made for babies from 6-12 months old, and Growing Up Milk is for those who are 1-3 years old. Each step of the way, the different goat milk formulas are designed to be a gentle alternative to other regular formula options.

NannyCare Formula provides your child with Vitamins A and C for the development of a healthy immune system and Iron for healthy cognitive development in children. The formula itself is made from gently milked goats and has no added whey proteins.

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Key Features of NannyCare

  • It’s made with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for your baby’s healthy and steady development.
  • There are different stages to work through as your baby grows from an infant into a toddler.
  • You can buy in bulk to save, so it’s a little easier to stock up on NannyCare.
  • The formula is made from gently milked and cared for goats.
  • It features smaller protein curds which make for easier digestion for most babies and toddlers.


  • NannyCare Formula can be a potential alternative to cow’s milk formulas if your baby can’t properly digest standard formula.
  • The First Infant Milk is designed to give your baby all of the nutrition he or she needs and would get from breastmilk.
  • It’s relatively affordable, especially as a specialty formula.
  • It can sometimes be a relief for babies with colic-related issues.
  • Some babies might also take to the taste of NannyCare more easily than that of other baby formulas.


  • While it might be gentler for some babies, NannyCare could still lead to constipation.
  • You can only purchase it online, which can be a hassle if you run out of it and need some in a pinch.
  • Since it comes in a can, there is the real possibility that it could arrive dented.

Has NannyCare Been Recalled? 

There are no recent or current recalls on the NannyCare Formula.

NannyCare Testimonials

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“This baby formula is the absolute best. My newborn and one and half year old love it. The doctor was so proud of the kids progress and health. They gained healthy weight. For newborns and up, this formula is like anti-colic and they love it! Must use for any newborns that don’t have access to breast milk.” – Yakub Ali on Amazon.

“We supplemented my son’s breastfeeding with this formula from the age of six months when I had to return to work. At six weeks old he showed signs of cow milk protein sensitivity, as well soy protein sensitivity. Nannycare formula is readily available in shops in the Netherlands where we lived at the time. Our son thrived on it.” – J. Turner on Amazon.

How Others Compare – NannyCare Alternatives

Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Toddler Formula

kabrita milk

The Kabrita formula might be a toddler-only formula, but since your baby can still use formula after they reach 12 months old, it’s still plenty useful.

A lot of children will have an easier time digesting this particular formula rather than other standard cow’s milk formulas. It’s also a solid option if you need to supplement breastfeeding with formula or want to gently wean your baby off breastfeeding and onto a toddler formula.

Kabrita is made for children from 12-24 months and has the right nutrients to take your little one from the baby stage to the toddler years. It also has a fresh taste and smells that isn’t likely to put off children or their parents who mix the bottles. It’s made with milk from goats who graze freely, so you can give it to your little one with peace of mind. You can primarily find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.


  • It’s made with almost two dozen vitamins and minerals, including ARA, DHA, and Iron.
  • There are no added growth hormones, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors.
  • The milk curds are small, softer, and easier to digest than those of cow’s milk.
  • It’s fairly easy to transition from exclusively breastfeeding to this formula since the taste isn’t too strong.


  • Some little ones might have constipation as a result of starting Kabrita.
  • It only comes in a toddler formula, so your little one will need to start off with a different goat milk formula first.
  • Toddlers might have more gas than usual after using this particular goat milk formula.

Has Kabrita Been Recalled? – There are no recent or current recalls on Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Toddler Formula.

Kabrita Testimonials

“This is the best toddler formula we found as far as organic, non-gmo ingredients, and it’s easily digestible. Our daughter couldn’t tolerate soy and we didn’t want to give her cow’s milk, so this was a great alternative.” – Stacey Rempert on Amazon.

“Love this formula! My pediatrician recommended it for my seven weeks old because of her very sensitive tummy. The other sensitive formulas still hurt her stomach. This formula is gentle on her tummy and doesn’t cause those painful gas bubbles!” – Laura Dion on Amazon.

Holle Infant Goat Milk Formula

holle goat formula

When it comes to goat milk formula, Holle Goat Milk is easily one of the more well-known brands. It comes in three different stages to help ease your little one to different options as he or she grows.

