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Clek Foonf vs Clek Fllo Car Seat – One IS Better!

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At first glance, the Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo Car Seats might seem like virtually the same thing. They are, after all, from the same brand, and whenever that happens, you can’t help but see two products for their similarities above all else. But when you look a little bit closer, it’s easier to see the main differences between the Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo Car Seats and from there, you can better decide which is best for your little one and your family.

They are both designed to be rear and forward-facing and they can be used for babies and toddlers alike. They aren’t designed to be used from birth unless you get the correct infant insert, but they are both convertible car seats that can last your family a long time before your child grows out of them. The Clek Foonf is, however, more than $100 more expensive than the Clek Fllo and that can be a huge difference for some families. On the other hand, the Foonf offers the special Rigid LATCH system which makes forward-facing installation a breeze and, overall, super safe for your child. In the end, you win some and you lose some with either car seat, which can be said when comparing most baby products.

The point is to figure out which of these car seats is best suited for your family’s budget and your little one’s needs. So before you make any rash decisions, either way, you are going to want to take an even closer look at both car seats.

Main Differences Between Clek Foonf Vs. Clek Fllo

  • Price: The Fllo is considerably less expensive than the Foonf.
  • Weight: The Fllo is 12  pounds lighter than the Foonf and that can make a big difference if you need to move the car seat to and from other cars.
  • Size: The Foonf is several inches shorter in height than the Fllo.
  • Feature: The Fllo has an integrated flip foot to make rear-facing installation a little easier.

Clek Foonf Car Seat

There’s a reason why the Clek Foonf Car Seat is considered “the mother of all car seats.” It is made with energy absorbing crumble technology to keep your child as safe as possible. And although it’s meant to accommodate children from 14 pounds and up, it can transition from rear to forward-facing car seat to extend its longevity.

It’s durable and secure enough to be used with other children so you can easily pass the car seat down to your next child as long as it hasn’t passed its expiration date. But while other car seats might eventually lose plushness in the padding or have straps that loosen over time, the Clek Foonf holds up well over time.

It also has a smooth recline function to keep your child in a comfortable position as they grow and when it is in the forward-facing position, you can use the Rigid-LATCH system to make installation in the position easy. Whereas LATCH installation can be a hassle for some parents, Clek’s own version in the forward-facing position is much more approachable for most parents.

It also comes with an attached anti-rebound bar to improve stability and keep your child in place in the car seat. Clearly, the main focus for this one is all around safety and that is something any parent looks for with a convertible car seat.


  • Safety: It has advanced side impact protection, REACT safety system installed at the bottom of the car seat, and an anti-rebound bar.
  • Installation: It has a Rigid-LATCH System for easy forward-facing installation, but can also be easily installed in rear-facing.
  • Child Weight Range: The car seat can be used for children from 14-50 pounds in rear-facing and 22-65 pounds in the forward-facing mode.
  • Price: Check it on Amazon!
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There was a 2017 advisory on certain Clek Foonf safety belts in Canada.


  • There are so many added safety features to keep your child secure and comfortable as they grow.
  • Your baby can stay in the rear-facing position for longer than they would be able to with some other similar car seats.
  • There is plenty of cushions to keep your little one comfortable.
  • It’s designed with multiple recline positions.


  • The Clek Foonf may be on the pricier side for some families.
  • It might be hard for some parents to get used to the Rigid-LATCH installation system.
  • Although you can buy an infant insert, the Foonf isn’t outright designed for use with newborns.


“I absolutely love it! It sits up high, was very simple to install and I’ve owned many seats! And it just feels so sturdy compared to most seats. My daughter hasn’t complained once and now smiles when we’re driving around. Clek’s customer service was also extremely helpful.” – P.L. on Amazon.

“Love this car seat! My baby is so comfy in it and I’m so happy knowing she’s extra safe! I only wish that the cup holders were attached. Its difficult to remove them when you need to transfer the seat. That doesn’t bother me enough to take off a star though, love it still!” – Emily on Amazon.

“I adore this seat. It just works. It’s sturdy and safe and sleek, and it never complicates my life. The fabric cleans easily with the Clek cleaning kit, and I love not having to take the seat apart to wash a cover. My 29 pound 2 year-old rear faces comfortably. He loves that he can see out the windows and the rear glass. I know this because he tells me every. single. thing. that he sees. I also love that Clek has a crash-tested seat protector.” – Mallory on

“This car seat far outshined any other that we looked at on the market. From the fabric to the design we were impressed. Once we got the carseat (delivered) we were in awe of how sturdy and sound this seat was. I’ll admit though it is heavy so if that is a problem, going with the Fllo would be in one’s best interest. The color is awesome, the construction is fantastic and our son loves his new seat.” – April Weitz on

Clek Fllo Car Seat

The Clek Fllo Car Seat is quite similar to the Foonf in design, but it does have some differences that set it apart from its sister car seat. The Fllo, for example, is more lightweight than the Foonf, and it’s less expensive, which can both be deciding factors for some parents.

