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Keenz Wagon Review: Is This Your New Favorite Wagon?

Keenz Wagon Review: Is This Your New Favorite Wagon?

Compact wagon strollers are a necessity for most parents who move around a lot with their kids. Being compact means that the wagons must balance fashion and function, versatility, and style while still managing to be sturdy and affordable.

However, most compact wagons aren’t as convenient as full-sized- strollers (check the Wonderfold W4 full-sized wagon). And that is where Keenz wagons come in. In this in-depth Keenz Wagon review, we’ll delve deep to see how best they weigh against versatility, affordability, comfort, storage, among other features.

We’ll start with a brief overview of the Keenz wagons, dive into an exploratory review of their features, sample a few honest user reviews, then contrast the wagon’s pros against cons.

As a bonus, we’ll also cover any alternatives to the Keenz Wagon (skip to the best all-terrain double strollers), just in case you wish to weigh more options before settling on your ideal wagon. We’ll then finish in a brief wrap-up and consider the pros and cons, the features against cost before ending in a verdict of whether the wagon offers value for money.

Keenz Wagon – Features In-depth

The 21st-century parent is into products that are versatile, classy, and multipurpose. For most, convenience is the game, fashion is the statement, and robust, compact and sturdy are the standards. And this is exactly what Keenz wagon strollers offer.

They are practical, versatile, durable, user-friendly, safe, spacious, and compact.

The Wagons have 10 point adjustment angles, have front and back brake features, come in a diversity of colors, can be pushed or pulled, have spacious compartmentalized storage spaces, among other features. Here are a few of the features that make them stand out from most of their competitors;

Removable Canopy

keenz wagon canopy

Keenz wagons have a removable canopy made of a 900D polyester fabric. This fabric, unlike the 600D, is heavier, durable, and has a polyurethane coating that makes it water repellant. To assemble the canopy, you will have to pull the four in-built retractable poles on the wagon frame, twist the heads to click them into position, fit the canopy frame then fit the canopy fabric over it.

Within the canopy are minute lightweight metal stabilizers that seamlessly fit into the pole heads. The canopy fabric also zips, leaving a meshed fabric on top to allow for ventilation. For storage and transportation, the canopy comes in a carrier bag that has a dedicated storage compartment within the storage basket. This minimizes the chances of occasionally forgetting to pack the canopy when traveling.

Plus, the fact that the canopy frames are retractable minimizes the chances of both breaking and forgetting them.

Safe, Sturdy, and Compact

For safety, Keenz features two adjustable 5 point harness points on either side of the wagon. The harness points firmly and securely hold your toddler or teen in position when maneuvering through bumpy and uneven terrains. The harness straps have thick padding to minimize the chances of infernal chafing during movement. Additionally, the wagon is deep enough to allow taller toddlers to sit with little to no chances of tipping out comfortably.

To allow for even taller teens, the canopy can be removed to allow for more headroom. When asleep, the side drapes attached to the canopy can be easily unfolded to shield the sleepy toddler from both weather elements and light.

Though they come without a footrest, Keenz (here is a quick rundown of Keenz 7s Stroller wagon)equips the wagon with thin 1.6mm aluminum frames that are sturdy enough to hold up to 110 pounds. The frames are ingeniously designed and laid, allowing for adequate space for two toddlers with enough legroom.

To fold, the aluminum strategically folds into a relatively lightweight and compact frame, which independently stands on its rear wheels for easy storage. To fold, the canopy and cooler compartments must be detached.

Spacious Storage

Keenz wagon

Keenz wagon has a large storage basket that is spacious enough to hold your baby’s diaper bag, your clothing, and those of other passengers. Along its length are three side pouches that allow for more organized packing. To keep it clean and free of sand debris, Keenz wagons have a dedicated shoe storage compartment. Into this compartment goes all the mud and sand smeared shoes and sandals.

This keeps the carrier space clean and free of contaminants that might be picked by the soles. Other add ons include a removable – attached to the push/pull handlebars – cup holder for the adult, a cooler that fits into the storage basket, and easy-to-fit side pouches.


Naturally, ease of maneuver can never get a simple yes or no answer. Plus, a full stroller may not necessarily match a double stroller or even a single stroller.

That said, Keenz wagons (check out if Keenz wagons have been recalled) being sturdy and compact, easily maneuver through tight aisles and average doorways. This is also true for grassed ways and urban sidewalks that will require minimal to no force.

However, you will require much more effort on terrains with deep loose gravel, sand, and dirty. This is so unlike other single and double strollers that sport features similar to those found in Keenz wagons.

Wheels and Suspension

Keenz wagons come pre-packed with non-inflatable rubber tires. These tires are great to pull or push through hard-packed sand and gravel. For better traction and smooth movement through deep loose sand or dirt, you may have to order unique beach wheels that are larger, wider, and have greater tread depth.

