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Kinderpack vs Lillebaby Carrier: Which One Will You Love The Most

Kinderpack vs Lillebaby Carrier: Which One Will You Love The Most

As any parent or caregiver will tell you, there are tons of benefits to wearing your baby in a carrier. Not only does it allow for optimum physical bonding, but it’s also a nice alternative to constantly carrying them or pushing them in a stroller when you’re out and about.

And, if you find a carrier that can be used from infancy through the toddler years, you won’t ever have to go through more than one. Thus, keeping your little one in a carrier he or she is comfortable in and saving you money over time. The Kinderpack vs Lillebaby carriers specifically are designed to be with your baby right from the start, and while they might look like virtually the same thing, there are some main differences to consider before choosing one over the other.

Take the Kinderpack, for example. Where it’s easy to adjust and keep secure while wearing your baby, the Lillebaby is more difficult to adjust properly. And if you have more than one child who happens to be using the carrier at different times, it can be cumbersome to have to readjust it every time you switch one kid out for the other.

However, the Lillebaby is a little more affordable than the Kinderpack, which can be the deciding factor for some parents. Obviously, safety and comfort also play a big role in choosing the right carrier between the two, but there are plenty of other aspects to look at first.

Kinderpack Carrier

kinderpack carrier

The Kinderpack Carrier comes in a variety of sub-options, but the standard soft structured carrier is designed with yours and your baby’s comfort in mind.

It has a thick waistband that helps keep your little one’s legs in the hip healthy M shape, and it also helps keep some of the weight and pressure off your shoulders and back while you wear the carrier. You can also purchase drool pads and zippered waist pouches to go with the carrier and make things even easier on you while out and about.

The straps for you are totally adjustable and even come in multiple sizes to accommodate nearly everyone. The standard size fits those from sizes 0-22, and the plus-size option can work for those who are sizes 18 and up. The Kinderpack also comes with a sleep shade to keep your baby’s head out of the sun during the warmer months and to make it easier for them to nap if they need to.


  • Positions: It can be used as a front carry facing in the carrier or in the back carry position.
  • Materials Used: It’s made with brushed canvas and an inner layer of canvas or twill.
  • Child Age Range: You can use this carrier for babies from eight months up to three years old.
  • Where To Buy: You can primarily find it on the manufacturer’s website at this time.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent, or current recalls on this carrier.


  • You can easily use this as the only carrier you’ll ever need,
  • The material is designed to be breathable and not stick to your baby during the warmer months when they might spend more time in the carrier.
  • You can purchase the carrier based on your own measurements to ensure a safe and comfortable fit.
  • It’s also easy to use and adjust.


  • It may be on the pricier side for some families.
  • There are only two positions to choose from, which can be annoying for both parents and little ones.
  • In order to have the zipper pouch or dribble guard, you do have to purchase those items separately.


“I’ve never tried an Ergo, but my KinderPack is worth its weight in gold!  I bought it new, and it was definitely a splurge for us, but I have never regretted it. I got an infant, and it still fits well at 14 months. Got it when he was five months, so he wasn’t teeny tiny, and didn’t need to break it in at all. The first time I wore it he fell asleep, so I ended up wearing him for three hours, and it was comfortable the whole time.” – Heidioch on

“I’m a Kinderpack fan. Super comfy, easy to use, long lasting, and adorable prints. I’ve had lots of carriers and my first purchase for this babe was a new Infant Kinderpack.” – NauticalErica on

“Just bought a KinderPack because my 21 month old was no longer knee to knee in the Ergo, it also wasn’t as high up his back as I would have liked it to be. I find the KinderPack to more comfortable than my Ergo ever was! So much more adjustable, the fabric I find to be softer, everything about it is more comfortable. Even before he outgrew the Ergo I would still have preferred the KinderPack” – Shellbelle11 on

“So comfy! I thought nothing could be comfier than an Ergo until I got this! It’s also very adjustable. It can be adjusted along either side of the buckle, which totally eliminates underarm rub! They also now come standard with PFAs (perfect fit adjusters), which allow you to adjust the length of the padding so the same carrier can be shared between a 6′ 200 lb man and a 5’5″ 130 lb woman!” – Kbaby2691 on

Lillebaby Carrier

Lillebaby Carrier

The Lillebaby brand is another one that offers so many different carrier options; you’ll have no shortage to choose from. But the Lillebaby The Complete Airflow Carrier is definitely one you won’t want to overlook. It’s made with a breathable mesh material meant to keep both you and your little one cool all summer long, regardless of how long you need to wear it.

