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Longer boy names can be elegant and interesting. Dominick and Jefferson are great name ideas but they might be too long and too hard to pronounce, especially by kids.

Maybe your family’s last name is long and you’re searching for a shorter first name for your baby boy, to balance things out. Perhaps you’re looking for a sleek and chic middle name to go well with your child’s first name. Either way, you’re not alone in this search.

As research shows, every month, over 12,000 people search for one-syllable boy names on Google. I’ve put together a list of some of the most beautiful and unique syllable names that sound good and are very catchy.

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1. Abe

This is a powerful one-syllable boy name that suggests a strong personality. The long version is Abraham and it is commonly used by parents in man

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All babies are special and true blessings and every single one of them deserves some sort of recognition. Still, rainbow babies are seen as unique due to their important mission when they’re welcomed to this world by their parents. Rainbow babies are called that way because they are born healthy right after their parents have dealt with infant loss or miscarriages.

These infants are associated with the amazing symbol that God sends for us, which appears on the sky once a stormy period ends: the rainbow. Their births remind all of us that life must go on even though we will always carry the damage created by the “storm.”

The best way to honor these little ones and acknowledge the happiness that overcomes the pain is by using some of the best rainbow baby names that hold unique significances.

The Best Rainbow Baby Names & Their Meanin

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If you’re completely new to parenting, maybe you feel a little overwhelmed with all the new dilemmas you have to cope with. Choosing the right name for your impatiently expected little one is one of them – and it’s one of the most important decisions too!

This article is dedicated especially to those from “Team blue”. We’re going to share with you some of the most attractive, popular,  original and ultimately best 3-syllable boy names to help you with the tough decision. 

History of 3-Syllable Names

Three syllable boy names have been around for probably as long as the human civilization itself. At least in Europe and the Middle East, which can be credited for the origin of most contemporary western names. 

Just think about the ancient Greek mythology – famous heroes like Achilles, Perseus or Hercules all had

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Since our names are often our first introduction to others, the significance of their meanings, origins, and popularity cannot be understated. After all, most of us put a lot of thought into strollers and toys we expose our kids too; so why devalue the importance of selecting your child’s name. Russian names combine all three …

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Before all of the diapers and sleepless nights, there’s an important decision all parents have to make: What should I name my child? It can often be a frustrating and confusing process to sort through all the options available. Therefore, let’s simplify the process. French names have a certain elegance and flair which can help …

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