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Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review: Will It Win You Over?

Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review: Will It Win You Over?

Against a backdrop of exquisite releases that kept pushing the bar higher, features that revolutionized travel systems, Chicco Bravo LE Travel System had its standard clearly set. With a much-anticipated release date, vast expectations, and competitors to beat, the Bravo LE Travel System finally did hit the market. So is the Bravo LE system a hit, a near hit, or an outright miss, we’re going to find out in this Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review.

Tastefully designed, versatile, convenient with an eye-catching design was the statement is made from the day of launch. The revolutionary travel system was engineered not only to grow with your infant but also to ensure a seamless transition from car carrier, to travel system and then back to a toddler stroller.

With a gorgeous mixture of relaxed neutral colors that border between simplicity and sophistication, restricted indoor lifestyles, and bold outdoor exploratory adaptations, the Bravo LE system has comfortably taken a lead as the most preferred travel system.

Well, let’s dive deep into this Chicco Bravo LE Travel System review, to bring you all you need to know about the system in terms of features, advantages, disadvantages, and even some alternatives.

Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller
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Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review

Main features

The main features of the Bravo LE Travel System include:

  • Child tray with 2 cup holders
  • Padded push-handle with 3 height positions
  • Comes with additional cushion seats with reversible mesh fabrics.
  • All-wheel suspension and front swivels for a smooth ride
  • It is compatible with all KeyFit including KeyFit 30 car seats – has an audible click-in sound when accurately attached.
  • Parent tray with two cup holders and zippered storage compartment
  • Large storage basket
  • The seat can recline to multiple positions for added comfort.
  • Large, adjustable canopy with visor provides shade from the sun
  • Both the canopy and stroller seat can be easily detached to convert it to a lightweight car seat carrier.
  • Innovative fold/carry handle for a one-hand, free-standing quick fold

Stroller Specifications:

  • Usage: 6 months to 50 lbs
  • 35.5 x 21.75 x 43 inches
  • 23lbs

Advantages of Chicco Bravo LE Travel system



The versatile Chicco Bravo LE system is a 3-in-1 travel solution that adapts to your baby’s growth. The revolutionary stroller design can serve both as a KeyFit infant car seat carrier, on a go travel system, and later as a toddler stroller.

Unlike its predecessors, the Chicco Bravo LE Travel System is a new invention sporting a one-hand quick fold with 3 unique use modes. All these add-ons were ingeniously designed and included to adapt to the ever-changing needs of 21st-century guardians.

In its first mode suited for infant use, the Bravo LE seat canopy can be easily removed to give rise to an adequately ventilated lightweight car seat carrier. The car seat carrier comes in handy in the key fit that is meant to fit your style, lifestyle, baby, and vehicle.

For adventurous exploratory rides with the baby, the key-fit is designed to allow the baby to sit up and or slightly recline against the comfortable extra-thick pads. Should they outgrow the Keyfit, the bravo LE will still faithfully serve you as it features a toddler stroller ideal for an everyday walk.

Has a spacious Storage Basket

For most guardians with infants, the more space the better. Why? Simply because they have many on-the-go essentials that they must move around with.

Be it that quick snack to replenish the fast dwindling milk reserves, or that much-needed sip to rehydrate after hours of strolls, or even those many toys that will be the only way to distract the baby you pick groceries down the aisles, Chicco Bravo LE system got you covered.

With a spacious storage basket located slightly above the circumference of the rear wheels but below the Keyfit carrier base, Bravo has your space needs to be sorted.

The icing on the cake is its ease of accessibility and lowered position to ensure the stability of the system whenever you have luggage in the space.

Has a KeyFit Infant Car Seat

The Bravo LE travel system features a KeyFit 30 Zip car seat. The ingenious inclusion of the word fit wasn’t erroneously included right into the name either. The car seat securely and accurately fits right into your vehicle, firmly holds your infant in position, deliberately matches the borderline simple to sophisticated lifestyle and above all, boldly makes that chic and stylish fashion statement any guardian will kill for.

For safety, the seat securely latches through the premium latch connectors and a super cinch tightener. And all this is virtually effortless. To affirm proper and accurate latching and angling of the seat, the Keyfit sports a visual bubble level indicator that will confirm that you have properly and securely fastened the seat.

Alternatively, the car seat can be installed through the vehicle seat belt. This uses clear belt routing and integrated lock-offs making it easy to position, fasten and lock the belt in place.

It has a Parent Tray and an Adjustable Height Handle

chicco bravo le

Adjacent to the handle and to the rear of the canopy is a parent tray with two zippered storage compartments. Next to these compartments are two cup holders that are within arm’s reach. All these serve to not all serve as a safe spot for your phone, credit cards, and even keys but also an adaptive feature for a convenient on-the-go lifestyle.

To cater for differential heights in guardians, but still offer alternatives for the vast differences in taste and preference, the system sports a 3 position adjustable handle. The kicker to this handle is in its plush padded add-on making it easy to grip with a soft to smooth texture sensation.

Has an All-wheel Suspension with Rear Linked Brakes

The four sleek wheels are connected to a swivel that allows an all-plane rotation. That is, they can rotate through 360 degrees enabling easy and quick access to the infant at any given time.

Additionally, the all-wheel suspension makes maneuverability smooth regardless of whether you are pushing the system along smooth tarmacked terrains, or uneven coarse graveled terrains.

Attached to the rear wheel is a linked foot brake that securely and smoothly secures the stroller by a simple tap.

Has A peek-boo mesh window for privacy and protection.

Infants make up for one of the most curious yet delicate creatures. A glance away and back is time enough for them to do so much. But not with the Bravo system.

