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Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review

The is an electrical hospital grade breast pump, renowned for its excellent suction power. This nifty little breast pump is suitable for multi-users and the fact that it is easy to use and assemble makes this breast pump a favorite amongst new nursing mothers! Normal breast pump vs. hospital grade …

The Full Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins Review

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows the struggles of dealing with prenatal vitamins. More often the vitamins tend to look more like over-sized horse pills meant for a large animal instead of a person growing a baby inside of them. While this is likely because of all of the …

The Ultimate Brushies Toddler Toothbrush Review

Although most babies won’t start getting their teeth in until around six months of age, it’s truly never too soon to start brushing for your little one or to start getting them in the habit of doing it themselves. With the  you get to start as early as four weeks …