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Graco Milestone vs Graco 4Ever – Which Should You Buy?

Choosing the right car seat is hard enough without dealing with two similar car seats from the same top tier brand. Graco offers so many different options for infants, toddlers, and everything in between and after. So it’s no wonder if you find yourself wondering what the main differences between the Graco Milestone and Graco 4Ever are.

Both car seats are designed to grow with your little one from the newborn stage all the way through the toddler years and after, when they are old enough and big enough for a booster car seat. With both of these car seats, you will have the only one you will ever need.

However, as with all car seats, Graco included, there are some differences to consider. Like the cost, for example. The Milestone is roughly $100 cheaper than the 4Ever, which is kind of a big deal. The 4Ever, on the other hand, has more longevity since it can be used for children up to 120 pounds while the Milestone caps out at 100 pounds. They are both equipped with the Graco InRight Latch installation system, which can make installation a breeze for most families.

Graco Milestone vs Graco 4Ever - Which Should You Buy?

The 4Ever also has a multi-position headrest and recline to keep your child comfortable and safe as they grow. The Milestone has fewer recline options, but there is still a handful to choose from for your little one. The point is, both car seats are fine options for pretty much any family, but in the end, one of them is bound to be a stronger option than the other. And before you make your decision, it’s important to look at them both as close as possible.

Main Differences Between Graco Milestone vs. Graco 4Ever

  • Longevity. The 4Ever has four different seating options and can be used for children up to 120 pounds, while the Milestone is for kids up to 100 pounds.
  • Cost. The Milestone is considerably less expensive than the 4Ever.
  • Recline options. The Milestone offers just four recline positions, while he 4Ever has six different recline options.
  • The 4Ever has two integrated cup holders for your baby, while the Milestone has one.

Graco Milestone Car Seat

The Graco Milestone Car Seat got its name because of its longevity and it really is no joke. Overall, the car seat can be used for children as small as five pounds and up until they reach 100 pounds. This provides literal years of use for your little one and it means that you can buy this one and never need to buy another one again for your child.

It transitions from rear to forward-facing when your little one is ready and there are recline positions to keep him or her comfortable and safe whether they are in the forward or rear-facing positions. It comes with just one cup holder, which can be a deal breaker for some, but it’s actually removable, which can make it easier to fit this car seat in your car.

It has also been side impact tested to meet or exceed all safety requirements so you can have peace of mind while your child is safely buckled in their seat. Installation is also a breeze for most parents, as it features Graco’s own one-minute installation system that will keep it securely fastened in your backseat without adding a headache for you during the process. Plus, you can remove and wash the seat cover without even needing to take the five-point harness out of the car seat, which is just an added bonus.


  • Installation: Graco’s special InRight LATCH attachment makes installation as easy as a few clicks and then you are done.
  • Safety Details: The car seat has a steel reinforced frame for added stability and energy absorbing foam around the sides of the car seat to help protect your child in the event of a crash.
  • Child Weight Range: It’s designed for infants from 5-40 pounds in the rear-facing position, 20-65 in the toddler forward-facing harness, and 30-100 pounds in the belt-positioning booster seat.
  • Price: On Amazon, the Graco Milestone Car Seat is $160.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Buy Buy Baby.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There was a 2016 recall on older model Graco Milestone Car Seats.


  • It’s a more affordable all-in-one car seat than the 4Ever.
  • There is an easy Latch system that is a little easier to deal with than other car seat latches.
  • When you transition to the high-back booster option, there is a place to tuck in the harness straps so they are out of the way.
  • The cushion and fabric is soft and comfortable without overheating your little one.
  • There’s also a bubble level indicator so you can get the car seat at the right angle every time.


  • When in rear-facing mode, the car seat doesn’t offer a lot of legroom for some taller babies.
  • It has four recline positions, whereas the 4Ever has six to choose from.
  • There isn’t much head support when little ones fall asleep in the car seat.


“Graco for another win! I have the forever car seat for my oldest but was looking to save some pennies this time around with my youngest growing out of the baby seat. This came packaged perfectly. She’s never fell asleep in the car so fast. I love that she likes her new seat and is less fussy during car rides.” – Victoria L. on Amazon.

“I love this seat! I took the seat to a fire department to have it professionally installed as this is our first Graco car seat. It turns out it’s quite easy to install. The best part is that over time as our boy grows I don’t have to take the seat out of the car to adjust it. I can change the tightness or the shoulder straps, the buckle and the headrest all while the seat is still strapped into my car. We have another car seat and it pales in comparison to this amazing car seat.” – David Fazzini Jr. on Amazon.