Featuring a peekaboo window, the Bravo gives guardians a spot through which they can constantly keep a keen eye on the young one. But won’t this be exposing them to extreme weather elements someone might wonder? Not really, for the peek boo window has a labyrinth of mesh that protects against such extreme weather in all 3 modes.

Has a One-Hand Smart Fold

one smart fold

Expertly tucked below the seat covers, maybe to afford the aesthetical appealing visuals, is a one-hand smart fold (See more details about one hand smart fold). A simple pull on this lever folds the system into a compact, stable and easy-grip system that independently stands on the wheels.

Extra compact fold

To ensure economical use of space, be it in-house or even in transit, the child tray folds tightly to the stroller frame. The adjustable handle with the parent tray is easily detachable too, making for a compact easy to store or carry system.

Easy To clean

For the removable seat cushion, wash in clean water with soap and air to dry. The other metallic and stroller parts should be wiped clean with a damp moist cloth.

Disadvantages of Chicco Bravo LE Travel system

Cannot be machine washed

Though the fabric material can be washed in soapy water, the system itself cannot be dropped at the dry cleaners’. The only option left is quick wipes using a moist damp cloth that is followed by wiping with a dry towel.

Has no reversible seat option

Though not much of a deal-breaker, it could have been nice to have a reversible seat.

Relatively expensive

As compared to other travel systems with similar features, the bravo LE may come off as slightly expensive.

Reviews of Bravo LE Travel System

Most customers note that the narrower base makes it easier to maneuver. Additionally, they have wholly contented with the easily accessible and extra spacious basket. With the additional reversible removable cushions, some noted an improved comfort for young ones as they transition from stroller to carrier and vice versa.

They also noted that setting it up is fast and easy, has quality premium fabrics, and that easily folds to a compact stand-alone system that easily fits in a car trunk.

The diverse safety features that include an audible click with the car seat carrier were other selling points, with most customers rating it as one of the best. Overall, the feeling is, it comes as advertised. But not all concur.

A few other users feel that they have been shortchanged. Of great concern to them is the inability of the stroller to fold with the cup holder intact – has to be removed. Others were disappointed in the weight of both the carrier and stroller, which they noted were fairly heavy.

Alternatives to Chicco Bravo LE Travel system

Bravo Trio Travel System 

The top-rated Bravo Trio Travel System is a “marriage” of the full-size Bravo quick-fold stroller and the Keyfit 30 infant car seat.

Its versatility is evident too, as it sports three convenient use modes; a versatile travel system, a full-size toddler stroller, and a lightweight frame carrier.

To ensure a comfortable nap, stroll, or travel, the stroller sports a one-hand, multi-position reclining seat that allows the infant to either slightly recline when napping or sit up when sightseeing.

And just like the Bravo Le, the Bravo Trio has a one-hand smart fold with an all-plane front wheel swivel. It also comes with 2 organizer pockets, a rear mesh-sided peek-a-boo window, and a spacious storage basket all for the convenience of the parent.

Uneven terrains are no bothered either as the all-wheel suspension with threaded tires smoothly grind through miles. To halt or stop, quick mild pressure on the rear-linked foot brake is all you need. For these and much more fascinating, convenient and thrilling features, experience buy the Bravo Trio Travel system here.

Graco FastAction SE Travel System

One second and one-hand fold is the signature selling point of Graco Fastaction SE Travel System. Unlike the Chicco models, this system is relatively smaller and lighter.

For convenience on matters storage, it features a parent’s tray with a cup holder to the rear and a child’s tray to the fore. These are meant for holding snacks and drinks. For additional storage, it sports a spacious basket for packaging essentials.

The less than 35 pounds, inclusive of the sturdy frame, it packs makes it lightweight and easy to move from place to place. Additionally, thanks to its Snugridge performance, rear-facing infants are guaranteed both safety and comfort.

Buy the Graco FastAction SE Travel System here and later share your user experience with us in the comments section below.

Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review: FAQs

Question: Does Bravo LE travel system have a peekaboo window on the canopy?

Answer: Yes, it does. It sports a peek-boo mesh window and can protect infants against extreme weather elements, on both the car seat and stroller.

Question: What is the difference between Chicco Bravo and Bravo LE?

Answer: The Chicco Bravo LE is the successor to Chicco Bravo (read our Chicco Bravo review), that is, Bravo LE is an upgrade of Bravo. Being an upgrade it costs more and has additional features that include an extra reversible seat insert, extra zippered storage, and a child drink tray.

Question: What care and maintenance should be carried on Chicco Bravo?

Answer: The plastic and metallic parts should be wiped clean with a moist damp cloth, then dried with a dry towel. The fabrics on the other hand should be washed in soapy water, free of any bleach, and aired to dry.

Final Thoughts

With a strong presence in over 120 countries and decades of experience in the baby products niche, Chicco has firmly established itself as a go-to brand for many parents. The quality and comfort of its products are recognizable the world over. And the Chicco Bravo LE Travel System is no exception.

For parents who value simplicity, convenience and want value for their hard-earned cash, Chicco Bravo LE Travel System is a sure best buy.

Engineered to effortlessly transition from carrier to a lightweight stroller, comfortably pack drinks and snacks for snacking and rehydrating on strolls, securely and accurately fasten your infant for drives, the Chicco Bravo LE Travel System is this and more. Its sturdy frame and compact fold make it durable and economical to move around with.

To cut on care and maintenance time, all it requires is a simple wipe and dry. Plus, Not only is it aesthetically appealing but also spacious, versatile, ergonomic, and affordable. We can’t wait to hear what your experience was like with the Travel system and if we covered all in our Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review.

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