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Ergo 360 vs Lillebaby Compared: One IS Better

Ergo 360 vs Lillebaby Compared: One IS Better

A good, solid baby carrier is one of those things that many parents don’t even realize they need until their hands are full of baby and they have to somehow go grocery shopping while keeping a huge car seat out of the shopping cart basket. But when it comes to comparing the Ergo 360 vs Lillebaby Carrier, they each offer something that definitely surpasses simply carrying your baby.

Going hands-free, so to speak, can make lots of activities and even family outings much easier and more enjoyable for all involved. But deciding that you want to start using a baby carrier is half the battle. The other important thing is deciding which one is best for your family.

Furthermore, infant hip dysplasia is a REAL health concern connected to carrying babies incorrectly as identified by the Hip Displasia Institute.

Whether the deciding factor is cost, versatility, health, or just the overall comfort, the Ergo 360 and Lillebaby Complete Carrier both offer a lot to even the most seasoned baby wearer.

Of course, when comparing the two in this buyer’s guide, there can be only one that comes out on top as the best choice for some parents, though, and all of the most important factors are considered, including price, comfort, and longevity.

My Preference - LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier

If forced to choose between these two, I PERSONALLY would lean slightly towards the Lillebaby because It's a bit more VERSATILE and DURABLE,

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03/06/2024 02:41 pm GMT

Note: You can also scope out the pricing by going direct to Lillebaby here.

Main Differences Between the Ergobaby vs Lillebaby

The Main Differences Between Ergobaby vs Lillebaby are:

  • Lillebaby can be configured to carry babies in the fetal position, whereas Erogbaby cannot.
  • Lillebaby typically comes with a detachable hood, whereas Ergobaby has an attached hood for sun protection.
  • Lillebaby typically has at least 1 extra pocket, whereas Ergobaby does not have an extra pocket

Ergo 360 Carrier

ergobaby carrier

Ergo360 Carrier is one of those baby carriers that work for both men and women, in that it’s comfortable for adults too, but without any unnecessary frills that might deter some parents from wanting to use it out in public.

But besides being comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, the Ergo 360 Carrier offers a variety of positions to wear your infant while keeping them in the best position, ergonomically speaking.

With a wide wrap-around waistband that adjusts from 26-52 inches and supports your lower back as you wear your baby, the Ergo 360 Carrier is one that can be worn for longer periods of time without the added strain on your back that some baby carriers bring. There’s also a tuck-away hood to protect your baby from the sun with UPF 50+.

The adjustable shoulder straps, which adjust to fit different-sized adults, are made like cushioned backpack straps rather than the thin straps that could potentially dig into your shoulders after long periods of time. Where comfort is concerned for both you and your baby, the Ergo 360 Carrier seems to have thought of everything.

Ergobaby 360 Features

  • Possible Positions: You can wear your baby in the front-facing you or facing outward, on your hip, or on your back, depending on your baby’s size and whatever suits him or her best.
  • Materials Used: Being totally machine washable, the Ergo 360 Carrier is made of cotton.
  • Age/Weight Limit: With the newborn insert, you can use the carrier from 0-4 months and 7-12lbs, but as is, the weight limit is 12-33 pounds, or from 4-36 months of age.
  • Where To Buy: You can find the carrier on the manufacturer’s website or on Amazon, as well as in store at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond.
Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support | Amazon

Exceptional lower back comfort with padded lumbar support waistbelt and extra padded shoulder straps. Easy to adjust bucket seat supports your baby in an ergonomic natural 'M' position in all carry positions from baby to toddler.

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Pros of the Ergo 360

  • There are enough possible positions to ensure that your baby or toddler is as comfortable as possible, even if you have to switch positions at times.
  • With the adjustable waistband and shoulder straps, parents can easily switch on and off with the Ergo 360 Carrier with just a few simple adjustments.
  • Since it can be used from birth (with the proper insert) up until around three years of age, you can get use out of the carrier for literally years.
  • You can also discreetly nurse while using the carrier and without taking your child out.

Cons of the Ergo 360

  • The Velcro is very loud when strapping and unstrapping the thick waistband.
  • There aren’t any pockets or compartments for storing a wallet or keys.
  • Fastening the shoulder straps is relatively hard unless you get some help from someone to help you clip them from behind.


Ergobaby Reviews

“I love all the carrying combos. And it has a wide “seat” so it’s comfortable for the baby’s legs. The seat part is also adjustable under the flaps for forward-facing (so he’s not doing the splits). I’ve had other carriers that I love also but this one does everything I need in one item.” – M. Mick on Amazon.

“We love it so far! I’ve had this for about 2 months and have used it about 6 times. My daughter loves it too. She gets to be close to me and see what I am doing, and I get to get some housework done.

I was concerned that it would hurt my lower back. But, so far no issues. It is easy to adjust, and if your arms are flexible enough you can do the shoulder straps yourself.” – Withoutworry on Amazon.

“The best carrier!! We have the original Ergo which was perfect early on. My son is 7 months old and always loves facing forward in our K’tan wrap but at 15 lbs he was getting a little heavy to carry in the wrap with no back support. This carrier has everything. My husband loves carrying him on his back when we go on family walks!” – El Osborne on Amazon.