For braking, keenz wagons have a one-touch brake system attached to the posterior (back) wheels. The brakes come in handy, especially when pushing relatively heavier passengers.

Should you opt to pull the wagon, the front smaller brakes may be all you will have for braking.

The one-touch brake system is placed at the middle of the posterior wheel bar and can be engaged within a second. They are intuitively placed, allowing for easier, faster, and instant application, especially when contrasted against other wagons such as Veer and Wonderfold.

Removable fabrics

Keenz wagon

It is almost unavoidable to pick a stain here with kids, a spill there, and even debris from snacks dropping into the deep passenger carrier. With time, these stains and spills may give way to odor or even mold growth if not checked.

This is why Keenz wagons come in a diversity of removable fabrics, which can either be purple, blue, or black. The fabrics can be easily removed to be machine washed or even be changed to match given themes, moods, or fashion.


Despite the lack of a footrest, Keenz wagons have a fully padded interior. The thick, soft padding extends to the two seats, sidewalls, and backrests. For additional safety and comfort, the frame is made to have smooth edges that are free of any sharp corners that may predispose the wagon to physical injury to the occupant.

To make up for the drawback in absence of a footrest, Keenz wagons feature an adequately vented shoe storage compartment. This minimizes the chances of dirtying the interior and allows for aeration of the shoes on your way to the beach, park, or grocery store.


Keenz wagons feature two handlebars that allow for either pushing or pulling. Each of these handlebars allows for adjustment to either lower or raise the handlebar -through 5 different positions – to comfortably operate the wagon by parents of different heights.

It is to these handlebars where the removable adult cup holders are attached to. The holders can also be adjusted to match the height and reach of the person pulling or pushing the wagon.

Folding, Accessories, age limit and Color

To offer value to customers, Keenz wagons have additional perks in the name of accessories.

This includes a cooler – fits in the storage basket – to keep snacks and drinks within desirable temperatures for picnics. A removable, adjustable cup holder, a nylon cover to wrap the wagon when traveling, and a drawstring bag to store the canopy when not in use.

For colors, the fabrics come in a variety of purple with a plush navy blue interior, grey option, black or jungle green. Before purchase, you may have to check for the availability of the color.

The wagon easily folds into sturdy and compact ease to lift or pull along luggage like-bag for folding. The aluminum poles laid on the floor of the wagon easily fold along strategic middle points making for a lightweight, convenient carry along with wagon.

The wagon is most appropriate for kids of 12 months and extends to comfortably accommodate toddlers of age 6 to 8. The aluminum poles make it sturdy enough to bear the weight of such toddlers. For taller toddlers, though, the canopy may have to be removed to allow for more headroom.


Keenz Stroller Wagon

Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with the active family in mind - use the 7S pull/push wagon stroller for trips to the park or beach, sporting events, family outings, and more.

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Main Features of Keenz Wagons – Features In Brief

  • One-touch brake system.
  • Side drapes
  • Peaked roof with built-in mesh sunscreen.
  • 900D removable polyester fabric canopy.
  • Push and pull handlebar options.
  • Deep, spacious carrier bag.
  • Spacious storage basket.
  • Ideal for toddlers from age 1 to 8.
  • Are ASTM certified?
  • Available in 4 different colors.
  • Have removable fabrics.
  • Four-wheel- spring suspension.

Pros and Cons Of Keenz Wagons


  • It is lighter when compared with most double strollers.
  • Can serve a wide range of children of between 1 to 8 years.
  • It has a smooth and soft padded interior that makes it comfortable.
  • It has numerous accessories that come at no extra cost.
  • It is spacious and folds into a compact stand-alone fold.
  • It is safe and bears ASTM certification.
  • It comes in multiple colors that allow customization to one’s liking.


  • Lacks a footrest.
  • Requires lots of effort to push or pull through deep loose gravel, sand, or dirt.
  • It cannot be turned into a bassinet.
  • It is not compatible with infant car seats.

Reviews of Keenz Wagons

Most users’ general feeling is that the wagon does offer value for money, is versatile, easily folds for storage, and maneuvers smoothly through different terrains. Users also note that the accompanying accessories greatly enhance the functionality and practicality of the wagon.

On the flipside, some users feel short changed, especially on beach wheels, which they think should not be separately bought. They also note that the lack of a footrest greatly reduces their toddlers’ comfort despite the top shelf pricing of the wagons.

Alternatives to Keenz Wagons

Wonderfold Wagons

Wonderfold Wagons

The vast range of Wonderfold wagons falls between double and full-sized wagons. The wagons can support between 1 to 4 passengers, depending on the model one goes for.

For Wonderfold (here is how Wonderfold differs from Veer), the wagon features an adjustable push handlebar and a telescoping pull handle. The push handle is most suited when the wagon is bearing minors that the parent might want to keep an eye on. The telescopic handle, on the hand, comes in handy when pulling heavier toddlers along rough terrains.

