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Luvs vs Pampers – Which Diaper Brand Stacks Up Best?

Luvs vs Pampers – Which Diaper Brand Stacks Up Best?
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Diapers are a staple part of any new mom’s essentials kit, and it’s so important you find the right brand for your baby. To help get you started, we’re reviewing Luvs vs Pampers — two leading diaper brands who are trusted by parents all over the world.

When looking for the right diapers, they should be super soft, sensitive against your baby’s delicate skin, and absorbent so your child stays dry. It’s also incredibly handy if your chosen diapers feature a wetness indicator. This is so useful in understanding when your baby has a full diaper — and therefore needs to be changed. When you’re tired and stressed out, you’ll really appreciate this feature.

If you’re toying between both diaper brands or want to find out more information about what either one can offer, this guide is here to help. By the end, we hope you’ll have a better idea of the key features, as well as the pros and cons. We’ll also be offering our thoughts on the Pampers Luvs debate, and crowning a champion.

My Top Pick: Pampers Baby Diapers
The Pampers brand really stands out! They are twice as soft (which is great for sensitive skin) and can handle up to 12 hours of protection. Also, they have several size options and a contoured fit.
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The Main Differences Between Pampers vs Luvs

The main differences between Pampers vs Luvs are:

  • Luvs diapers have an incredibly strong smell, whereas Pampers are scented with a milder fragrance.
  • Luvs features reusable close tabs for a great fit, whereas Pampers are made with a stretchy, contoured fit.
  • Luvs uses Triple Leakguards to absorb liquid, whereas Pampers are made with unique quilted material.
  • Luvs diaper sizes range from N to 6, whereas Pampers sizes range from N to 7 over four different product ranges.

Luvs vs Pampers – which is better for your child?

At this stage of our guide, we’ll be taking a much closer look at both Luvs and Pampers to see which one comes out on top. Whether you’re a new parent or want to find out more about these diapers on offer, you’re no doubt anxious to choose the right brand for your baby. This is why we’ll offer an in-depth review as well as the main features so you can see all the information in one place.


pampers luvs

Made by Procter & Gamble (the same company that manufactures Pampers), Luvs is an economically-friendly brand of diapers. They come in loads of styles and options, suitable for babies from 10 lbs to 35 lbs.

The aim is to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Luvs achieves this by using Triple Leakguard disposable diapers, which are designed with three absorption areas. This helps to lock away wetness for 12 hours of overnight protection.

They also feature a special absorbent gel. This is a perfectly safe substance that soaks up all the liquid. And to help you know when it’s time for a change, Luvs diapers turn blue when wet.

With regards to the fit, Luvs diapers feature large closure tabs. They’re completely reusable too, so if you don’t get the fit right the first time then you can undo the tabs and try again as they’re incredibly sticky. If you’ve got a wriggly baby or have trouble changing diapers, these are a lifesaver.

One important thing to note is that Luvs do have a strong baby powder smell. Unfortunately, they don’t quite mask diaper smells, but you’re instead left with a synthetic odor that can be overpowering for some. However, if you love the smell of baby powder, you should be fine with this.

They also lack the extra padding that Pampers seems to have. This can affect the fit, and it does make them more prone to leaks. Given the price point, this is probably not too surprising but it is something to bear in mind.


  • Absorbs 20x its weight (based on the weight of absorbent gel).
  • Triple Leakguards are designed with three absorption areas to help keep your baby’s skin dry.
  • Luvs locks away wetness for up to 12 hours of overnight protection so your baby can dream on.
  • Made from a super soft material – kind on baby’s skin.
  • Luvs turn blue when wet, telling you when your baby needs a change.
  • Luvs features stretch sides and larger, refastenable tabs for a secure, snug fit.
  • Luvs comes in a range of fun printed designs.
  • Sizes range from N (up to 10 lbs) to 6 (35 lbs).


  • They’re easy to refasten.
  • Fits snug against your baby’s body which increases leak protection.
  • If you love the smell of baby powder, you’ll like these.
  • It features an extra absorbent core for added dryness.
  • They’re affordable diaper options.


  • They have a very overpowering smell, which some moms find unpleasant.
  • Luvs are a bit thinner than Pampers, which can affect the fit and make them more prone to leaks.
  • There’s a lack of padding.
  • The size range is quite limited.


pampers luvs

Well known for their range of products and overall good quality, Pampers is one of the leading diaper companies. According to the brand, Pampers’ products are used by more than 25 million babies in 100 countries every day. This means they’re already incredibly popular all around the world.

Most moms swear by Pampers’ leak-proof capabilities. They claim to offer up to 12 hours of protection against wetness. While this may be a bit of a stretch, there’s no doubt that this is an impressive amount of time for the diapers to be holding liquid.

They also feature a wetness indicator that lets you know when it’s time for a change. This is so handy if you’re not quite sure what to look out for. When it comes to your baby’s comfort, each diaper is two times softer than other leading brands. They’re also quilted, which pulls wetness and mess away while increasing the comfort levels.

This is great for sensitive skin. These quality diapers also feature air channels that allow air to reach your baby’s skin to help keep them dry.

If you’re worried about how well the diaper will fit your baby, Pampers conform to your baby or toddler’s legs and waist. Pampers Cruisers are great for children that move around a lot, while Swaddlers work well with delicate skin.

