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HiPP Diapers Review: Are These Diapers Worth the Hype?

HiPP Diapers Review: Are These Diapers Worth the Hype?
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There are plenty of diaper brands out there, but HiPP is one we don’t often see in the States. However, it’s incredibly popular overseas, so it’s high time we take a look at what’s so great about them in this Hipp Diapers Review.

About HiPP

HiPP is a German company that produces baby food, diapers, baby formula, and other baby and maternity products. They carefully source their ingredients to ensure they’re safe, and often they’re either environmentally-friendly, free of allergens, organic, or something else that’s a safer alternative.

HiPP Diapers Review


HiPP Diapers Review

The Baby Soft Diaper

In this Hipp Diapers Review, we are going to take a look at the Windeln baby soft diaper which is a top-selling diaper in Europe and parts of Asia, so it’s peculiar that we don’t have as much widespread access to it here. However, if you’re interested in trying it after this review, there are places you can get it.

When considering diapers for babies, there are always several things to look out for. If you open a package of diapers and are immediately overpowered by the smell, that can’t be good for your baby’s skin.

Absorbency and fit are also important because your baby will move and squirm during the day as well as need some long-term protection at night. And while it’s typically covered by clothing, some people may also be influenced by the design.


HiPP diapers were launched in sizes 1-5, but in February 2020, they came out with a size 6 and a smaller size 0 that would be appropriate for a preemie. Every size is available in small packages ranging from 24-36 diapers as well as jumbo packages.

While the packaging is labeled in kilograms, here are some quick conversions for you so you can purchase the appropriate size if you’re interested:

  • Size 0 micro: 2.2 – 5.5 pounds
  • Size 1 newborn: 4.4 – 11 pounds
  • Size 2 mini: 6.6 – 13.2 pounds
  • Size 3 midi: 13.2 – 22 pounds
  • Size 4 maxi: 17.6 – 30.8 pounds
  • Size 5 junior: 24.2 – 37.4 pounds
  • Size 6 extra large: 33+ pounds

HiPP Diapers Review


On the outside of the HiPP packaging, you’ll see indications of features they’ve included in their diapers. They’re supposed to be extra soft and breathable with a fit fastener (which we’ll talk about later), a long suction core and balance channels (sizes 3-6), up to 12 hours of protection, an umbilical cord cutout (sizes 0-2), and a moisture indicator (sizes 0-2).

Other really great features you won’t find listed, but I think are worth mentioning are the fact that HiPP diapers are completely free of perfumes, lotions, latex, and chlorine. They are OEKO-TEK STANDARD 100 certified, which means they’re tested and approved free of the top 100 most harmful substances.

It’s also environmentally friendly for several reasons. They test for harmful substances without the use of cosmetic additives. They use the shortest transport routes to get their diapers to their destinations. They also source their cellulose from responsible sources.

They use 100% green electricity in their plants through the use of renewable energy and they have a CO2-neutral energy balance. The packaging is made from 40% recycled plastic and they don’t use any genetic engineering.


If you feel the outside of the HiPP Windeln, it’s really soft and feels like it would be comfortable. It’s covered in fluffy fleece and fibers that feel like fabric. The sides and inner material are also very soft.

The whole diaper is a bit stiff, but I generally attribute that to the diaper’s thickness, and the HiPP diaper is very thick, which also contributes to its absorbency.

Despite how thick and stiff it is, it feels like it would be very comfortable, and it doesn’t make the typical rustling noise when it moves that a lot of other diapers do. It also smells pretty neutral, so there’s nothing too overpowering about it.

Closures and fit

HiPP Windeln diapers have what they call fit fasteners. They’re a lot like Velcro, and there’s nothing special about their size, but they have interlocking grid hooks that will adhere to literally any point on the diaper.

There’s no separate tape on the front of the diaper, you don’t have to worry about how loose or tight you fasten it, and they even adhere well after opening and closing them multiple times before.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the closures on the HiPP diapers is the very clear visual marking that says “Now I’m too big” so you know exactly when your baby has outgrown the size you’re currently using.

