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Diaper Genie Complete vs Expressions: Which is Best?

Diaper Genie Complete vs Expressions: Which is Best?
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In general, a Diaper Genie is a baby shower staple. Only now there’s more than one to contend with, so it’s only natural to compare the Diaper Genie Complete vs the Diaper Genie Expressions to weigh your options and figure out which one is best for your family for the long haul.

Because yes, diapers are part of the long haul of raising a baby and toddler, since your little one will be wearing them for at least a couple of years before potty training is finished. Since both the Diaper Genie Complete and the Diaper Genie Expressions are designed in a very similar way, most of the functions and features are identical, but there are going to be some stark differences to make the decision a little easier for you.

Like the odor-controlling filter built into the inside of the lid on the Diaper Genie Complete, or the dual secure odor lock system that the Diaper Genie Expressions is made with, making each able to prevent odors from escaping, but in different ways.

Then there is the cost of each of course, and while one might be less expensive, it will then be time to consider if the less expensive Diaper Genie also offers enough while one might be less expensive, it will then be time to consider if the less expensive Diaper Genie also offers enough value.

Both products are quite similar, so it might be harder than ever to compare them, but when looking closely at the Diaper Genie Complete vs. the Diaper Genie Expressions, it should be fairly easy to determine which is the better option.

Diaper Genie Complete

Diaper Genie Complete

One of the most important things about the Diaper Genie Complete is its odor lock capabilities. Thanks to its built-in Odor Controlling Antimicrobial and clamps in place, there’s little to no chance of the smell of dirty diapers escaping through the barrier anytime soon.

It also comes equipped with a Carbon Filter on the inside of the lid, which is meant to absorb any smells that escape through the top and also let out a fragrance to keep your baby’s nursery smelling sweet despite having a bin full of soiled diapers in the corner.

Like other Diaper Genies, it also has a foot pedal for easy opening, but when it comes time to cinch off the bag and tie it to throw it away, the front of the Genie tilts open so you can do it all in one or two easy moves. And instead of your standard white, which can be boring in a fun nursery or show stains or markings a lot easier, the Diaper Genie Complete also comes in gray, green, blue, and pink.


  • Capacity: It can hold around 25 dirty diapers at once.
  • Odor Shield Capabilities: The Diaper Genie Complete has a Carbon Filter installed on the inside of the top lid as well as odor clamps to keep any unwanted smells inside of the bag within the pail.
  • Design Features: It has an easy-to-use the foot pedal and a front that tilts open for simply bag disposal, and it comes in a variety of different colors to best suit your child’s room.
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it on Amazon or in-store at Walmart.


  • Since it comes in a handful of different colors, you can choose one that matches your baby’s nursery and also has a more sleek and modern feel to it.
  • The odor-absorbing Carbon Filter can make a huge difference, especially in smaller spaces.
  • Speaking of which, the Diaper Genie Complete is perfect for smaller rooms or homes where ventilation isn’t as easy, or rooms are closer together.
  • The front opening tilts forward so that when it’s time to switch out the bag and cinch it off, it’s as simple as possible.


  • While it’s compact enough to fit in smaller spaces, that also means that the Diaper Genie Complete golds have fewer diapers than the Expressions.
  • At times, you may need to push the soiled diaper into the top opening with a little more force to get it in there and out of sight.
  • Occasionally, the lid and foot pedal will get stuck, causing the lid to remain partly open until you correct the issue with the jammed foot pedal.
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Diaper Genie Complete Reviews

diaper genie complete

“Don’t hesitate after reading reviews- buy this! We had the older diaper genie for our now three-year-old, and due to the horrible smell every time we would open it, we decided to try this one… after three months of use, I can honestly say I love this one!” – Brooke Joseph on Amazon.

“This works! I had the old model with my firstborn, and it did its job. The Poo smell was there but minimal. This second baby has to be on specialty formula and his poop stinks! The old one broke, so we just got this one, and his room/our house doesn’t stink anymore more. It also has a smooth open and closes, unlike the older model that snapped shut.” – Sarah Waltrip on Amazon.

“So easy to change filters and empty the dirty diapers. I have been using it for two weeks and haven’t smelled a single dirty diaper, even when I open it to put another dirty diaper in it.” – Kelsey Eleanore on Amazon.