It’s also advertised as the Clek car seat that is so slim you can fit three across the backseat in most cars. It also has a steel anti-rebound bar to keep the car seat secure and in place in the event of a crash. And it’s made with advanced side impact protection with deep side wings and energy-absorbing foam to keep your child safe as he or she grows. Although the car seat is designed for use in both rear and forward-facing, the Clek Fllo is also designed to keep children safe and comfortable as they grow, making it a truly convertible car seat.

It also has a fully adjustable headrest to accommodate your growing toddler and installation is relatively simple whether you’re a new parent or a more experienced one. The Fllo’s compact design, superior safety features, and longevity definitely make it a top option for any family looking for a convertible car seat.


  • Safety: The Clek Fllo is made with deep side wings and side impact protection as well as an anti-rebound bar and EACT (Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology) safety technology to reduce force in an accident.
  • Installation: It has an integrated flip foot for rear-facing installation and an anti-rebound bar to make it extra steady.
  • Child Weight Range: The car seat is designed for children from 14-50 pounds in the rear-facing position and 22-65 pounds in the forward-facing position.
  • Price: Check it on Amazon!
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There was a 2017 advisory on certain Clek Fllo safety belts in Canada.


  • Although it’s slim enough to fit multiple Fllo Car Seats across most back seats, the car seat itself is still plenty spacious.
  • It’s more affordable than the Foonf.
  • The safety straps don’t tangle as easily as those of some other similar car seats.
  • The car seat is perfect for airplanes and easy to take along with you.


  • Although the fabric is stain resistant, moisture can roll down and get into the padding underneath.
  • It doesn’t have any built-in cup holders.
  • There is no other sure way to clean the car seat other than to spot clean the fabric.


“This seat is super functional, stylish, safe, and comfortable. My 3 year old rear-faces in it with plenty of space. We have the seat installed in a 2017 Subaru Forester with the anti-rebound bar. There is still plenty of space for the passenger to recline. The seat cleans easily. Assembling the seat is easy, just watch the manufacturer videos. We have had 3 previous seats and none of them compare to this seat! I recommend getting the Drink Thingy too!” – K. Heft on Amazon.

“This is the finest seat available on the market. Not only does it feature fantastic looks but it’s build quality, fit and finish are top quality. Bar none! I will be a Clek buyer from now on. The seat is incredible. My son is much happier and much more comfortable in this seat vs his last seat. Certainly worth the money. Although it’s more cash it is the only seat with a 10 year expiration date. They’re actually that good! Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.” – Tyler N. on Amazon.

“We love this seat! I originally chose this because we needed to fit three across. After having it for a few months, I would buy it regardless of the size. It is a fantastic seat! The fabric cleans so easily- in fact the seats still look new after months of my kids snacking in them. My girls are both comfortable in them. The only downside is installing forward facing with a seatbelt is a little tricky.” – Haley Meyer on Amazon.

“This car seat is incredible! The initial set up and learning took a little bit, as the instruction manual is very long and detailed, but once we got the hang of it it is truly a breeze! It’s so sleek and my baby loves that he can see out the windows now and doesn’t have to lay down in an infant carrier. We use the anti-rebound bar and feel it offers a nice extra safety feature.” – Paul Kleinhenz Amazon.

The Verdict

Clearly, the Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo Car Seats are almost too similar to tell apart. But when you have car seats that are equal in convenience, safety, and longevity, the next thing to look at is the price. And since the Clek Fllo offers superb safety and comfort for your little one and is more affordable than the Foonf, the Clek Fllo is the stronger option here.

It’s also more lightweight and therefore easier to travel with and it has a slim design that makes it easier to fit in most back seats. That’s not to say that the Foonf doesn’t have value on its own, because it certainly does, but the Fllo is the best option here.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a car seat comes with plenty of stress. You want to find one that is safe enough for your growing child but also long-lasting and affordable. Sometimes it’s hard to be able to check off every single one of your must-haves for your baby’s car seat, but the Clek Fllo definitely stands out as a top choice for a convertible car seat. When compared to the Clek Foonf, it’s hard to see the handful of differences right away, but at the end of the day, the differences are what makes the Fllo the stronger option.

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