There’s a zippered cargo pocket for your convenience and a handful of different ways to adjust it for comfort all around. You can adjust the straps if needed, extend the back panel for your child, and adjust the lumbar support too.

It does have the same general shape and size as the Kinderpack, but the Lillebaby also gives you the option of wearing the straps as a backpack-style or crossed behind on your back. Overall, the carrier offers so many different ways to be comfortable and safe for both you and your baby or toddler.


  • Positions: You can use the carrier in six different positions, including fetal, front infant facing inward, front ergonomic outward, hip, front toddler inward, and back.
  • Materials Used: It’s primarily made of a breathable 3D mesh material.
  • Child Age Range: You can use the carrier for children from 7-45 pounds, and you don’t need an infant insert.
  • Where To Buy: You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent, or current recalls on the Lillebaby Complete Airflow Carrier.


  • You don’t need an infant insert to have your infant use the carrier safely.
  • There are so many positions to choose from and more than what the Kinderpack offers.
  • The convenient pockets in the front can hold keys, phone, or a wallet and it comes built into the carrier automatically.
  • There are padded shoulder straps for your comfort, which can be worn in two different ways to help alleviate pressure as needed.


  • It can be difficult for some parents or caregivers to get the carrier each time.
  • Although you can adjust the straps, the carrier might feel a little too big for smaller framed parents.
  • When using it as a front carrier, it may feel like there isn’t enough support.


“I am a big fan of this carrier. I bought a Lillebaby Complete in black originally, and liked it so much that I decided to get this one in the airflow fabric because I live in South Carolina where it gets HOT. And baby wearing is just hot anyway. I used it for about 4 hours at the zoo on a warm pre-spring day and it was great!” – Lola Michalski on Amazon.

“We went through two other carriers and just were not satisfied. This carrier has it all! We live in Florida so the fact there was way more mesh than other carriers we tried and it didn’t need an insert made it that much better!!! I love that it has so many carry options and that my 13 lb three-month-old can sit in this carrier without an insert! Baby and I are both comfortable and that is key!” – Ashley B. on Amazon.

“I had a cheaper carrier initially and it caused a lot of shoulder/back pain. I also tried a wrap, which worked well for weight distribution but was WAY too hot for the Texas heat. This one is much cooler. This carrier distributed most of my baby’s weight to my hips which has made a huge difference.” – Tiffany H. on Amazon.

“We love our carrier! The back support is definitely better than any other and the outward/inward positions are great. My baby fusses if the back is too high like the Ergo or Tula, but this one floss down. The mesh isn’t as scratchy as I anticipated, it’s light and comfortable. So mad I went through big names before getting to the Lillebaby!” – Carolyn Mullan on Amazon.

Lillebaby Carrier

"While these are both GOOD carriers, I slightly prefer the Lillebaby Complete over the long term as a better value."

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The Verdict

The Kinderpack and Lillebaby might look like almost the same carrier, but at the end of the day, they’re very different. The Kinderpack comes in more than one adjustable size for parents and caregivers, but the Lillebaby has so much versatility, you can’t deny the value in that. And while they’re both solid options for baby and toddler carriers, the top choice would have to be the Lillebaby Carrier.

It’s not only more affordable than the Kinderpack, but it’s also breathable and made with convenient pockets for you. Plus, your infant can safely and easily fit in the carrier without an additional insert. And again, you can’t ignore the fact that there are six positions to choose from for your growing child.

So if they outgrow one, you’ll have plenty of others to choose from to keep them safe and comfortable at all times. And, of course, keep you comfortable too as their weight is shifted properly from position to position. While it’s true that both carriers offer some value and convenience on their own, as it stands, the Lillebaby is the stronger option.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, you can’t go wrong with a carrier from either brand. In this case, the Lillebaby does have more top qualities than the Kinderpack, but they’re both solid options as far as infant/toddler carriers go.

You might even find that you enjoy using the Kinderpack more than the Lillebaby since comfort and opinions are so subjective. But when looking at all of the important aspects that make up a great carrier, the Lillebaby does stand out this time around.

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