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Lillebaby vs Beco Baby Carrier: Which is Right for You?

Lillebaby vs Beco Baby Carrier: Which is Right for You?

Choosing the right baby supplies is never easy and comparing the Lillebaby vs. Beco Baby Carrier is just as difficult of a decision as any when it comes to your baby. Your own comfort is important, sure, but it’s also important to choose a carrier that keeps your baby or toddler comfortable and safe for as long as possible. Longevity is a big deciding factor for so many parents and caregivers so naturally, that’s going to play a role in deciding between the Lillebaby vs Beco Baby Carrier.

But if you really want to make an informed decision about the carriers, you’re going to need to look at all of the important qualities in each carrier.

The Lillebaby Complete offers six different comfortable and ergonomic positions for your little one, which is a huge deal. But on the flip side, the Beco Gemini has straps that can cross on your back a little more easily, lending a little more comfort and stability to you as you wear your baby in the carrier.

Both carriers, however, have thick waistbands for lumbar support, which again, is a big deal with baby or toddler carriers. The Beco Baby Carrier is also considerably more expensive than the Lillebaby, so if cost is your main deciding factor, that might make things just a tad easier for you.

When it comes down to it, though, it’s always important to consider everything about each carrier rather than make a decision based solely on one aspect.

Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier

Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier

The Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier just looks like heavy-duty and long-lasting baby carrier right off the bat. It has thick but breathable fabric all the way around and heavily cushioned straps for your comfort. It also offers six different positions for your growing little one, which is a huge bonus with any carrier.

With two-way adjustable straps, an extendable back panel, and lumbar support, there’s comfort and convenience for you and your little one. But, it also has an adaptable seat to give your growing child ultimate comfort for long or short periods in the carrier.

For your own convenience, the carrier has a zippered cargo pocket. It also keeps little ones in the hip healthy M-shaped position at all times as they grow older and can be in that position. But before that, when you still have a newborn, you can still use the carrier with them without an infant insert.

If your baby makes a mess in the carrier or it just needs to be cleaned after lots of use, you can toss the entire thing in your washer.

That’s right — no frustrating spot cleaning needed. And with the lumbar support on your lower back, the pressure of your baby’s weight is taken off your lower back, evenly distributing their weight. The carrier can take you from the infant months to the toddler years with such ease.


  • Positions: You can use the carrier in the fetal position, infant inward, ergonomic outward, hip, toddler outward, and back position.
  • Child Weight Range: It’s designed for children from 7-45 pounds.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in store at Buy Buy Baby.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls on this Lillebaby Carrier.


  • You don’t need an infant insert in order to use the carrier with your newborn.
  • There’s a convenient and decently sized pocket in the front for easy access.
  • The shoulder straps in the back can be crossed, but they also connect high up, which makes them more comfortable for some.
  • There are a lot of different carry positions to choose from as your child grows.
  • For a long use carrier, the Lillebaby is fairly affordable for most families.


  • It might feel a little oversized on smaller framed adults.
  • The fabric might feel a little stiff for some.
  • Lint, hair, and dust seem to accumulate on the fabric easily.
  • While it is machine washable, you can’t dry it in the dryer.
LÍLLÉbaby Complete Original 6-in-1 Ergonomic Baby Child Carrier
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03/05/2024 11:26 pm GMT


“We are loving our Lillebaby carrier! I got this one because of the versatility and price. I have an Ergo carrier which I like but it doesn’t allow for outward facing baby carry and my little guy wants to see everything! We just used it for the first time to go to a museum and shopping at an outdoor mall. The extra support this carrier offers is amazing!” – Amanda K. on Amazon.

“I just got this carrier and I already love it, and so does my three month old! Which is so great, because he didn’t like the moby. Going to be doing some traveling soon and can’t imagine braving the airports without it. Very comfortable and user friendly. Feels secure and sturdy, without being too bulky. There are less expensive carriers out there but I’m happy I spent the extra money. I’m sure this will last us a long time.” – Brianna H. on Amazon.

“Love the print! So so happy that we decided to go with the Lille! I waivered on what print to get for weeks, but this one is perfect! I used another carrier before this that was not forward facing and did not have the lumbar support. So happy that carrying is more fun and less painful now!” – Heather Fletcher on Amazon.

