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The Best Places to Register For a Baby Shower

The first thing you can do for your newborn before he or she is even born is to make the right decisions regarding all of the necessities that come along with having a baby. Besides preparing the nursery bag, you will have to take care for plenty of things before …

Cyber Monday Baby Deals 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday baby deals are back! The Holiday buying (and saving) season is upon us. It’s time to stock up for baby. Whether you have a half dozen already, or one on the way, there are always some great deals to be found on Cyber Monday and …

Top 9 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Expecting Parents

Not many things in life compare to the excitement when soon-to-be parents find out they are expecting, knowing that they are about to embark on one of life’s greatest journeys. I can still remember sharing the news with darling hubby and the rest of the family. Once we found out …