The Elvie Pump Review: Is It As Silent As You Hope For?

Elvie Pump Review

Choosing the right breast pump is a lot harder than it might seem at first. Before you become a parent, it might look like choosing a breast pump is as easy as picking the nicest looking option off a shelf and buying it. In reality, however, there is a lot more to it.

This is why it can be easy to overlook some of the benefits of the Elvie Breast Pump. It truly is unlike almost any other breast pump option out there right now and this review is designed to help parents in need of a breast pump of their own see what it offers.

The pump is designed to literally fit right inside of your bra. Whether you opt for the single or double option, you can be more hands-free than ever as you pump and go about your day. But unlike other pumps which promise to do something similar to this, with the Elvie Pump, there is no need for tubes or wired to connect the compact pump to anything.

The Elvie Pump Review: Is It As Silent As You Hope For?

The pump, which is just five inches tall, can be worn inside any standard nursing bra and has a built-in suction to fit around your breast as it pumps for you. There’s nothing you need to do other than make sure you stop and remove the pump once the attached reservoir is full. On the downside, you won’t be able to pump directly into a bottle or milk storage bag, but this one-piece pump is truly revolutionary for moms everywhere.

elvie breast pump

The Elvie is also incredibly silent. As in, you can safely wear the pump on either or both sides when you’re at and no one will know it’s even on. That’s how stealthy it is to ensure your comfort and privacy the entire time. And with no cords or tubes to worry about cleaning or clogging, there’s little to no chance of milk build-up or backflow while you pump.

Whereas other pumps might make things complicated with the wires and tubes involved, this one is as straightforward as possible.

Because of the simple way the Elvie Pump is designed, it should come as no surprise that cleaning it is also simple. It comes apart in just five pieces and none of them are so small or awkward that it’s difficult to really get in for a deep and thoroughly clean each time.

And while the pump has controls to adjust the settings and expression modes, you can track your history by using your smartphone and syncing the app to your pump. This way, you can keep track of your pumping history and milk volume as you pump.

With the Elvie Pump, you get the convenience and ease of use and when it comes to breast pumps in general, those are two of the biggest qualities to look for.


  • There are seven levels of intensity to choose from.
  • It also has stimulation and expression modes that help in starting off and ending each pumping session.
  • The pump has a built-in rechargeable battery that takes just two hours to get to a full charge.
  • There are three different breast shield sizes to choose from and the pump comes with two.
  • When pumping, you can connect to the app and control the pump that way too.
  • The pump weighs less than eight ounces.


  • The controls on the pump are easy to use.
  • You can also control it via the smartphone app which corresponds with the Elvie.
  • It’s quiet and discreet, which is ideal for pumping on the go or at work.
  • The pump’s design is also incredibly sleek and lightweight.
  • It doesn’t take too long to charge the built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Although it’s small, the Elvie can pump out as much milk as a medical-grade pump.


  • In either the single or double pump option, the Elvie is on the pricier side.
  • Some women might experience shifting of the pump as they move around.
  • It can be difficult to properly plug the charging cords into the pump.
  • There is a chance the suction isn’t strong enough for optimum milk output for everyone.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on this Elvie Breast Pump.

How Others Compare

Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free Breast Pump

Freemie Freedom Double Electric Breast Pump

Freemie is an excellent choice if you are in need of a powerful pump that you can use at home or at work. The pump allows expressing milk with your clothes on, and has two cups for double pumping in the same time.

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10/23/2021 12:38 am GMT

The Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands-Free Breast Pump isn’t exactly like the Elvie Pump, but it is virtually hands-free and can also be placed in the bra to pump while you go about your day.

The difference is that the central part of the pump is connected to the actual suction cups by a tube. You can run the length of the tubing under your shirt as the double suction cups pump for you, but the suction cups work on their own without you needing to do anything else.

The base of the pump is too large to fit in your pocket or hold comfortably in one hand. So while the double suction works for you, you will have to set the base down nearby. This means you can still comfortably pump at your desk or while relaxing at home and reminds hands-free while you do it. But it differs from the Elvie Pump in this big way, which is hard to ignore.

It has just one speed, but multiple suction settings. The individual cups can collect up to eight ounces each, or 16 ounces total. The pump itself weighs a little more than three pounds, so while it is heavier than the Elvie, it is still lightweight by breast pump standards.

Unfortunately, it does require an electrical outlet to use it, but the suctions themselves are discrete enough. You can find the pump on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.


  • It has a very low hum, so the Freemie Freedom isn’t too loud.
  • You can discreetly put the suctions inside of your bra for pumping anywhere you need to where there is an electrical outlet.
  • The pump’s pressure is soft, but still usually strong enough to help you get out enough milk each time.
  • It can get some women properly pumped in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Using the pump is also as easy as simply following the directions and going from there.


  • It can be a little messy to empty the milk into separate bottles afterwards.
  • The pump can be a little harder to use with larger chested women.
  • There are several pieces and tubes to have to clean after each use.
  • Unlike with other pumps, with this one, you can’t pump directly into storage bags.

Has This Item Been Recalled? 

There are no recent or current recalls on this breast pump.