Unlike the Veer (skip to a detailed Veer review) and Keenz, it has a higher weight-bearing capacity of up to 150 pounds for double wagons. These weights may double for wagons that support more than two kids. Its weight-bearing capability is courtesy of a sturdy steel frame.

For safety, unlike the Evenflo Pivot Xplore, it features a 5 point harness point, has an all-wheel suspension, and has a one-touch brake system. It also features a removable canopy for protection against the scorching sun when in the outdoors during summer.

WonderFold Pull & Push Collapsible Utility Folding Wagon
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To match most users’ needs in terms of color, it is available in black, grey, pink, navy, and green options.

For storage, it easily folds into a standalone easy to store and haul fold. The drawback for most of the Wonderfold wagons is cost and weight. But these drawbacks are often weighed down by the many features and merits afforded by the wagons.

For versatility, the wagons can be easily converted into single passenger options and can last to be later converted into sports equipment carriers. Here is where we buy ours (Or skip to our more detailed Wonderfold review)

Evenflo Pivot Xplore

Evenflo Pivot Xplore

Affordable, versatile, secure, and durable is what Evenflo Pivot Xplore promises its users. This all-terrain wagon has a carrying capacity of 120 pounds, has double seats, and weighs approximately 40 pounds when packed. It features a polyester fabric and does not require a battery.

Unlike the Wonderfold and Keenz wagons, it is suitable for babies of up to 5 years. And just like the Keenz wagon, it has a sun-blocking canopy for privacy and keeping the baby from within the reach of weather elements.

The canopy it features is rated UPF 50+ with a mesh vent that serves as both a peek-boo window and aeration point.

Just like most wagons, it can be pushed or pulled by the use of a handle. But unlike the handle in most wagons including Wonderfold and Keenz, it has a telescoping handle similar to that found in Veer wagons (here is all you need to know about veer cruisers).

For safety, it features a 3 point harness point which can be said to be below the 5 point harness found in Keenz wagons. For wheels, Evenflo Pivot Xplore (skip to Evenflo Pivot Xplore pros) has urethane wheels that are all-terrain and capable of smoothly maneuvering through sidewalks, grass, loose sand, and even beaches if need be.

The wagon easily folds into a lightweight compact fold that can be easily hauled into the car trunk when traveling. Proceed to buy it here (or skip to our detailed Evenflo Pivot Xplore review).

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon | Amazon

The stroller wagon has all-terrain wheels that go from the pavement to the beach and beyond. Even more features parents appreciate a compact fold for easy stowing, UPF 50+ canopy, flip flop-friendly brakes, and more.

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Keenz Wagon Review: FAQs

Question: Are Keenz wagons ASTM certified?

Answer: Keenz wagons are manufactured in accordance with ASTM F833-13 standards as well as all safety requirements set forth by Standard Safety Performance Specification for Carriages and Strollers.

Question: How can I wash the Keenz Wagon fabric?

Answer: The fabric should be scrubbed clean using soapy water and a mild detergent. It can be hosed but should never be machine washed. The wagon can as well be washed clean in a tub full of water. In both instances, the wagon should be allowed to drain off excess water and dry for 1 to 2 days.

Question: Are Keenz wagons allowed in Disney?

Answer: No. Disney banned use of all strollers and wagons within its premises. However, the wagons can be allowed into Disney for users with special needs such as for those relating to psychological and physical disabilities. These are however based on a case-by-case basis.

Question: Can you gate-check the Keenz wagon at the airport?

Answer: Most airlines will allow you to gate-check Keenz wagons. However, you should reach out to your airline carrier in advance to confirm that rules vary and policies change from time to time.

Keenz Wagon Review: Final Verdict

As much as Keenz wagons may cost you a leg and an arm, they do offer value for money in terms of versatility, ease of use, durability and convenience. Here is a quick rundown. For features, they come equipped with both push and pull handlebars- that can be adjusted to different heights – thick padded interiors, a removable 900D polyester fabric canopy, and they also do come in a variety of colors.

For add-ons, the wagons come with numerous other accessories that include cup holders, a cooler, and wagon cover all at no additional costs. The wagons easily fold into compact ease to carry folds that can either stand-alone or be pulled as suitcases.

For safety, they are ASTM certified and have a 5 point harness point. The major drawbacks to these wagons is the top-shelf pricing, absence of a footrest as well as the inability to be converted into a bassinet. To make up for these inconveniences, the wagons offer additional accessories, have spacious storage pouches, multiple brakes, are ingeniously designed to easily fold into compact folds, are lightweight and durable.

These tips the drawbacks balance in favor of functionality, durability, convenience, and versatility making the Keenz wagons both practical, functional, and convenient.

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