This has proved very convenient because HiPP’s diapers are so stretchy, and the cuffs can be comfortably stretched beyond their normal range, leading many people to use them for longer than they should have. Lucky, the absorbency is excellent.

HiPP Diapers Review


The absorbent part of the body is very long and wide. In fact, it’s much longer than many other diaper brands and extends nearly the entire length. Plus, the width of the absorbent part stays consistent for that entire length, too.

HiPP makes the absorbent body of the diaper in several layers. The top layer is thin and very soft because it has direct contact with your baby’s skin. Directly under that is a thick layer of fleece.

Then there are 3 balance channels filled with cellulose and superabsorbents material. The outer layer is the last layer. This composition ensures maximum absorbency and comfort.

Thanks to the balance channels, the HiPP diaper evenly distributes moisture so it can take on more before it leaks. It can safely hold quite a bit before you find yourself in a dire situation. It can also hold its liquid under pressure, which means if you have an active child, you’re still safe.

The diaper also does a fair job of keeping its shape, rather than getting saggy. It was pretty stiff to begin with, which helps with this. The moisture does diffuse the outer shell, but that proves that the diaper is breathable, which is excellent for your baby’s skin under these moist conditions.


HiPP diapers come in colorful designs with funny animals all over the front and back. Every diaper always has the same designs, so while this diaper really isn’t any different, at least it’s not totally plain.

There is sizing information on the front, so even if you misplace the bag or have two different sizes lying around, you’ll still know which size you have in your hand. There’s also a HiPP logo on both sides of the waist.

Perhaps the best design feature is the fit closures. These diapers seem to fit better simply because the gridlocks on the closures adhere to any part of the fleece diaper. It’s also easy to tell when they’re too small with the “Now I’m too big” inscription.


At the price per package and the package size of HiPP diapers, they’re comparable to other brands like Pampers. The unit prices per diaper are very similar, but in my opinion, you’re getting much more with HiPP when it comes to the lack of unnecessary additives.

Buying HiPP Diapers

If you live in the UK, you can buy diapers (sorry, mates, we call them diapers Stateside) nearly anywhere. You can purchase them on HiPP’s website, Amazon, or your local market.

HiPP diapers are also available in other countries in Asia as well as Costa Rica and Iceland.

However, for those of us in the United States, we might be out of luck for now. It’s possible to get them from Amazon if you can find a product that will ship to your address. There are also other websites that ship baby products to the Americas, but they tend to stick with formulas, foods, and lotions. There aren’t many diaper options.


If you’re looking for quality, absorbent baby diapers (look, I’m just never going to be able to say nappies, okay?), then here are some suitable alternatives that you may want to try as well.

Most of these are organic, but especially for those of us in the States, some of these brands might be a little easier to come by.

Bamboo Nature

Bamboo Nature diapers

These diapers are awesome for so many different reasons. They have a wetness indicator, the leg cuffs are latex-free, and they have multiple layers of protection.

But perhaps the best thing about these particular diapers is that they have an extra high back, which protects your baby’s clothes from blowouts, which we all know are inevitable. It makes cleanup easier for you, which can reduce a lot of stress and make everything so much easier.

They come in sizes newborn to 6, so there aren’t preemie sizes, and some people report that they’re not as absorbent as others, so you may find yourself doing more frequent changes if you choose this brand.


Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Diapers
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Hello Bello

hello bello diapers

Hello Bello is a diaper bundling company, so when you order their diapers, you get regular shipments of what you need. You never have to go to the store and you never have to worry about running out. However, if you do want to get them at the store, they’re available at Walmart.

You may also be interested to know that the company was started by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard as a safe and affordable, plant-based option for families. They’re organic and mindfully manufactured to include everything your baby needs and nothing your baby doesn’t.

They make disposable and cloth diapers, so you can pick which you like best, but they come in plenty (and I mean plenty) of colors and patterns. They’re probably the cutest diapers I’ve ever seen.