Yihunion Electric Breast Pump

Portable Electric Breast Pump

If you are planning to stay at home while breastfeeding your baby, this Portable Electric Pump would be perfect for you. The bottle from the pump can be used for storing milk and for feeding as well, and it comes with lots of useful parts.

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10/23/2021 01:22 am GMT

The Yihunion Electric Breast Pump is another comparable pump that isn’t quite the same as the Elvie but offers some of the same benefits and ease of use. While it’s not completely hands-free, it can be used on the go with ease and it doesn’t require a bulky or heavy power base.

When you have a compact pump, but a battery pack that is too big or heavy to carry with you as you pump, it sort of defeats the purpose of a portable pump.

This one can be used with one hand since the bottle with catches your milk is attached to the control power bank. It also has a low vibration and steady speed, which makes for a whisper-quiet pump that can be used for those middle-of-the-night pumping sessions. So there is no worrying about waking your partner or your newborn as you pump in bed at 2 a.m.

There are eight different massage modes to choose from to get the most out of every pumping session. The pump also has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to worry about finding a power source when you have to pump away from home or on the go.

The name of the game with this pump is convenience and comfort and it’s obvious that the Yihunion offers both of those qualities to new and experienced moms alike. Right now, you can find the pump on Amazon.


  • It’s compact enough to fit in most diaper bags and even purses too.
  • You can charge it to use the store’s power to pump any time you are away from home.
  • It also holds the charge long enough to get more than one pumping session for most moms and that’s a big deal for any pump.
  • You can use it to pump directly into milk storage bags if you want to.
  • The pump is also lightweight enough to be comfortable holding it while you use it.


  • It can be a little difficult to take all of the pieces apart to properly clean each time.
  • It’s also a little slower than some other breast pumps.
  • There is only one size flange that comes with the pump, so it may be uncomfortable for some women.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on this breast pump.

BabySteps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump

BABY STEPS Double Electric Breast Pump
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You can’t hate a breast pump that comes in a double option and that’s what the BabySteps Independent Double Electric Breast Pump is. Not only that, but the pump is also designed to be compact and easy to use and those are also qualities that parents typically look for in a breast pump. Especially if you are trying to find one that compares to the Elvie Pump.

The pump has stimulation and expression phases and comes with a handheld battery control pack. So while it’s not totally hands-free, you can pump while you do other tasks. At less than one pound, it is plenty easy to move about with the double pump and it has a whisper-quiet motor to discreetly pump at work or in the middle of the night if you need to. Plus, it is made with anti-backflow protection to make sure the lines and tubes stay Hygenic through and in between each pumping session.

The pump comes with two milk bottles to pump into, two different nipples for the bottles, and adapters to make them either standard or wide neck bottles. It might not be quite the same as the Elvie, but it is comparable in lightweight and compact design. And right now, you can find it on Amazon.


  • The control panel is easy to use, even in the middle of the night when you might still feel half asleep.
  • It has a quiet motor, so it’s easy to use it without being self-conscious of the sound.
  • Overall, it is compact enough to easily carry with you as you double pump.
  • It’s also strong enough to rival some hospital-grade pumps, despite its size.


  • For those who prefer a longer stimulation mode, they might not love that the pump automatically transitions to expression mode after two minutes.
  • There are a lot of pieces to take apart, clean, and keep track of.
  • It only comes with one size of breast shields.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on this breast pump.

Lansinoh Smart pump

Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump

This Double Electric Breast Pump connects to the Lansinoh Baby App via bluetooth to track & simplify breast pump & breastfeeding sessions, baby's activities, & offer moms tips & resources.

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10/23/2021 12:37 am GMT

One of the best things about the Lansinoh Smartpump is the fact that it can be controlled via smartphone using the corresponding app. In that way, it is very similar to the Elvie Pump.

The Bluetooth technology of the phone syncs to your different pumping sessions and makes things a little easier whereas usually, it can be stressful and difficult enough to deal with the pumping lifestyle.

The Lansinoh is a double pump that features three different pumping styles and eight suction levels to help you during each session. It also has a simulation mode to help initiate milk flow and an expression mode to provide the right amount of milk each time. Plus, at less than three pounds, the pump is totally portable and lightweight enough to use anywhere you might need to pump.

There is also backflow protection in the tubing to help prevent milk from building up in it or in the motor. The set comes with bottles to pump directly into, but it also has the ability to be used with attached breastmilk bags that you can also pump directly into. You can find the pump on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.


  • With fewer parts than some other breast pumps, this one is easier to clean.
  • The pump is small, compact, and portable.
  • You can pump directly into milk storage bags with the Lansinoh.
  • And with the app, you can track and control your usage with the pump.


  • It is on the louder side, especially when compared to pumps like the Elvie.
  • The pump also doesn’t have as strong of suction as some other breast pumps.
  • Although you can use batteries with this pump, the batteries tend to die quickly and need to be replaced frequently.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on this breast pump.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many breast pumps that completely compare to the Elvie Pump, but there are a few that come close. Overall, it just continues to show how unique and valuable Elvie truly is. It might be on the pricier side for some families, but what it lacks in affordability for some, it makes up for in ease of use and overall convenience.

What really sets the pump apart is its extreme portability and lightweight design that can’t be beaten. Although it might not have been around the block as long as some other more reputable breast pump brands, the Elvie is a dependable and convenient option for any mom.

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