“So happy with this product. Had an old Baby Bjorn and it was just uncomfortable. Looked at Ergobaby but pricey for what you get and hate the idea of velcro! This is very well made with lots of bells and whistles.” – Kim Gunlock on Amazon.

Beco Gemini Carrier

beco gemini carrier

Beco may not be as well known of a baby carrier brand as Lillebaby, but the Beco Gemini Carrier offers a lot of the same amenities for you and your little one. That being said, it has comfortable padded straps that cross in the back and connect to the thick waistband meant for lumbar support.

Your baby’s weight is evenly distributed regardless of their weight, and they can be comfortable without straining your back or shoulders. The straps themselves can be adjusted from 23-45 inches, and the carrier is designed to be adjusted to fit parents and caregivers in sizes from extra small-extra extra large.

You also don’t need an infant insert to allow your newborn to enjoy the carrier, which is a bonus you don’t often see with carriers. Since it’s made from 100% cotton, you can be sure that it has breathable enough fabric so as not to overheat you or your little one.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer six different positions like the Lillebaby, but it does have the ability to fit your child in three different safe and comfortable ways.

And in case you need to breastfeed while carrying your child, all you have to do is gently loosen the strap to allow your baby to have a little more room. The idea with Beco seems to be comfort and versatility all around.


  • Positions: It can be used in the front, hip, and back carry positions.
  • Child Weight Range: The Beco Gemini is made for children from 7-35 pounds.
  • Where To Buy: You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in store at Buy Buy Baby.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls on this Beco carrier.


  • As with the Lillebaby, you don’t need a special infant insert with the Beco Gemini Carrier.
  • It’s comfortable for both you and your little one at all times.
  • The positions are meant to be hip-healthy for little ones.
  • It’s adjustable in multiple different ways to get the right fit for different parents or caregivers.
  • It’s easy to get the carrier on and off on your own with no outside assistance.


  • It is on the pricier side, especially compared to the Lillebaby Complete Original.
  • There’s no pouch or zippered pocket for your phone, keys, wallet, or other odds and ends.
  • The “sleepy panel” doesn’t really add anything extra to the carrier other than additional padding of sorts.
Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Metro Black
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03/04/2024 11:46 am GMT


“The Beco is unique when compared to other carriers because not only is it more ergonomically correct for the baby’s posture (making the experience much more enjoyable for them) it also is for the parents. My back really hurt in the Bjorn but not at all with this carrier. Also, as opposed to all other carriers out there, you can have the baby face frontwards so to see everything, backwards to face you, on your side or even on your back.” – Sarah Navin on Amazon.

“Most comfortable baby carrier! I have tried wraps, slings, and other structured carriers and this is by far the best. And I love that you don’t have to get an infant insert. It is super easy to put on by yourself and easy to tighten to your size. My husband and I both wear this, and usually for long periods of time and we both love how it fits.” – Hannah Ruiz on Amazon.

“I got this carrier last week and I have used it almost every day. I have a three-year-old and a six weeks old and I carry my infant in the beco carrier and I am able to play with my three year old. We wear it to the park, the grocery store and the fair. It is easy to put on and adjust.” – Danielle L. Riley on Amazon.

“My husband and I bought this carrier for our newborn. It is secure and provides a cozy space for our little one when either of us need free hands. The construction and quality of the straps and material are excellent and durable.” – Romona I. Robbins on Amazon.

The Verdict

No baby carrier is perfect. The Lillebaby and Beco both have their downsides. But, the Lillebaby is going to be the stronger option of the two, regardless of whatever you may love about the Beco. The Lillebaby can be used for your child for longer and has so many positions to choose from.

These are easy qualities that most parents and caregivers look for in a good long-lasting carrier. The Beco is still a good option on its own, to be sure, but the Lillebaby is suitable for long-term use and can be comfortable for virtually any parent or caregiver using it. And when it’s all said and done, as long as your baby is safe and comfortable and you have a certain level of comfort too, that’s what matters.

Lillebaby vs Beco Baby Carrier: Final Thoughts

The best baby carriers have longevity, safety, and comfort all rolled into one near-perfect option. While the Lillebaby isn’t necessarily the best baby carrier ever created or the best option for everyone, it is the stronger option here. You just can’t go wrong with its longevity and versatility.

While the Beco wouldn’t be a wrong choice, per se, you really can’t go wrong if you go with the Lillebaby. It’s that simple.

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