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The Ultimate Chic Diaper Bag: The Full Ju-Ju B.F.F. Review

The Ultimate Chic Diaper Bag: The Full Ju-Ju B.F.F. Review
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Whoever said that carrying a diaper bag had to mean sporting a bulky oversized purse with cartoon characters on it? With the Ju-Ju B.F.F. Diaper Bag, you get to carry a stylish bag that also contains your baby’s daily necessities. The diaper bag has countless pockets to really stay organized, as well as a designated cell phone pocket that will more than likely fit your phone for easy access.

It also has two insulated bottle pockets to keep bottles fresh while on the go, as well as organized zippered compartments and pockets on the inside.

And just in case you tend to equate diaper bags with messy bags that invariably contain a reservoir of crumbs at the bottom, the Ju-Ju B.F.F. Diaper Bag actually has a drain of sorts on the bottom to easily clean out such messes.

You can buy the Ju-Hy B.F.F. Diaper Bag in various patterns and carry it as a purse or even a bookbag. But one of the more approachable and exciting things about the diaper bag is that it’s so neutral looking that any parent or caregiver could sport it and look good doing so.

The zippers and zipper pulls are made of metal as opposed to plastic and the entire bag is machine washable, though the outside of the bag is teflon-treated to prevent stains as much as possible.

Ju-Ju B.F.F.


  • There are tons of pockets. In addition to four gusseted pockets, three zippered pockets, and two exterior 3M Thinsulate pockets to keep bottles cool, the Ju-Ju B.F.F. Diaper Bag also has the Mommy pocket and an easy-to-access cell phone pocket.
  • It doesn’t feel like a typical diaper bag. Sure, the bag is bigger than the average purse, but it can be used as either a shoulder bag or backpack, making it much more approachable and usable long after your baby needs it filled to the brim with supplies.
  • There’s more than just the bag. In addition to being a diaper bag full of versatile compartments, the JuJu B.F.F. Diaper Bag also comes with a memory foam changing pad that fits nicely inside the bag when not in use.
  • Keeping it clean is a priority. With a light-colored interior and crumb “drain” at the bottom, keeping the diaper bag clean is a lot easier than most.


  • Instead of a large interior with one or two pockets, the JuJu B.F.F. has a variety of pockets and compartments to keep things organized.
  • The material and hardware is of high quality, which poses less of a threat of ripping or unraveling soon after it’s purchased.
  • You can choose from several different patterns and even use the diaper bag as a backpack, which can make things a lot easier when carrying a baby or pushing one in a stroller.
  • Instead of just tossing bottles into the bag, there are expandable insulated pockets made to keep the bottles fresher longer while you’re away from home.


  • Since the main opening of the bag is on the front, it makes going into the bag for something a little more awkward than with some other diaper bags.
  • The price of the JuJu B.F.F. Diaper Bag, isn’t affordable for all families.
  • Although there are a lot of pockets and compartments, overall the bag might feel too small for some parents.
JuJuBe B.F.F Diaper Backpack
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How Others Compare

Weekender Tote Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

Weekender Tote Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

If you’re looking for another diaper bag that feels more like a designer purse, then the Weekender Tote Diaper Bag by Hip Cub is probably a safe option for you. With nine pockets in total, the bag can be carried as a shoulder bag or even a messenger bag, which might be more practical for some parents.

It also makes sharing the bag with your partner a lot easier since the longer strap is adjustable. And since the shoulder straps are included, you can even hang the Weekender Tote off the side of your stroller so you don’t have to take up any space in the storage basket.

The nine convenient pockets include including a zipper-secured main pocket and back pockets, three interior ones, and two adjustable bottle pockets to hold your baby’s bottles or even a water bottle of your own. Like the Ju-Ju B.F.F. Diaper Bag, the Weekender Tote also comes with a handy changing pad that fits neatly inside the bag, giving you even more convenience for your buck.


  • You can wear the Weekender Tote over your shoulder, across your body as a messenger type of bag, or clipped to the side of your stroller for easy access.
  • The many different pockets make organizing inside and outside of the bag a breeze.
  • It’s large enough to easily fit the daily accessories and supplies for two children, including diapers, snacks, bottle, and anything else they might need.
  • The bag is stylish and large enough to be used well after you’re finished with the baby and toddler stages.


  • Since the exterior of the bag isn’t stain-proof or wipeable, it’s a little more difficult to clean the Weekender Tote after unexpected messes.
  • For some parents, after a few months of continued use, the inside lining may not be as strong anymore.
  • Since it i  larger diaper bag, the Weekender Tote might be considered almost too big for some.

