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Miamily vs Lillebaby Carriers: Which Is The Best Of The Two?

Miamily vs Lillebaby Carriers: Which Is The Best Of The Two?

It’s not the end of the world if a baby carrier isn’t for you, but there are tons of benefits that come with them. It might seem like one of those baby accessories you’ll use once and forget about afterward, though if you choose the right one, you can get years of use out of it.

Take the Miamily and Lillebaby Carrier for example. Both carriers are designed to give your little one multiple different ways to sit as you wear them against your body and can easily transition from baby carriers to toddler ones.

Even if your goal is to wear your baby for just a brief period of time or until they start walking, these are the kinds of carriers that won’t weigh heavily on your back and shoulders and should, overall, give you a lot of value for your buck.

Since they’re so similar, though, you might be wondering what sets the Miamily apart from Lillebaby. The truth is, at their core, they look quite similar, but when you look a little deeper, there are differences you may not have realized. And these differences are likely what will help you decide between the Miamily and Lillebaby.

Miamily vs Lillebaby Carriers: Which Is The Best Of The Two?

If the cost is your main concern, the Lillebaby is a bit more affordable than the Miamily. On the other hand, the Miamily has nine different positions to work with, whereas the Lillebaby has just six. Plus, the Miamily has a convenient storage pouch that is unlike what you’ll find with a lot of similar carriers, including the Lillebaby.

It is convenient, though, that the Lillebaby brand has so many different carriers to choose from, whereas Miamily has the one standard carrier to work with.

Obviously choosing between the Miamily and Lillebaby Carrier isn’t going to be as simple as looking at a few features they both offer. So instead of stopping here, it’s best to look at them both more closely before making your decision.

Miamily Hipster Carrier

Miamily Hipster Carrier

While Lillebaby carriers are arguably more popular than the Miamily Hipster Carrier, the Miamily is still a solid option to go with. It has nine different carrying positions, including a convenient side position if you purchase the shoulder accessory separately. But even if you don’t, your baby can enjoy the carrier from the time they’re a newborn all the way up to four years of age or 44 pounds.

That’s a huge deal for any carrier, since older toddlers may still want to be carried. And as all parents know, carrying a 40-pound toddler can be stressful on the lower back without a proper carrier to do some of the work for you. The waist belt can be adjusted to fit different sized parents and caregivers and extends up to 130 centimeters. Speaking of which, the waist belt sits high so as to add more lumbar support.

Underneath the convenient 3D hip seat, the carrier has a larger than life storage compartment that can hold pretty much anything you and your little one will need on the fly.

For your own comfort, the shoulder straps can be crossed in the back and it comes with a tote bag to keep the carrier in when it’s not in use. It also comes with a head cover and two teething pads for your little one. Plus, a layer of the carrier can be removed to keep your baby or toddler cooler in the warmer months.


  • Positions: It can be used as a hip seat only for a newborn, hip seat for a baby facing in, hip seat facing out, hip seat and double shoulder facing in, hip seat and double shoulder facing out, hip seat and double shoulder on the back, and three other positions with the shoulder accessory.
  • Materials Used: Part of it is made from a breathable mesh material.
  • Child Weight Limit: It can be used for children up to 44 pounds.
  • Price: Check the MiaMily site directly for the latest promos and discounts here.
  • Where To Buy: You can buy it directly on the MiaMily site here.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls on this carrier.
  • Full Review: MiaMily Hipster Review


  • There is so much storage under the seat that you can even fit spare diapers in it if you need to.
  • The overall comfort for parents or caregivers is hard to ignore as long as you properly adjust the straps.
  • It’s fairly easy to switch positions for your little one without any help and without fully taking off the carrier.
  • It might be a little bulky, but the Miamily is also lightweight enough to take it with you on the go in case you need it later.
  • There are so many different positions to choose from, your baby is bound to find the one he or she likes best.


  • The head support could be a little stronger, especially for smaller or younger babies.
  • Compared to the Lillebaby, the Miamily is a little pricier.
  • If you don’t get the waist belt adjusted to the perfect position, the 3D seat can dig into your hip when you wear the carrier.
MiaMily Hipster Smart Hip Seat Baby Carrier
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“Best carrier ever. My wife loves how comfortable it is and she doesn’t need to carry a wallet or purse she just keeps her things in the front pouch. The side pouch is also perfect for her iPhone. Highly recommend this product.” – Mike Hancho on Amazon.

“Best baby carrier ever! It’s the only carrier my one-year-old will use. He seems much more comfortable and actually falls asleep in it. It’s very comfortable to wear as well. The only carrier I’ve seen that has an actual seat for baby. Definitely worth the money!” – Sarah Berry on Amazon.

