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Loulouka vs Holle: Is Holle or Loulouka Better?

Loulouka vs Holle: Is Holle or Loulouka Better?

Whether you choose to breastfeed or opt to formula feed, it’s important to recognize that formula, in general, is made to be just as beneficial to your baby’s health. So it makes sense that an organic formula would be even better for infants as they grow and develop their first year.

Truth be told, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics consider breastfeeding to be the best overall options for babies, but there is a reason why formula exists. It can help supplement breast milk if needed, or it can provide nutrients when your baby doesn’t respond well to breast milk or when breastfeeding is difficult.

So when you look at two of the leading organic brands across the globe, you might wonder what the main differences between Loulouka vs Holle are. Both formulas are made from organic ingredients and contain the nutrients your baby will need for mental and physical development during the first year of his or her life.

But while Holle lists one of its first ingredients as palm oil, Loulouka contains coconut oil, which can be considered a nice alternative to some parents who have concerns about palm oil in their baby’s formula.

Then again, some parents might love that the Holle Baby Formula comes in a ‘pre’ stage before Stage 1, which means your baby might be able to get even more use out of Holle brand formula as they need it.

Both formulas are certainly similar enough to make comparing them a tad difficult, especially for parents who just need to see the word ‘organic’ and are sold. But if you want to dig a little deeper and really figure out what makes each of these special and what sets them apart from each other, it’s possible to see what little differences they each have.

So before you make a decision as to which formula your baby will have in place of or in addition to breast milk, consider all that Loulouka and Holle have to offer as well as all they lack.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: The main difference between these two brands is that Holle offers MANY more “stages” of formula, from infant to toddler. Holle has also been around for decades. In short, go with Holle here if you are on the fence. The only case where Loulouka makes more sense is if you prefer coconut oil instead of the palm oil (in Holle).


Main Differences Between Loulouka vs Holle

The main differences between Loulouka vs Holle are:

  • The Holle Formula has a special ‘pre’ stage that can be used right off the bat, giving the formula four total stages, whereas Loulouka has just three for infants
  • International brands like Holle can be found on a variety of different websites, whereas it might be a little more difficult to find more than one or two places online where you can buy Loulouka
  • Loulouka is made with coconut oil, whereas Holle is made with palm oil in its ingredients
  • While both formulas are international, Holle is already much more well known, which might cause parents to trust it before Loulouka on principle alone

Loulouka Formula


As far as international baby formulas go, Loulouka Baby Formula is one of the newer ones on the market, but that doesn’t mean it is made of any less important ingredients.

It is made from whole milk organically sourced from cows in Switzerland. So right off the bat, it’s clear that the key ingredients most parents will care about are as organic and healthy for little ones as you can get with formula. The main goal with this new European baby formula is to provide babies with nutrients without including additives that typically sully formula and make it less than perfect, if still healthy, for babies.

Like, for example, the fact that Loulouka has coconut oil instead of the more commonly found palm oil. Palm oil can lower fat and calcium absorption in babies, which can then lead to bone density issues in the long term. The coconut oil makes for easier and overall better absorption, which is important in these early stages of your baby’s development.

Loulouka also has other sources for essential fatty acids rather than lecithin that comes from soy, which is commonly found in baby formulas. Aside from the health benefits of Loulouka Formula, you can’t ignore the fact that the company uses environmentally friendly means to create the formula. That might not be number one on every parent’s list for formula must-haves, but it makes sense, coming from an organic formula brand.

There is certainly nothing wrong with organically made formula from the United States, but when you have a formula from Switzerland, where the healthy requirements and guidelines are a little more strict, you know you’re getting a high-quality product. And such is the case with Loulouka.


  • Primary Ingredients: The key ingredients in Loulouka Formula are organic whole milk, coconut oil, folic acid, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, AND B6.
  • The Benefits: This formula is made with ingredients meant to be gentle on little tummies while providing the right nutrients babies need in their first year, but without common additives that might not be good in the long run.
  • Stages Available: Loulouka comes in three stages — Stage 1 is for babies from 0-6 months old, Stage 2 is for babies 6-12 months old, and Stage 3 is for little ones ages 12 months old and up.
  • Where To Buy: Although it’s not available on Amazon at this time, Loulouka can be found on here.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls on the Loulouka Formula.


  • It comes in three stages that can take your baby through his or her first year and beyond that first year as well.
  • The formula mixes and dissolves fairly easily without clumping.
  • It comes from Europe, where the standards and policies for the baby formula are much more strict and, in a way, better for babies.
  • The whey proteins it contains help make the formula less likely to trigger allergic reactions in some babies.
  • There are no added GMOs, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.


  • Loulouka Formula is so new that there isn’t a lot of information out there for some parents to feel comfortable with it just yet.
  • You can’t find it in-store, so that could discourage some parents from wanting to wait for shipments each time (The best place I’ve found is via MyOrganicCompany here).
  • Right now, it can be hard to find it online where it isn’t sold out.


“Our daughter loves this formula and it works a lot better with her than Hipp did. Plus, it tastes good and so far, she hasn’t had any digestive problems with it.” – Jen on Little Moo Organics. (Paraphrased)

“Our son had constipation problems before trying Loulouka, but this formula helped ease his discomfort. We love that it doesn’t have palm oil and it’s made from whole milk and actually smells like it.” – Mary on Little Moo Organics. (Paraphrased)

“Not only is this formula the best we have found for our twins, but its quality can’t be beat. Because of its high quality, my twins are thriving and we haven’t found a better option.” – Franklin on Little Moo Organics. (Paraphrased)

“Until we found this formula, we were hesitant to switch to formula. But we loved that it doesn’t have any additives and is made with natural ingredients. Plus, our baby had no digestive problems when we switched from breast milk to this formula.” – Heidi Erin A. on Little Moo Organics. (Paraphrased)

Where to Buy Loulouka Formula?