You can change shipment cadence and size at any time. However, it can get pricey, if you want to add wipes, diaper cream, or other add-ons.


Hello Bello Diapers Jumbo Pack
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Kyndful diapers

These organic diapers get very high ratings on Amazon, which is the only place they’re available. They’re made of wood pulp and vegan-friendly, which is a huge plus for some people.

They’re great for sensitive skin and they’re very absorbent. The cuffs seal in moisture to prevent leaking from nearly anywhere.

While they seem pretty perfect, keep in mind that distribution networks are limited, they only come in sizes 1-5, and they’re pretty pricey.

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy diapers

Aside from the fun name (I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around saying that all day?), these diapers are made from bamboo, so they’re naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They have no latex, alcohol, or fragrance.

Bamboo is also naturally strong and absorbent, which translates to the composition of these diapers. You’ll enjoy very high-quality diapers in sizes newborn to extra large. Unfortunately, extra-large sizes only fit babies 26 pounds and up.

You can get these from the manufacturer or on Amazon, and they have a wetness indicator, too.



HiPP Diapers Review FAQs

Question: What are the safest diapers for babies?

Answer: The safest diaper for your baby is going to be different from the safest diaper for your sister’s baby, or your friend’s baby, or your neighbor’s baby. That’s because every baby is different. However, there are some reputable companies with some proven tactics for producing quality diapers.
Some of the most highly rated diapers include Andy Pandy, Bamboo Nature, and Honest Company. These are all non-toxic and disposable, but if you’re looking for something that’s cloth, Hello Bello is a great option.

Question: What is the best organic diaper?

Answer: If you’re looking to go totally organic, then your options are pretty much the same. Andy Pandy, Honest company, and Bamboo Nature are all awesome choices. There are others, like Mama Bear, ECO BOOM, and Earth’s Best that you could also look into.

Question: Are organic diapers better?

Answer: You have to decide for yourself whether organic diapers are worth it. They’re generally more expensive, but they’re made with natural materials derived from plants. They’re softer and gentler on your baby’s skin.
They also don’t contain any of the chemicals that traditional diapers have, like fragrances or lotions, which can be very irritating to your baby’s skin and offensive to your nose.

Question: What diapers do hospitals use?

Answer: Usually, when you check into the hospital to have a baby, they provide you with either Huggies or Pampers diapers. You’re welcome to bring your own brand of diapers if you prefer something different.
However, they’re not providing these because they think they’re the best, necessarily. They’re providing these because they have a contract with the diaper company to give these to every new mom who comes in.
It’s a way for the hospital to provide an extra measure of care for you and your baby, and it’s extra advertising for the diaper company.

Question: Do diapers have chemicals in them?

Answer: Yes, of course, they do. Almost everything in our world today has chemicals in it. You have to shop very consciously to avoid them. Disposable diapers contain things like dyes, chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, and so much more.

Question: Is the inside of a nappy poisonous?

Answer: Look at me. I worked the word nappy in here. Most diapers have small beads of superabsorbent material in them, but these beads have been studied in more than 450 consumer safety tests.
They’ve been proven to be safe, even if the diaper breaks open and your baby’s skin comes into contact with them. We’ve all seen a diaper get too wet and fall apart before we had a chance to change it. It happens. And if it happens to you, there’s no reason to panic. Even organic diapers have this material in them.

Cover Your, You Know What

HiPP diapers perform well in all categories and they’re also eco-friendly and organic. They’re cute with helpful labels, and the adhesive is better than most other diapers on the market. They’re incredibly soft and fluffy, but overall, the diaper is pretty stiff.

However, it helps with absorbency, which is superior to many other organic diapers. It’s a strong diaper that won’t sag easily. The balance channels will help to evenly distribute moisture for additional comfort and longevity.

The price point is great for an organic diaper, but distribution channels are limited for those of us on this side of the pond. I would recommend HiPP diapers if they’re easy to come by, but an alternative may be better for those living in the United States.

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