Huggies Little Swimmers vs Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers [2022]

huggies vs pampers

It’s that time of year again. The birds are starting to sing, and the snow is mostly melting everywhere, and soon enough your toddler will be urging you to take him or her outside to play in the baby pool in your backyard. But first, you’ll need to deal with a proper swim diaper, especially if your child isn’t completely potty trained yet.

When looking at the Huggies Little Swimmers vs Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers, there are certainly some similarities to consider, but at the end of the day, they’re two different products. They might be meant to do the same thing, yes, but they each have some different qualities to them.

Since most public pools have policies about children who aren’t potty trained wearing swim diapers under bathing suits, it’s probably best to decide between the Huggies Little Swimmers and Pampers Splashers sooner rather than later.

And even if your little one is on the last leg of their potty training, it’s still comforting to know that they’ll have little-added protection while you play with them in a pool. Whether you’re a strict Pampers fan for everyday diapers or prefer to go with Huggies all the way doesn’t matter when it comes to each brand’s swim diapers, though.

Neither diaper needs to lock in moisture or alert you with a handy colored line when a diaper has been soiled since the whole point is for the diapers to allow for substantial wetness.

Instead, you’ll need to decide which option has a better track record and which will keep your child comfortable during the summer days when not playing in water isn’t an option.

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About Huggies Little Swimmers Disposal Swim Diapers

huggies little swimmers

One of the most important qualities of a solid swim diaper is that it has a less likelihood of absorbing so much water that it simply starts to come apart underwater. With the

Huggies Little Swimmers, you get the guarantee that the absorbent material in the diaper won’t allow it to swell up and become uncomfortable or unbearable for your baby or toddler.

Because of this, you can also be sure that, for the most part, messes will be kept under control while your child has the swim diaper on. Of course, after water play is over, it’s always a good idea to change your baby back into underwear or a regular diaper.

However, while your child is enjoying playing in the water, the Huggies Little Swimmers are designed to keep messes at bay during playtime. It also helps that they come in some sizes, so you’re bound to find one that best fits your baby or toddler, thus avoiding a too-small swim diaper that can’t hold any messes from your child while they’re wearing it.

Huggies Little Swimmers Features

  • Available Sizes: You can choose from size small for children from 16-26 pounds, medium for children from 24-34 pounds, or large for children over 32 pounds.
  • Closures: The stretchy closures on either side of the swim diaper can be easily opened and also allow for an adjustable fit without peeling back from the material and coming undone during playtime.
  • Leak Guards: The Huggies extra protective leak guards are in place to keep messes to a minimum and to keep those messes from escaping.
  • Price: Check out the latest price!
  • Where To Buy: You can find them on Amazon or in-store at Target and Walmart.


  • When your baby or toddler goes in the water or even makes messes in the swim diaper, it doesn’t expand very much, if at all, so there’s less of a chance of it busting open.
  • The Velcro tabs keep the diaper in place and won’t easily tear away from the diaper once they’re fastened.
  • You can also adjust the swim diaper with the Velcro tabs, which means that if your baby or toddler is between sizes, you can still likely get it to fit properly.


  • If your child is wearing the swim diaper too long once they’re out of a pool, it won’t hold much more liquid in, and it may leak out of the sides.
  • There’s a chance that if your little one wears the diaper in the water for too long, the insides of it might start to come out, creating a big mess in the pool.
  • When removing the diaper, it might spill out whatever liquid is in it, since it becomes less absorbent once your child gets out of the water.
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“For anyone who belongs to a pool for the summer or spends a lot of time with your children in the water, these are a must-have. I ordered these through subscribe and saved a ton of money doing it that way. I knew I would need them and ordering them in bulk with a subscription is def the way to go! It saves me a ton!” – Danielle B. on Amazon.

“They have worked great. You can adjust the sides a little bit, which is nice because my baby was on the smaller end of this weight range.” – Elinor Jane on Amazon.

“Way better than the pampers swim diapers we had had previously – my daughter wears them for swimming lessons, and they don’t swell up! She’s in the pool probably an hour. I also love that they have Velcro fasteners like a regular diaper – life changing!” – SK Norman on Amazon.

About Pampers Splashers

pampers splashers

Even if you don’t typically use Pampers diapers, the Pampers Splashers swim diapers could still be the right option for you and your family.

They also come in a variety of sizes to fit most babies and growing toddlers and just in case your little one doesn’t fit perfectly into one of the sizes, the waistband is made stretched to fit comfortably on your baby’s waist. This helps the swim diaper fit and feel more like a swimsuit to keep your baby comfortable throughout water playtime.

It’s also made to prevent significant leaks while your child is wearing it in the water, even if it’s best not to allow them to wear it for much longer afterward or too long before they get in the water. And similar to the absorbency of the Huggies Little Swimmers swim diaper, the Pampers Splashers diaper is designed to absorb water without swelling so much that it explodes into the water, much like a standard diaper would do.