“I would highly suggest this car seat. It is totally worth the money also was amazingly quick shipping. My daughter 10 months old and 18 pounds fit wonderfully in this car seat. I was concerned about the size because I have a smaller Volkswagen Golf 2012 but this he sits in it backward facing just fine. Very very happy!” – Malissa R. on Amazon.

Graco 4Ever Car Seat

There is an important reason why the Graco 4Ever Car Seat is called just that. It is designed to grow with your child from the newborn stage all the way up through school-aged since it eventually becomes a backless booster car seat. While the Milestone does transition to a high back booster, it does not have a backless option, so that’s a big deal for some parents.

It has six different recline positions for your child’s overall comfort and safety and you can adjust the headrest and safety harness with just one hand to accommodate your growing child. Since the whole point of the car seat is to last your child years and be the only car seat they will ever need, it makes sense that all of the little adjustments can be made with ease.

In fact, there are 10 different headrest positions to choose from so your child can have support as they get taller but still need the back of the car seat attached. Thanks to the many plush foam inserts, your child can be comfortable and supported every step of the way, and it’s easy to remove them as needed. Although it is a little pricier than the Milestone, the Graco 4Ever was made with your kid’s entire childhood in mind so they can have a safe and comfortable car seat or booster every step of the way until they no longer need anything at all.


  • Installation: Like the Milestone, the 4Ever comes with Graco’s InRight LATCH attachment system.
  • Safety Details: It has a steel reinforced frame and is made to meet or exceed all federal safety standards.
  • Child Weight Range: It can be used for children from 4-40 pounds in rear-facing, 22-65 pounds in forward-facing toddler, 30-100 in the belt-positioning booster option, and 40-120 pounds as the backless booster car seat.
  • Price: on Amazon, the Graco 4Ever Car Seat is $270.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Buy Buy Baby.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls on this car seat.


  • It offers four different stages so your child can use the car seat for a long as they need one.
  • There are six different recline positions to get your child at just the right angle every time.
  • It has 10 different headrest positions to go through to accommodate your child as he or she grows.
  • The shoulder straps can be adjusted easily.
  • There are cushions for the straps, which can help keep the straps from digging into your baby’s shoulders uncomfortably.


  • It is a little pricier than the Milestone.
  • It might be on the bulkier side for some cars.
  • The recline positions can be tricky to properly adjust in the forward-facing position.


“We’re in love with this car seat. My baby quickly outgrew his infant car seat and I did extensive research on which convertible car seat to buy. He previously had the Britax B-35 Safe, which we also enjoyed, but I decided to go with Graco for this one and am super happy we did. I’m confident it’s just a safe as the Britax convertible model, plus it has a lot of advantages. My son will be able to use this through his booster-seat stage, it’s amazingly comfortable, easy to install, durable and the fabric is machine-washable.” – Katie R. on Amazon.

“I am very satisfied with the product and so are the kids. It is easy to install, set up and adjust. My son is not too small, but it gives him plenty of space to grow. The inserts fill the space well to provide smaller children with the adjustments needed. Wonderful head support, including side impact. The belt is very easily adjustable as well… Regarding the fabric material, I loved it! It seems very durable and not permeable.” – Maria A. on Amazon.

“This car seat is amazing. Big, durable and has lots of padding so your little one is comfortable, but is heavy and sturdy enough to ensure safety. The car seat is easily installed and takes upon of the passenger seats in the back. This is quite a heavy and hefty seat, so it would not be easily carried around like a bucket car seat for infants because of the size. The fact that it converts and can last for many years due to the weight and height allowances, it is absolutely worth the investment.” – Jessica Dioguardi on Amazon.

The Verdict

There are definitely some big plus sides to going with the Graco 4Ever, like its backless booster option and the multiple cup holders. But besides those two differences, the Graco Milestone is just as useful and can provide years of use, comfort, and safety for your little one. So in this instance, the Graco Milestone is the stronger option between these two Graco car seats.

And while the 4Ever has two additional recline positions, in the grand scheme of things, you probably won’t miss those two extra options with the Milestone. It can provide a safe, comfortable, and long lasting car seat for your little one from infancy to well past their toddler years. And at the end of the day, those are the most important qualities in any all-in-one car seat.

Final Thoughts

It might be hard to definitively say which car seat is best since they are not only so similar, bu also from the same brand. But when you look a little closer and examine each option from all possible angles, it’s easy to see the benefits of the Graco Milestone.

It’s cost-effective for most families and yet it still provides so much comfort and safety that you really can’t ignore. Yes, the 4Ever is useful and long-lasting as well, but when pitting them against each other, the Milestone surpasses its Graco sibling car seat.

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