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Diaper and Wipes Recalls

Diaper and Wipes Recalls

When you buy a box of diapers from the store, you likely don’t think about all of the potential contaminations and hazards that the diapers could have been in contact with before they’re placed in your cart.  That’s the way it should be, but unfortunately, there are many times when wipes and diapers come into contact with something that could be dangerous to your baby’s health.

While diaper recalls aren’t often, they do happen. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of diapers, manufacturers often don’t recall diapers, even if there is an issue with them.

Many times, manufacturers refuse to announce any problems with their diapers, even if thousands of parents are grouped together to complain. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the latest diaper recalls to ensure you aren’t potentially exposing your babe to anything that could harm them.

Why Would Diapers Get Recalled?

There are many reasons why diapers could get recalled. Fiberglass, chemical contamination, mold exposure, and rash concerns are among a few of the reasons why diapers could be recalled. A diaper recall will be announced whenever there’s a concern for consumer safety. 

Sometimes, brands will voluntarily recall after a group of parents complains about a product. This is usually identified as a voluntary recall notice, where a brand will ask you to return the product in exchange for a replacement or a refund.

However, there is sometimes a mandated recall where there has been definite exposure or contamination of a line of diapers. 

Are Diapers Regulated in the United States? 

Unfortunately, diapers aren’t classified as medical devices. This means the FDA doesn’t regulate diapers. There is no current regulation on diapers in the United States. 

What to do if Diapers you Bought Get Recalled

buying diapers

If you’ve purchased diapers that are recalled, you should listen to the instructions provided in the recall. Nowadays, brands give direct instructions on how to proceed if the diapers you were purchasing were a part of a recall.

In some instances, you’re able to get a store credit or a full refund on the diaper you purchase if they’re affected by the recall. Other times, brands will encourage you to throw them up and buy a new pack.

What you’re supposed to do if the diapers you bought depends on the brand and how much they care about their customers. 

2023 Recalls

2022 Recalls

There was no diaper recalls in 2022. While there were rumors of a Huggies Diaper recall for fiberglass contamination, Huggies never officially recalled their diapers or addressed the concerns. 

2021 Recalls

There was no diaper recalls in 2021. 

Wipes Recalls

baby wipes

It’s nearly impossible to get through parenthood without using wipes. Even if you’ve found a way to make eco-friendly reusable wipes, chances are, you’ve still borrowed a wipe to use from a fellow parent/friend while you’re out and about.

Wipes are essential for cleaning up after your babe whenever they get messy and for diaper changes. Disposable wipes make life SO much easier. 

Unfortunately, wipes aren’t regulated by the FDA. This means many companies aren’t careful with monitoring what gets into their wipes. Every couple of months, a brand will perform a voluntary wipe recall when reports of chemical burns and rashes start circulating around.

For the safety of your little one, it’s important to stay alert to these different recall alerts. This way, you can make sure you’re not using any recalled wipes on your little one. 

Why Would Wipes get Recalled? 

There are a few reasons why baby wipes get recalled. It seems that one of the most common issues with baby wipes is chemical burns.

Something goes wrong during the process of the wipes, and as a result, the wipes burn the baby’s sensitive skin. The severity of the chemical burns depends on the baby’s skin sensitivity and how poorly manufactured the wipes were.

In addition to chemical burns, some wipes are recalled due to mold growth, fiberglass exposure, or harmful bacteria. 

Are Wipes Regulated in the United States?

Yes, wipes are regulated in the United States. Wet wipes (intended for infant use) were regulated in the United States starting in 2015, under Article 6 of the Measures for Cosmetic Hygiene Management.

This means companies must meet certain hygiene and packaging standards before placing baby wipes on the shelves. Unfortunately, baby wipes are regulated as cosmetic products, not baby products, so harmful materials are still getting into wipes.

What to do if Wipes you Bought Get Recalled

If wipes you purchase get recalled, you should follow the recall announcement to figure out how to proceed. In some recalls, the brand will ask you to return the pack of wipes to the store for a store credit or a refund.

Other times, brands will encourage you to throw away the wipes after you’ve sent an email altering the brand your pack of wipes is in the affected lot. 

2023 Recalls 

2022 Recalls

Parent’s Choice Baby Wipes

parent's choice baby wipes

A select few lots were pulled from the Parent’s Choice Baby Wipes. These wipes were pulled from shelves because they were causing skin discoloration and rashes on babies who used these wipes.

Walmart addressed that the cause of these skin problems could be the result of heavy metal contamination, so they pulled the lots from the shelves. The following lots were in the recall. These lots include: 

  • L22075
  • L22076 
  • L22077
  • L22078 
  • L22079
  • L22080
  • L22081
  • L22082
  • L22083
  • L22084 
  • L22085
  • L22089 
  • L22090
  • L22091
  • L22092
  • L22093
  • L22094 
  • L22095

Return these wipes to your local Walmart to receive a store credit. 

Huggies Thick Baby Wipes Fragrance-Free – Limited Addition

huggies thick baby wipes fragrance-free - limited edition

The recalled packs for these Huggies Thick Baby Wipes had The Little Mermaid printed on them.

Huggies recalled two batches of these wipes as a result of Burkholderia cepacia exposure, which is a harmful bacteria that could cause a serious infection in babies with a weakened immune system. The recalled lots are: 

  • B21072004
  • D21072005

If you have either of these lot numbers, contact Huggies to receive a gift card or a replacement pack of wipes. 


There were no baby wipe recalls in 2021. 


Question: What is the safest brand of baby wipes?

Answer: I think Water Wipes are the safest brand of baby wipes, as they’re made of 99% water! That means they’re hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which is great for babies with sensitive skin!

Question: What are the best non-toxic diapers?

Answer: This question depends on if you’re looking for a disposable or cloth diaper. Cloth diapers are pretty much all non-toxic. However, if you’re looking for a disposable diaper option, I would recommend the Bamboo Nature Clean disposable diapers. I love them! 

Question: What should you avoid in diapers?

Answer: I would recommend you stay away from diapers that contain any flame-retardant chemicals, PFAs, phthalates, or parabens. All these are known toxins and can be very dangerous for our health, so keep your baby away from diapers containing these ingredients (which aren’t very many brands nowadays, thankfully).

Keeping Your Baby Safe During Diaper and Wipes Recalls

As a piece of advice, I recommend you always look up parent brands whenever there’s a diaper or wipe recall you’re concerned with.

If a big-name brand has a recall, chances are there’s a smaller ‘off brand’ that also has the same contamination issues. This is because many of the ‘big names’ in the diaper/wipe industry also produce off-brand labels. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing when a pack of diapers or wipes will be recalled. However, bookmarking this page and regularly checking on it will keep you updated on the latest recalls. 

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