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Holle Formula

holle 2 formula

Unlike Loulouka, Holle Baby Formula has been around for long enough to gain a reputation as one of the top European baby formulas out there. The brand also has baby food and cereal options, so you can continue to use different options from Holle as your baby grows. Holle also has organic goat milk formula, but when comparing it to Loulouka, the organic milk-based formula is the primary option.

Holle Baby Formula is made from skimmed milk from organically sourced farms and whey powder from biodynamic farming, which is partly why so many parents feel so comfortable going with Holle formula. It is naturally organic and like other formulas, can be ready in just minutes. It is also made with all of the proper nutrients and vitamins babies will need for the first year of their life and beyond.

One of the main things parents tend to be drawn to with Holle Formula is the fact that the formula contains vegetable oils that provide important fatty acids for babies’ development as well as maltodextrin, which comes from organic corn starch. It is also free of gluten and although it does contain some vegetable oils, parents will appreciate that they are organic vegetable oils.

Overall, Holle Baby Formula contains all of the necessary nutrients that your baby will need as they grow and develop both physically and mentally in the first year and beyond. And since there are multiple stages to nourish your baby with, you can get plenty of use out of the Holle brand as a whole.


  • Primary Ingredients: Some of the most important ingredients in Holle are skimmed organic milk, dietary fibers, Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K.
  • The Benefits: Holle Formula is easy to digest for infants and helps to keep infants’ immune systems up to par ad they develop during a crucial time in their development.
  • Stages Available: It comes in PRE for babies from 0-6 months old, Stage 1 for birth onwards, Stage 2 for 6-10 months old, and Stage 3 for babies from 10-12 months of age.
  • Where To Buy: Although it isn’t available on Amazon at this time, you can find Holle on MyOrganicCompany here.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls on Holle Baby Formula.


  • There are no added sugars or artificial ingredients in Holle.
  • It’s easy to digest, especially for little tummies.
  • It comes in a variety of different stages to accommodate your infant as he or she grows, every step of the way.
  • The formula ingredients come from organic and biodynamic farming, which is not only good for babies but can give parents peace of mind.
  • The powder dissolves easily when making bottles, so you won’t be left with clumps that stick to the inside of the bottle.
  • Unlike Loulouka, Holle has a reputation as a top organic European baby formula, so some parents already know and trust it.
  • There are also healthy dietary fibers, which are essential for infants.


  • Holle can’t be found in most stores in the United States, so parents have to stick to online orders.
  • While the PRE stage can be used from birth onwards, it can be a little daunting to understand and stick to all of the other 2-3 month stages.
  • It’s made with skimmed milk and not whole milk, which some parents might not love.
  • Some babies might have a lot of gas resulting from this particular formula.


“My son had reflux issues, but after switching to Holle, he barely had any issues. Even when burping him, I could see a big difference. I didn’t like that American formulas have high fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient and after doing some research, Holle was the right choice.” – Loulouka. (Paraphrased)

“When I had to stop breastfeeding, Holle Organic Formula 1 was the right replacement option. She has been able to digest it the same way she digests breast milk and now I feel better about the change.” – Megan on Formuland. (Paraphrased)

“Holle dissolves easily and doesn’t have hardly any foam when mixing bottles. The formula looks like actual breast milk and my baby not only digests it easily, but also spits up a lot less now that we made the switch to it.” – Christina H. on Formuland. (Paraphrased)

“My son has to unexpectedly switch to formula from breastfeeding and Holle helped my son adjust easily with no stomach issues or throwing up. It was gentle enough for a primarily breastfed baby and I still use it to supplement as needed.” – Allison on Formuland. (Paraphrased)

The Verdict: Loulouka or Holle?

As with any formulas, there are plenty of positive things to say about both the Loulouka and Holle Formulas.

They are both organic European formulas made to give your baby everything he or she needs in their first year as they develop at a constant rate. That’s the most important thing, but at the end of the day, the big concern is the differences between Loulouka and Holle and figuring out which one is best.

And when it’s all said and done, Holle Baby Formula is the way to go. Not only has it been around long enough to have a plethora of parent testimonials to prove its worth, but it has so many stages that it can easily grow with your child for as long as needed.

Loulouka’s biggest saving grace is its addition of coconut oil and that is certainly a plus to most parents. But when you look at the nutrients, reputation, and number of stages offered by Holle to give your baby tons of formula options, it really can’t be beaten. In this case, you would be doing your baby a favor to choose Holle over Loulouka.

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Final Thoughts on Holle vs Loulouka

Every formula that is around today started out as a newbie at some point. Loulouka isn’t being condemned for being a lot newer than Holle, but you can’t help trust it a little less than a formula that has been around long enough to have several stages and other baby foods to choose from to keep the brand in your family for literal years.

Bottom Line: The main difference between these two brands is that Holle offers MANY more “stages” of formula, from infant to toddler. Holle has also been around for decades. In short, go with Holle here if you are on the fence. The only case where Loulouka makes more sense is if you prefer coconut oil instead of the palm oil (in Holle).

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Lauren Pinson

Monday 3rd of August 2020

Louloula and Holle both come in 3 stages so that's not a good reason to choose Holle over Loulouka. Holle uses palm oil - that was very hard on my daughters digestion. We switched to Loulouka and it was an instant difference! Plus with Loulouka using whole milk as the first ingredient they don't have to add back as many nutrients and fat that are removed from skimmed milk.