There are a couple of minor downsides to Pampers. They are an expensive option, especially when compared to Luvs. And the diapers can become soggy if left to absorb too much water.


  • Recommended Weight: 8 – 14 lbs. No.1 diaper choices of hospitals, nurses and parents (Hospitals: based on hospital sales data; nurses: vs. other hospital brands, among those with a preference; parents: based on retail sales).
  • 2x softer with up to 12 hours of protection (vs. every day of the year brand).
  • Heart quilts provide supersoft comfort while pulling wetness and mess away.
  • Air channels allow air to reach the baby’s skin to help keep them dry and comfortable.
  • Features a wetness indicator so you know when it’s time for a change.
  • Umbilical cord notch to protect your baby’s delicate belly with a perfectly contoured fit.

There are 4 options available:

  • Pampers Pure Protection (sizes N to 6)
  • Pampers Swaddlers (sizes N to 6)
  • Pampers Cruisers (sizes 3 to 7)
  • Pampers Baby Dry (sizes N to 6)


  • There’s a variety of styles to choose from.
  • They have an excellent fit for babies or all shapes and sizes.
  • Very gentle on skin.
  • They’re incredibly soft.
  • They’re hospital recommended, which gives a great sense of peace of mind.


  • They’re on the expensive side, especially when compared to Luvs.
  • Pampers can become quite soggy.

The Verdict: Which is Better – Pampers vs Luvs

While both Luvs and Pampers are great brands, there are some clear differences between the two. In terms of the price, if you’re looking for budget diapers, then Luvs will be the right budget brand for you. They offer a pocket-friendly option while still offering a great quality diaper.

Pampers, on the other hand, can be quite expensive, especially over time, so it’s a good idea to think about whether you can afford them long-term.

Overall, however, our winner has to be Pampers. Its reputation speaks for itself – especially when you consider just how many moms use them all over the world. But there are some winning features too. This includes a better amount of choice, a good variety of sizes and a contoured fit for your baby’s comfort.

Pampers diapers are also super soft. This is especially great for sensitive and delicate skin. The quilted design also adds to the comfort and softness, so your baby will have a much easier time when wearing the baby diapers.

In the end, though, we would be more than happy to recommend either Luvs or Pampers. They both have their uses and the target audience is perhaps a little bit different. The best thing to do is re-read both reviews and figure out which one sounds more suited to your baby’s needs — your decision will be the right one.

pampers luvs aisle

Frequently asked questions about Luvs and Pampers

What is the grainy/gel-like stuff in Luvs diapers?

Luvs uses an absorbent gelling material in the padding of their diapers to absorb wetness. Absorbent gelling material — or AGM as it’s commonly known — is very similar to the ingredients found in a lot of cosmetics and food processing products. It’s therefore deemed perfectly safe.

When dry, the AGM in each diaper is dry and grainy. As your child urinates into their diaper, a gel forms as it absorbs the liquid. If the diaper is heavily saturated, you might see some gel on your baby’s skin. Don’t panic, as this is completely normal. In fact, the Institute for Polyacrylate Absorbents has researched the safety of consumer products containing absorbent gels and found them to be safe.

Do Luvs diapers have a wetness indicator?

Luvs diapers are designed with Triple Leakguards, meaning they can absorb 20x their weight and feature a wetness indicator that turns blue when wet. This keeps your baby dry and comfortable while alerting you when it’s time for a diaper change.

Is latex used in Luvs diapers?

Many babies, unfortunately, suffer from latex allergies, so both Luvs and Pampers use natural rubber latex in all diapers, wipes, and training pant products. This has been the case since August 1998. Always check the packaging to be sure though, as a latex allergy can be quite nasty for babies.

Are the materials Pampers uses safe for babies?

Pampers claims that all materials used in its products are 100% safe. All materials are subject to rigorous evaluations and comply with the recommendations for safe use of substances from the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, SCCS/1564/15. Baby-dry and Pure Protection baby diapers have also been certified by OEKO-TEX®, an independent institute that tests for undesirable substances.

Are the colors used in Pampers diapers safe for my baby’s skin?

Pampers uses non-irritating pigments in their baby diapers. These have been carefully evaluated by experts and have been deemed as safe as a result. The colors are simply used to create cute prints and cannot penetrate the skin, even in case of contact. Pampers also do not use coloring agents in their products.

Why is there adhesive on Pampers diapers? Is it safe?

The adhesive used in Pampers diapers is safe and solvent-free. It is used in nappies to keep the diaper’s materials together and avoid leaks. The adhesive doesn’t actually come into contact with your baby’s skin when they are wearing the diaper.

Bottom Line in the Pampers Luvs Debate

At this point at the end of our guide, we hope you’ve now got all the information you need to make a decision between Luvs and Pampers. We’d be happy to recommend either option, but there’s no doubt that one of them will ultimately be better for you and your baby.

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If you have any questions then feel free to pop them in the comment section below – our expert moms and dads are more than happy to help! And if you have anything else you’d like us to review, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

My Top Pick: Pampers Baby Diapers
The Pampers brand really stands out! They are twice as soft (which is great for sensitive skin) and can handle up to 12 hours of protection. Also, they have several size options and a contoured fit.
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