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Chicco NextFit vs. Britax Advocate: Features, Pros and Cons

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Buying a car seat can be hard. There are infant car seats, convertible options, and all-in-one seats to make you extra confused as a new or inexperienced parent. All options are beneficial in their own ways and in this case, you’re going to want to choose between the Chicco NextFit and Britax Advocate car seats.

Both are similar enough in their own ways, but some other differences set them apart from each other enough to help make the decision a little easier on you. If the cost is your main deciding factor, you might be hard-pressed to choose between the two in this instance since they’re both similar in price.

Chicco NextFit vs. Britax Advocate: Features, Pros and Cons

They’re also both made to last your child until they reach 65 pounds, so they have similar longevity as well. But since they are entirely different car seats from separate brands, there are some big differences as well.

The Chicco NextFit, for example, is a few inches slimmer and more lightweight than the Britax Advocate. On the other hand, the Britax Advocate has an easy ClickTight installation system. They both offer multiple recline positions as well as adjustable headrests, but since the goal here is to choose between them, you’re going to need to look at them both a little more closely.

Overall, they both offer a lot of features for safety, comfort, and longevity, but at the end of the day, either the Chicco NextFit or the Britax Advocate is going to be a stronger option. Before you made your decision regarding them both, take a look at them individually.

 Chicco NextFit

The Chicco brand is associated with a variety of different baby products, including the Chicco NextFit Car Seat. This specific car seat from Chicco is made with safety and easy installation in mind. So not only will you have less stress when putting it in your car, but you can have peace of mind while your child rides in it.

The car seat transitions from rear-facing to forward-facing when your child is ready and the nine different recline levels can help get your child at the right angle in both car seat positions. To install it in your back seat, you use the SuperCinch system, which allows you to tighten it as much as possible so there’s minimal to no slight movements once installed. Since the Chicco NextFit is made for your growing toddler, you can adjust the headrest up to nine different positions to keep their head supported as they grow.

And as you adjust the headrest, the harness positions are automatically adjusted to also fit your growing child perfectly and safely. Although it doesn’t have built-in cup holders, the NextFit does have a removable cup holder that can be placed on either side of the seat. This way, you can better fit the car seat in your backseat, regardless of the side or design of your car. The car seat on its own is just 25 pounds, and while it’s not a carrying car seat, it is relatively lightweight enough to move if you need to use it in more than one car.


  • Safety: It’s made with a steel reinforced frame and has energy-absorbing foam in the sides with superior side impact protection.

  • Adjustments: You can recline the car seat to nine different positions and move the headrest up six levels.

  • Child Weight Range: It’s designed for children from 5-65 pounds.

  • Price: On Amazon, the Chicco NextFit is $379. Check out the latest price!

  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.

  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent, or current recalls on the Chicco NextFit.


  • You won’t need to search for the latch connector in your car to install the car seat, so installation is simple.

  • It’s slim enough to fit with ease in most back seats but wide enough to accommodate your growing child.

  • The different adjustments make it easy to fit children of all shapes and sizes.

  • There’s a lot of cushion and padding to keep your child comfortable as well as safe.


  • Although the fabric isn’t likely to make your child overly hot, it might itch their sensitive skin.

  • The high winged sides can make it difficult to get small or younger children in the car seat each time.

  • It might be a little too costly for some families, especially since it isn’t an all-in-one car seat.


“I bought this for my 10 months old and really like it so far! Super easy install and I love all of the adjustments that can be done. It is easy to get in and out of the car (install and uninstall). It is pretty huge, but not any less big than the Britax. I did a lot of research trying to decide which car seat to get and ended up with the Chicco Nextfit in lieu of the Britax Boulevard due to price and reviews. I have a Britax booster for my older daughter and love it but it’s so heavy, so I decided to change it up. The recline option on this car seat is really nice to get the proper incline of the babysitting up.” – Jenny McDonald on Amazon.

“A little heavy but your child is well protected in a side impact as a result! This seat is very easy to install and remove requiring less than a minute. The tightening strap release for the belts does not rip your skin off like the Evenflo with the aluminum clip and poorly designed area for the release cavity. Spend a little more and get great safety, quality and ease of use.” – V. Starr on Amazon.

“We just graduated to this car seat from the Chicco Keyfit 30 and are very happy and more than satisfied. We love this car seat because it is seemingly very comfortable and appears to be very safe. Also, it is so simple and easy to be installed especially when using the latch system. Our son loves this car seat as well and has no problem with long car rides.” – Tricia F. on Amazon.