Lillebaby Carrier

lilebaby carrier

The Lillebaby Carrier prides itself on being an all-in-one carrier that can safely cradle your baby from the newborn stage up to their toddler years in six different comfortable positions. Being that the most ergonomic seated position for your baby in a carrier is the “M” shape,

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has named the Lillebaby Carrier as a hip-healthy carrier for all babies. With your baby in the proper seated position, healthy hip growth and development are stressed with the carrier, which some carriers may forget to place emphasis on.

The carrier also has lumbar and neck supports for your baby which means no extra newborn inserts to safely secure your newborn in the Lillebaby Carrier. Instead, your infant can enjoy the carrier right from the start, and with the two-way adjustable straps, you can find the most comfortable way to wear the carrier too.

And thanks to the added lumbar support, your baby’s weight is evenly distributed for their safety and comfort while your lower back has much less of a strain. While almost everything has been through it with the Lillebaby Carrier, it’s clear that a strong emphasis was indeed put on proper safety and subsequent comfort.

Lillebaby Features

  • Possible Positions: You can wear the Lillebaby Carrier in the fetal position with your newborn against your chest, the infant position which allows your baby’s legs to dangle from the side openings, facing out position, on your hip, back, and in the toddler position (toddler carriers).
  • Materials Used: The Lillebaby Carrier is BPA and lead-free and made of 100% cotton fabric.
  • Age/Weight Limit: The carrier can be used with your infant or toddler from 7-45 pounds.
  • Where To Buy: You can find the carrier on the manufacturer’s website or on Amazon as well as in-store at Toys ‘R Us.
My Preference - LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier

If forced to choose between these two, I PERSONALLY would lean slightly towards the Lillebaby because It's a bit more VERSATILE and DURABLE,

Buy on Amazon Buy on LÍLLÉ
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 02:41 pm GMT


  • You can use the Lillebaby Carrier right from the start without any added infant insert needed (whereas the Ergobaby has a variety of extra infant insert options)
  • The lumbar support is good for lowering any added lower back pain, enabling you to use the baby carrier as your toddler grows.
  • The cushioned leg openings keep your baby’s legs comfortable while keeping him or her in a safe ergonomically correct seated position.
  • There are so many different ways to wear your baby or toddler that there’s bound to be something that works well for them.


  • The waist strap is a little difficult to tighten and while it’s a newer carrier, you may have trouble tightening it securely at first.
  • The Lillebaby Carrier may work better for taller individuals, as it will sit on their bodies more securely.
  • Despite being 100% cotton, the material may feel a little stiff for a while.


Lillebaby Reviews

“We tried 4 other carriers for my son before we struck gold with the LILLEbaby. This carrier is awesome! It is comfortable for both me and my baby for long periods of time, supports his neck very well and even has a large sized pocket that I can use to store my keys and phone when out and about. Highly recommend this carrier!!!” – DAB on Amazon.

“I absolutely love this carrier. I have tried it for both kids (nine months and three years) and it is very comfortable. I love that it has lumbar support. My husband is able to use it as well due to the ease of adjusting it. It’s great for around the house or out and about!” – Sean on Amazon.

“Very comfortable. Love the ergonomic design. Pocket in the front was big enough to hold my phone and small wallet. This was very convenient. I will definitely be purchasing another.” – Larissa on Amazon.

The Verdict: Lillebaby or Ergobaby?

Sometimes, the cost is the most important deciding factor between two top-notch baby items. But when the cost of each is so similar, as with the Ergo 360 and Lillebaby Carrier, it makes it just a little bit more difficult to choose which option is best overall.

But because of its comfort, versatility, and longevity, the more solid choice between the two would have to be the Lillebaby Carrier.

As a trusted carrier brand, the baby carrier offers the kind of structured support for both you and your baby to ensure both of your comfort as you wear the carrier (sometimes called babywearing).

It also has the convenient storage pockets and so many possible positions to make babywearing your newborn as easy as babywearing your toddler.

My Preference - LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier

If forced to choose between these two, I PERSONALLY would lean slightly towards the Lillebaby because It's a bit more VERSATILE and DURABLE,

Buy on Amazon Buy on LÍLLÉ
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 02:41 pm GMT

Final Thoughts: Lillebaby vs Ergo 360 

Obviously, when making a decision that should include the safety of your little one, price isn’t everything. But ultimately, that’s going to be a big piece of the decision. With both the Ergo 360 vs Lillebaby Carrier, you clearly do get an excellent value.

Both carriers are plenty affordable and both can be used for longer than just the first few months of your baby’s life. But when it comes down to the other aspects of critical importance, like comfort and safety over time, that’s there the Lillebaby Carrier wins out.

But when it’s all said and done, the choice is ultimately yours, and deciding to go with a baby carrier at all is a smart move for any parent to make.

Further Research:


Question: What is the most comfortable baby carrier?

Answer: In our testing we found the Lillebaby Complete to be the most comfortable of these baby carriers.

Question: Do baby carriers cause hip dysplasia?

Answer: Certain baby carriers can increase the risk of hip dysplasia, however, many brands (including Ergobaby and Lillebaby) have specific hip displasia ergonomic prevention designs inherent in their products. It’s important to check! If a brand doesn’t expressly say how they mitigate it, be cautious.

Question: What age can babies go in a baby carrier?

Answer: While babies can theoretically go in a carrier as newborns, it’s not recommened until they are 4-5 months and/or until they have enough neck muscles to support their heads. Some brands also offer infant insert pads to better support them (like the Ergobaby infant insert). Check baby is different, so check with your pediatrician.

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