“Love, love, love this carrier. I am on baby number two and have tried three different carriers before this one. My babies did not like any of the others, but I really needed the convenience of a carrier having a two year old and a four month old. Decided to give the hipster a try. Now both my guys love to be carried! My only problem, is I only have one hipster. Great around the house, running errands, or working out.” – Maria Guillioli on Amazon.

Lillebaby Complete Original

Lillebaby Complete Original

Even if you’re new to parenting, you may have heard of the Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier before. That’s because the brand is easily at the top of the baby carrier game. For some, the name might be enough to convince them that this is the carrier to go with.

But as with any important baby product, you should probably see the good and the not-so-good when it comes to the Lillebaby Complete Original.

It’s made for children up to 45 pounds and features six different carrying positions to accommodate your little one from the newborn stage through toddlerhood. It has two-way adjustable straps and ample lumbar support for your own comfort as well as an adjustable seat crate for your growing little one.

The big thing the Lillebaby Carrier advertises is its ability to allow you to bond with your little one while wearing him or her against your body. But the comfort makes long-term carrying easier and more comfortable for you and baby and that’s a huge plus. And while it doesn’t have as large of a storage compartment as the Miamily, the Lillebaby does have a storage pocket on the back of it, so it’s easily accessible at all times.


  • Positions: The carrier can be worn with your baby in the fetal position, infant inward, ergonomic outward, hip, toddler inward, and on the back.
  • Materials Used: It’s made from a durable 100% cotton.
  • Child Weight Limit: The carrier is designed for children up to 45 pounds.
  • Where To Buy: You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in store at Buy Buy Baby.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled? There are no recent or current recalls on this particular Lillebaby Carrier.


  • You don’t need an infant insert to use the Lillebaby with your newborn.
  • The front pocket is conveniently located and necessary to a phone, wallet, keys, and maybe extra pacifier.
  • The shoulder straps connect higher up on the back, so it’s a lot more comfortable than carriers that have straps that connect lower.
  • The attached hood can keep your little one’s head covered for naps, breastfeeding, or from the sun.
  • It’s also more affordable for some than the Miamily.


  • Although it’s made of cotton, the fabric might feel a little stiff.
  • It can be a little difficult to get the waistband adjusted to the right fit.
  • Because the fabric attracts lint and hair, it can be difficult to keep it clean.
Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360° Carrier | Amazon

Safe for baby’s hips and acknowledged as a HIP HEALTHY carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

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“We are loving our Lillebaby carrier! I got this one because of the versatility and price. I have an Ergo carrier which I like but it doesn’t allow for outward facing baby carry and my little guy wants to see everything! We just used it for the first time to go to a museum and shopping at an outdoor mall. The extra support this carrier offers is amazing! After wearing for multiple hours I didn’t have any backache and the baby didn’t get fussy at all! Highly recommend!” – Amanda K. on Amazon.

“Love this carrier! I bought another one in the airflow fabric just a few days after I got this one. I have had many carriers. On my 4th and last baby now and wish I had this way way earlier. I wear her all of the time since my active son is 3 and I need two arms free to wrangle him.

Plus my six month old loves being carried and she is all about this carrier. She feels secure and it’s so comfortable on my back. I walked around the mall and pushed a stroller for a few hours today and my back felt great.” – Lola Michalski on Amazon.

“Nice carrier, I’ve been using it since she was three weeks old, right now she’s six weeks old and she loves it. She falls asleep right away. Also, I like the back support, it eases up the weight.” – Dmitry Kalenichenko on Amazon.

“I just got this carrier and I already love it, and so does my three month old! Which is so great, because he didn’t like the Moby. Going to be doing some traveling soon and can’t imagine braving the airports without it. Very comfortable and user friendly. Feels secure and sturdy, without being too bulky.” – Brianna H. on Amazon.

The Verdict: Lillebaby or MiaMily?

Both the Miamily and Lillebaby Carriers are both great options for anyone looking for a long lasting carrier for their little one.

On a Budget? The stronger option for budget conscious parents has to be the Lillebaby Complete Original. Not only is it more affordable than the Miamily, but it’s less bulky too.

More Comfortable and Flexible? The MiaMily offers more positions and generally stronger support (for the carrier e.g. Mom / Dad).

Final Thoughts on the Lillebaby vs MiaMily Debate

Baby carriers may not be one of the must-haves on every parents’ list of baby items, but they do offer an easy alternative to carrying your baby at all times. Some babies are needier than others and want to be held and carriers can help you give in to that need. Other times, you might need to use your hands while out and about and prefer to do without a bulky stroller. Again, that’s when a baby carrier will serve you well.

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