With each stage, however, Holle is made with organically grown ingredients and the vitamins your child needs for healthy development. It includes Vitamins D and A along with the organic goat milk powder. It also has organic lactose, so is your little one has an intolerance to lactose, so it might not be the best option for your child despite its benefits.

Even so, Holle is likely to be a little more gentle on your child’s stomach. Get Stage 1 for infants from birth, Stage 2 for babies after six months old, and Stage 3 for babies after 10 months of age. You can buy the formula on


  • It mixes well with little to no foam or bubbles afterward.
  • The smell is mild and not overpowering when in powder form and after, once it’s mixed.
  • The organic ingredients and vitamins and minerals make Holle a nutritious and gentle formula.
  • Babies who are prone to excessive spit-up might see some relief after switching to this formula.


  • Because the formula isn’t as sweet tasting as actual breastmilk, it might be a little difficult for some babies to get used to it.
  • It comes in a box rather than an easy-to-close and seal can.
  • You can only buy it online, which can be a deterrent for some parents.

Has This Item Been Recalled?- There are no recent or current recalls on Holle Infant Goat Milk Formula.

Further Reading:

Holle Testimonials

“I did a lot of research into formula, as I wanted to give my son the very best start, and found that Holle goats milk infant formula had the best organic ingredients. My son is now eight months and is a very happy, active & developmentally advanced baby.” – Leah Vansanten Smith on Amazon.

“A quality organic product, a bit thick so you have to mix well before feeding. All in all, I’d recommend to those who are on goat milk based formulas.” – Natasha Verba on Amazon.

Meyenberg Goat Milk

meyenberg milk

While Meyenberg isn’t technically a baby formula, it has been used by parents in the past to supplement their formula for babies who have an intolerance to lactose or cow’s milk. It comes in both a liquid and powder form and if used in place of more traditional formulas, it can help ease colic symptoms in little ones.

In fact, it has more potassium than regular cow’s milk and it’s a lot less processed than regular milk. Parents can use the goat milk to make homemade goat milk formula to give their constipated babies some relief and a healthy alternative to cow’s milk formula. You can find it on Amazon or in-store at Target.


  • The milk comes in powdered, whole, and low-fat options for parents and children alike.
  • It has tons of protein and vitamins for your child’s growth and development.
  • It’s also easier to digest than most cow’s milk formulas.
  • There might be lactose in it, but there is less lactose in the goat milk than in cow’s milk.


  • It’s not technically an infant or toddler formula, so there are some challenges that come with using it to make your own goat milk formula.
  • There is a strong taste to the milk.
  • The powder can be difficult to properly mix.

Has Meyenberg Been Recalled? – There are no recent or current recalls on the Meyenberg Goat Milk.

Meyenberg Testimonials

“Loved it! I bought both the whole and the low-fat version. I like the low-fat version better. I don’t understand these reviews saying it tastes bad or “goaty”. That is simply not true. This is a great product.” – Anne Marie on Amazon.

“We’ve been making my daughter goat’s milk formula since she was seven months old (plus breastfeeding). We used this powder along with several other ingredients. She has been thriving on this. She’s now 15 months old and we continue to give this formula to her.” – Sarah Pulsifer on Amazon.

Final Thoughts on NannyCare Formula

Whether you opt for actual goat milk formula or powdered goat milk that you can turn into infant formula, it’s a solid option as a regular formula alternative.

And as far as NannyCare Formula is concerned, it’s a fine option for any parent to give their little one who needs something different than the standard cow’s milk formulas out there. It might not be the perfect substitute, but it offers a lot of the same nutritional benefit and, in some cases, a better taste for babies to get used to.

Where to Buy NannyCare?

There are a few different places worth checking out. In priority, I would check:

Our Pick
Where to buy NannyCare

NannyCare is one of our favorite formulas but it can be a bit harder to find compared to other formula brands. Luckily our partners at TheMilkyBox & OrganicsBest always have a good supply. Use code 'BabySwag' for 5% off.

Buy at TheMilkyBox Buy at OrganicsBest

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