Britax Advocate

Britax is synonymous with top tier car seats, and that includes the Britax Advocate Car Seat. Like other car seats from the brand, it has the easy to use ClickTight Installation system, which makes installation as easy as a few steps. It also eliminates dealing with hard to find latches, which is a huge added bonus for some families.

In addition to the safety and reinforcements built into the frame and sides of the car seat, the base itself is an impact absorbing base for added safety. It also has an easy to adjust 14 position headrest that adjusts the harness as well. It can transition from rear to forward-facing when your child is ready, and there are seven different recline positions to choose from.

This ensures not only comfort but also safety, regardless of your child’s size. There’s even a bubble level indicator to help you know if you’ve installed the car seat at the right angle for your child specifically. Overall, a lot of the features aren’t unlike those of the Chicco NextFit, but it also has a lot of safety reinforcements that you really can’t ignore.


  • Safety: It has an impact absorbing bae, steel reinforced frame, and multiple layers of side impact protection.

  • Adjustments: You can adjust the seat to seven different recline positions, and the headrest can be moved up to 14 different positions.

  • Child Weight Range: It’s made for children from 5-65 pounds.

  • Price: On Amazon, the Britax Advocate is $352. Check out the latest price!

  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in-store at Target and Buy Buy Baby.

  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There was a 2015 recall for the Britax Advocate Car Seat.


  • There is a handle built in on the top of the car seat frame to make it easy to carry it from your car to another in case you need to switch it out.

  • You can store all of the tether straps in a trap door in the back of the car seat.

  • The fabric doesn’t get overly hot, so your child won’t overheat during long car rides.

  • Overall, it takes up less leg room in most back seats.


  • Like the Chicco NextFit, it might be considered on the more costly side for being a convertible car seat and not an all-in-one.

  • It doesn’t have any cup holders, which can be an issue as your child gets older.

  • The Advocate is a little bulky, even if that means it looks and feels extra safe.


“By far my favorite car seat yet! Our daughter is so safe in this. It’s super easy to use, easy to get in the car! She can’t possibly get out. She loves it! I feel way more confident with the extra side impact and safety it has. I love that it has the proper protection around the straps and crotch area padding. Making it was more comfortable for her to be in. A great buy!” – Brittany Collazo on Amazon.

“This is my second Advocate model Britax Car Seat. The first one is three years old and still very useful for my grandson. The new one is for my granddaughter. They can be used rear facing for earlier use and forward facing when the child is big enough. This is a very safe and comfortable car seat. Once the anchor straps are adjusted, I can easily take them in and out of the car quickly when not in use. Read the instructions carefully to get it installed and adjusted correctly. The directions are clear and fully illustrated.” – Gary Fadley on Amazon.

“We have two of these seats, one in each car. The seat is easy to install. We watched a video on YouTube and followed the instructions. The seat is cushy, and my daughter is comfortable riding in it. We have taken two road trips with 7 plus hours each way in the car and she did not have any issues, was able to nap comfortably in the seat. Once she is seated, it is very easy to adjust the strap to tighten it according to by pulling the cord. It is very easy to get her out of the seat by releasing the ClickTight button. We had the Britax B-Safe Infant seat which we were happy with, so it was a no-brainer to continue using Britax products.” – Charlotte M. on Amazon.

The Verdict

Both the Chicco NextFit and Britax Advocate car seats are good choices for any parent looking for a convertible car seat. The stronger option, however, has to be the Chicco NextFit. It’s a little bit lighter in weight, has more recline positions, and comes with an infant support insert that really feels and looks like it’s keeping your little one safely in place.

While the installation system of the Britax Advocate is as easy as humanly possible and makes for a more approachable installation, the two methods of installing the Chicco NextFit aren’t too complicated. Of course, you’re going to have some not so great aspects with both options, but when it comes down to it, the Chicco NextFit is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

There’s no right or wrong way to go about picking your child’s car seat or deciding which kind would work for your family. You can go with an infant car seat initially or opt for a convertible, or even go with an all-in-one right from the start. No matter your specific needs, as long as you pick a safe and overall reliable car seat for your child, you’ve made the correct choice. In this instance, with the Chicco NextFit vs. the Britax Advocate, it’s not an easy choice, but most families might fare better with the Chicco NextFit.

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