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kendamil vs similac

Kendamil vs Similac: Which Baby Formula Is Best?

“Breast is best, so give babies 6 months minimum of exclusive breastfeeding.” says UNICEF and WHO.” Sounds simple and pretty straight forward, right?

Not really, for some mothers breastfeeding is hard, not in the sense that they don’t feel like doing it, but hard as in, they have low milk supply, have undergone a mastectomy, have sore nipples or have mastitis.

So today, we’re comparing two popular products that help with this issue: Kendamil vs Similac baby formula, to see which solution is best.

So if you love breastfeeding, (read our guide on how to increase your milk supply) then that’s great. But if you can’t for one or more reasons, we understand both your decision and pred

Mimijumi bottle Review: Will Your Baby Love It?

Whether you plan to breastfeed or formula feed, you’ll need bottles. Whether it’s for exclusive feeding, for pumping, or for storage, bottles that mimic the breast are the best option for your baby because it promotes a smooth transition and a healthy latch.

While nipple confusion and problems latching are rare, it can be scary, especially for new moms, so having a bottle that gives you an extra bit of comfort can mean the world.

Who the Mimijumi is For

The team at Mimijumi developed this bottle for breastfeeding moms who want to avoid nipple confusion. Moms who are moving from breast to bottle often have a big dilemma.

Bottle feeding can often also make your baby too lazy to breastfeed. It offers them instant gratification, whereas latching to a breast is a bit harder and they have to work for a letdown. The flow is much slower.

However, the Mimijumi solves that problem. The slow flow nipples are meant to mimic the flow of the breast so your baby won’t get th

The Best Nipple Shields for Breastfeeding On the Market

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy and some babies might experience issues when it comes to latching properly. Nipple shields are good for sore or cracked nipples and they are made of thin and flexible silicone. A nipple shield must be placed on the nipple to improve the entire breastfeeding experience. Although breastfeeding-related difficulties can be quite …

The Best Nipple Shields for Breastfeeding On the Market Read More »

Little Spoon vs Gerber: Which Subscription is Best?

Little Spoon vs. Gerber

Main Differences Between Little Spoon vs. Gerber

The main differences between Little Spoon vs. Gerber are:

  • Little Spoon is a subscription-only baby food service, whereas Gerber has subscriptions and regular options
  • Little Spoon is all organic, non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free, whereas Gerber is mostly conventional, with limited organic options
  • Gerber has a baby formula, snacks, and microwave meals, whereas Little Spoon focuses on purees and balanced meals

When it comes to quality baby food, there are few baby names, or perhaps no names so classic as Gerber. But now, even the most iconic baby food company, challenged by competitors like Little Spoon, is adding a new feature: subscription box delivery.

Gerber announced its new organic delivery service in Fall 2020– four years after then-start up Little Spoon began offering deli

Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease: Which Formula is Better?

Most people would probably be surprised at how many kids experience some sort of digestive issues in their first months and years. The most common way to help them feel better is to provide them with a gentle formula that soothes their tummies and makes them calmer. Today we’re comparing two popular products that target this specific area: Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease.

Finding a good soothing formula for your little one is often one of the hardest tasks parents of infants have to face.

best hypoallergenic baby formula

Best Hypoallergenic Baby Formula – Top 7 Options in 2021

Today, I’ve decided to help you choose the best hypoallergenic baby formula that meets your little one’s needs. In the following sections, you will learn the available types of hypoallergenic formulas, some of the best alternatives on the market, how to purchase the most suitable choice, and many other useful insights.

It is essential to find the safest formula for your little one; a product that keeps him or her healthy; a formula that contains good ingredients and doesn’t have any harmful compounds. But, finding the proper product that fulfills all those requirements can be very stressful.

Some moms are lucky because their children aren’t allergic to any substances but, there are so many mothers out there who deal with this important issue every single day. After talking to some of them, I discovered that most of them have a hard time finding the right kind of products.

The key elements of any good hypoallergenic formula are the following ones: it should be safe, hea

The Best Hands Free Breast Pumps to Consider

Being a mom is extremely rewarding but it isn’t easy. It comes with many challenges and plenty of decision making. Your little human depends entirely on you. New moms are always searching for products that can make their full-time job easier and, due to how well technology has developed, we can now enjoy motherhood more.

One example is represented by hands-free breast pumps that allow you to multitask while using them. For instance, you could use this type of pump and work on your computer at the same time. Most of these electrical breast pumps are very easy to use and they help you save a lot of precious time.

For all those reasons mentioned above, I have created the following list of the best hands-free breast pumps available on the market. To help you decide, I’ve also included some buying guidelines and other useful details.

Top 5 Best Hands Free B

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