Diaper Bag By Maman

Diaper Bag By Maman

The Diaper Bag by Maman is another diaper bag that feels and looks more like a stylish designer bag than something that carries baby wipes and pacifiers.

Yet somehow it has a total of 10 convenient pockets, including the large main compartment with zipper closure, front zippered pocket, two side pockets that fit bottles, a back pocket that holds the changing pad that comes with the bag, magnetic front pockets, and an interior zip pocket.

You can stay as organized as possible without simply tossing all of your baby’s necessities inside the bag. It’s also made of a durable waterproof and wipeable material, which is always desired for a diaper bag that sees spills and messes quite often.


  • There are tons of pockets to really keep things organized and separate from one another, like baby lotion and bottles.
  • It looks more like a designer bag than a diaper bag, which makes it more approachable to carry it pretty much anywhere.
  • The Diaper Bag by Maman comes with not only a changing pad that fits securely in one of the pockets but also stroller clips to attach it onto your stroller.
  • The fabric itself feels durable and secure enough to be able to use the bag for a long time without any ripping.


  • While the bag is solid, the zipper tends to get stuck sometimes and needs extra force to pull closed.
  • There are a lot of pockets to the Diaper Bag by Maman, but overall, it may not be roomy enough for the belongings and accessories for more than one child.
  • The pockets on the front and sides are convenient, but they don’t close or have zippers, which could deter some parents who would rather be able to snap or zip closed all compartments.

Lekebaby Convertible Diaper Bag Backpack


Having a diaper bag that looks and feels more like a purse is certainly a plus for some parents, but the convenience factor of a backpack diaper bag is hard to pass up, especially with the Lekebaby Convertible Diaper Bag Backpack.

It can be worn as either a cross-body diaper bag, backpack, or handbag thanks to the different versatile handles and straps on the diaper bag. It also has plastic feet to keep the bottom of the bag from resting completely on the floor, keeping any extra germs or dust away from your diaper bag.

With 16 different pockets, all on the inside, you can stay organized without looking messy when reaching for a diaper or fresh bottle. Like many other solid bags, the Lekebaby Convertible Diaper Bag Backpack also comes with a changing pad and stroller straps.


  • There are more pockets by far than a lot of diaper bags, which makes organizing easy.
  • The added option of wearing the Lekebaby Convertible Diaper Bag as a backpack is a fresh change, especially since it can be converted back to a shoulder or cross-body bag.
  • The diaper bag is one of the more affordable while being extra versatile.
Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag Backpack
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  • The changing pad is convenient but doesn’t fit in the back slip pocket, meaning you have to open the entire bag to fit it inside, which can be a hassle.
  • Having the pockets secure on the inside makes things more organized, but also harder to get to in a pinch.
  • For some, the straps might feel too loose even when tightened to the correct length.

Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat Convertible Diaper Bag

itzy ritzy bag

Just like the name seems to say, the Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat Convertible Diaper Bag is pretty high end as far as diaper bags are concerned. Like the Ju-Ju B.F.F., it’s one of the more stylish and even fashionable diaper bags that most parents would look forward to carrying around.

It has 13 pockets in total, including nine on the inside and four on the outside, two of which are insulated bottle pockets. You can also convert the Itzy Ritzy to a messenger bag or backpack, depending on your needs.

And not to be outdone by the competition, the bag also comes with a handy changing pad that fits inside of it and stroller straps to attach it to your stroller when you’re on the go.


  • The diaper bag legitimately looks like a designer bag, so even after the days of carrying a diaper bag, you can still use it as a standard purse.
  • The inside of the Itzy Ritzy is genuinely spacious without being too deep or wide.
  • There are rubber feet on the bottom of the bag which keep it from touching surfaces.
  • It’s easy to find what you need inside the bag and many interior pockets.


  • For some, the backpack straps might be too long, even when adjusted to their shortest length.
  • You certainly get a lot, but it may not be affordable for some families.
  • Since it’s so roomy, the Itzy Ritzy might feel a little on the heavy side for some parents or caregivers.
Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat Convertible Diaper Bag
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Final Thoughts

Although price certainly isn’t everything, it might be hard to get past that price tag of the Ju-Ju B.F.F., even though it does include a lot of perks that come with a solid diaper bag.

On the plus side, you can use it in a few different ways, including the backpack style which is convenient for trading off with your partner while out and about and the crumb “drain” at the bottom of the bag makes it a lot easier to clean out the diaper bag when you need to.

When compared to some other similar bags, you might be getting more affordable options, but in some of those cases, the quality itself is lacking. Depending on what your necessities really are and your budget for a diaper bag, if you can allow for your baby budget to afford the Ju-Ju B.B.F. Diaper Bag, it’s definitely one that’s worth the price tag.

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