Diaper Genie Expressions

Diaper Genie Expressions

The Diaper Genie Expressions diaper pail was actually a finalist for the Baby Center Moms’ Picks, and for good reason. Or, that is, for good reasons.

It comes in the standard white plastic design, but you can buy multiple fitted “sleeves” that will not only transform the diaper pail but also make it easier to match your child’s nursery. Plus, if something spills on it or a diaper opens and makes a mess on the sleeve, you can take it off to wash or replace it with ease.

But it also has a Push-n-Lock clamp on the inside of the top to help seal in odors and keep them from escaping even when you need to open it to put another soiled diaper inside.

Unlike the Diaper Genie Complete, it doesn’t have a convenient foot pedal, but it still has an easy-to-use opening. All you have to do is press the top, and the pail will open for you to dispose of diapers. Plus, since it will hold up to 50 soiled diapers, it means less changing of the liner, so less work on your part.


  • Capacity: The Diaper Genie Expressions can hold up to 50 dirty diapers at once.
  • Odor Shield Capabilities: It’s designed with a Push-n-Lock clamp to keep odors inside at all times, as well as a double secure odor lock system.
  • Design Features: To open the diaper pail, you press on the top of the lid rather than use a foot pedal and to personalize it, you can purchase a stylish fabric cover to go on it.
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it on Amazon or in-store at Walmart.


  • It’s tall enough so you won’t be bending over to get rid of dirty diapers or pop open the top.
  • Since it can hold around double the number of dirty diapers that the Diaper Genie Complete can hold, it does its job.
  • It’s also half the cost of the other Diaper Genie, so you won’t be spending an arm and a leg to get odor-free easy diaper disposal in your home.
  • The odor-protecting shield built into the Diaper Genie keeps all nasty smells contained within the bin.


  • The slot or hole insert for the diapers could be just a tad wider to get better the folded up diapers in each time.
  • Some parents might not like the fact that there’s no foot pedal, but instead a press and release lid.
  • Unlike the Diaper Genie Complete, there is no Carbon Filter to help absorb odors and give off a fresh scent.
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Diaper Genie Expressions Reviews

“This will dress up your boring diaper genie. Makes it much less of an eyesore in your home. Made like a pillowcase that you just slip on over the pail and can easily be removed and cleaned.” – Rebecca Fuller on Amazon.

“I have had two other styles of Diaper Genies and this is by far is my favorite it may look small but holds the same amount of diapers, it holds the smell in very well and to open it to change the bag is the easiest of all three types I have had.” – Candra Marshall on Amazon.

“There is a noticeable smell difference between diaper genie disposed of diapers and regular garbage disposed diapers. I love that you can customize this genie. I live in an apartment building where running to the outdoor garbage can is not an option. The dumpster is a long haul and not feasible for every poopy diaper (infant and toddler in tow). I’m enjoying the Diaper Genie! I highly recommend this as an alternative to a poopy-smelling home.” – Lisa Smith on Amazon.

The Verdict: Diaper Genie Expressions or Complete?

Since both diaper pails are from the Diaper Genie brand, it’s easy to confuse them and even easier to be torn between which one is best for your family’s needs. But when it comes down to it, the Diaper Genie Expressions is the stronger option between the two.

For the dirty diaper capacity alone, the Expressions can hold more at once, which means less times emptying it per week and less stress on new parents. Not only that, but the Diaper Genie Complete is $45 on Amazon, while the Expressions is nearly half that, and for the odor guard features and ease of use, the value definitely checks out.

Of course, the cost isn’t everything, but the Diaper Genie Expressions also has the push-n-lock clamp to deal in odors and to lessen any possible smell from escaping every time you open it back up to put another soiled diaper in it. And since the smell is a big factor in getting rid of dirty diapers in general, it’s definitely important to have as many odor blockers as possible.

Final Thoughts on Diaper Genie

diaper genie expressions

Any way you look at it, you’ll need a Diaper Genie of some kind, whether you’re a new or more experienced parent. Disposing of soiled diapers in the bathroom or kitchen garbage can stink up your home rather quickly and force you to dispose of garbage outside more often than not.

With a Diaper Genie, or more specifically the Expressions one, you can dispose of diapers quickly and easily and you won’t have to take the fullback out to the trash until you’ve filled it completely with up to 50 dirty diapers. There’s really no getting around investing in a Diaper Genie, so at the very least, you should have a better idea of which one is a more valuable and long-lasting option.

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