Pampers Slashers Features

  • Available Sizes: The Pampers Splashers come in size 3-4 for babies from 16-34 pounds, size 5 for children from 30-40 pounds, and size 6 for toddlers who are 37 pounds and up.
  • Closures: The closures on each side of the swim diaper are made to be easily torn away for quick and easy cleanup and changing after your baby or toddler is done playing in the water.
  • Leak Guards: The Pampers Dual Leak-Guard Barriers are placed around the leg openings to help keep any messes or added liquid contained within the diaper.
  • Price: Check out the latest price!
  • Where To Buy: You can find the swim diapers on Amazon or in-store at Target and Walmart.


  • The specially designed Pampers Dual Leak-Guard Barriers are there to keep in leaks and messes, so you can feel confident that your child’s swim diaper won’t make many messes for them or you.
  • The Pampers Splashers are more affordable than the Huggies Little Swimmers.
  • In some cases, the swim diapers will even hold up well with more significant potty accidents.


  • Although the leak guards help keep more massive messes in the diaper, urine might leak out once your child gets out of the water.
  • Since you slide them on your child rather than snap them closed on your baby or toddler’s hips, it can be difficult to do that with younger babies accurately.
  • Due to the fragrance that seems to be in the swim diapers, there’s a chance that your child’s skin would become irritated.


“They fit my male children well and do not chafe their legs as the Huggies brand water diapers do. We also just found out they are effective at keeping a load contained if your child goes in the diaper.” – L. Eckman on Amazon.

“We bought this when our son started swimming lesson at 6 months. In fact, we have been using Pampers, so this was a natural choice over Huggies. We liked this diapers. They are the same quality as Pampers Swaddlers that we use and have a snug fit. No Accident with this diaper in swimming pool.” – Rajen Pandya on Amazon.

“These swim diapers work perfectly. For those of you that don’t know… you can wash these out and reuse them at least one more time. Extends the life and your money!” – William E. Silverman on Amazon.

We Prefer Pampers Splashers | Amazon
$20.05 ($0.56 / Count)

Slightly more absorbent with a more comfortable fit underneath a toddler's swimsuit. Pampers Splashers are the clear choice in our house!

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2021 03:07 pm GMT

Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Diapers [FAQ]

Do Little Swimmers absorb pee?

There is a common misconception that swim diapers retain pee. They are only designed to retain solid waste (the brown stuff). Urine definitely will leak, as well as any particularly liquid bowel movements.

Can you put Little Swimmers on over a regular diaper?

It is not recommended to put a swim diaper over a regular diaper. The regular diaper will absorb all of the water and become quite large, leading to leakage anyway.

Are swim diapers actually necessary?

There is some debate, but the CDC clearly recommends the use of swim diapers to prevent #2 “accidents”. Besides the ability to retain solid bowel movements, swim diapers are actually much thinner than normal diapers.

The Verdict: Pampers Splashers or Huggies Little Swimmers?

In a way, both the Huggies Little Swimmers and Pampers Splashers swim diapers do the same thing for your baby.

They’re both designed to keep in the majority of added moisture and absorb it into the material without overloading the diaper itself. But where the Huggies Little Swimmers might be more prone to filling faster, the Pampers Splashers have the Dual Leak-Guard Barriers.

Both leg holes situate these to keep in messes, and by all accounts, most large messes seem to be contained when babies or toddlers wear the Pampers Splashers. And, as many parents have attested to, you can even wring out and hang dry clean Pampers Splashers to use them again for an additional time afterward, provided that your child doesn’t have any accidents in them.

It speaks to the durability of the swim diapers as a whole, and although slipping them on your baby in the same fashion of underwear can be difficult, it also means getting your child used to the style of underwear quicker.

Overall, there are too many benefits of the Pampers Splashers to look past when trying to decide between them and the Huggies Little Swimmers.

Final Thoughts on the Huggies Little Swimmers vs Pampers Splashers Debate

If your child isn’t yet potty trained or hasn’t yet gotten the hang of preventing their accidents, then swim diapers are a must. In this case, the stronger option is the Pampers Splashers, primarily since they’re designed to absorb liquids and keep your baby or toddler comfortable as they wear them underneath his or her swimsuit.

With the Pampers Splashers, your child will get the same kind of comfort they might be used to with Pampers Swaddlers diapers, so it’s even more beneficial in that respect.

We Prefer Pampers Splashers | Amazon
$20.05 ($0.56 / Count)

Slightly more absorbent with a more comfortable fit underneath a toddler's swimsuit. Pampers Splashers are the clear choice in our house!

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2021 03:07 pm GMT

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