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Mother’s Lounge Car Seat Canopy Review

Mother’s Lounge Car Seat Canopy Review

Taking your precious little newborn on their first outing can be a daunting task. It takes most of the day just to get everything together and to make sure your baby is fed and has a clean diaper before leaving the house, only to have them spit up on their clean outfit as you are about to go out the door!

When you finally manage to buckle your baby inside his or her car seat and exit through that door, a whole new set of challenges waits! You start to worry whether your baby is too hot or cold and seeing that your baby’s immune system is still very vulnerable, you try to shield them from germs and strangers passing by, “oohing and aahing” over your gorgeous little baby.

Fortunately, Carseat Canopy from Mother’s Lounge has “got you covered”!

The Carseat Canopy is designed to cover up your little one while out in their car seat and to protect them from the different elements they have to face outside. The canopy is manufactured using two different types of material. Cotton is used on the outside of the canopy while the inside of the canopy is manufactured from nice, soft polyester.

The cover is easy to put on, easy to remove and is also machine washable to make sure your canopy is kept clean. The product fits most car seats available on the market, though some minor alterations might have to be made for certain models to ensure a secure fit.


So Why Use a Carseat Canopy?

Mother's Lounge Car Seat Canopy

Aside from some seriously stylish designs, they have available, the Carseat Canopy has some wonderful benefits and is a must if you plan on traveling a lot with your baby while they are still in their infant stage.

The fabric, as mentioned above, is designed in such a way that the Carseat Canopy is comfortable to use in both summer and winter. In winter, it will keep your baby snug as a bug and protect them from the cold weather outside. Because it encloses your baby, the icy wind is kept at bay.

The material is breathable, making sure that your little one won’t suffocate while covered. It is also this very reason that makes the Carseat Canopy great to use during summer – the canopy will protect your baby from too much heat and create a cool interior due to a “vacuum” being formed. It also ensures a stable temperature.

The Carseat canopy is most useful to keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes! If you’ve ever gone out with your little one, buckled up in their car seat on a sunny day, you will know how handy this can be! I always find it challenging to carry my son around in his car seat, twisting and turning the seat in what is sometimes rather uncomfortable positions just to keep the sun from shining in his eyes.

One of the Carseat Canopy’s best uses is probably this: To minimize and control stimulation. During the infant stage, your little one will only be able to handle small amounts of stimuli throughout the day, and sometimes even going to the grocery store can take up more time than anticipated, causing a sensory overload.

I usually struggle to get my son to sleep during this time as well as they are curious by nature but unable to realize when they’ve had enough stimulation. Simply close up the car seat canopy once you realize your baby has had enough of starts to get a little fussy. This will also help them to fall asleep much easier in an unfamiliar environment and once it’s been used a couple of times, your baby will also be familiar when the smell, giving him or her a little security.

The Carseat Canopy is also a wonderful way to protect your baby from germs and unwelcome strangers in the street. The canopy creates an “air pocket” or “vacuum” within the canopy in which your little one’s air is circulated, providing a little extra protection from the outside world.

Protecting your baby from “unwelcome strangers” sounds awful when said out loud but the reality is that most mothers do their best to protect their babies, especially when their immune systems are still so vulnerable. It’s annoying and at the same time scary when strangers in the park or grocery store lean in to touch or engage with your newborn baby but let’s be honest – have you yourself never cooed over an adorable infant in the store?

As human beings, we just can’t help ourselves. They are so cute, tiny, and perfect in every way but the reality is that you don’t know where these people have been, where they come from or the quality of hygiene that they choose to implement. When they can’t see the baby, they will be less inclined to invade your (and your baby’s) personal space.

Mother's Lounge Carseat Canopy
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Can’t a Blanket Do All That?

Carseat Canopy

Probably yes. But the Carseat Canopy has been designed with a specific purpose in mind and because of this the canopy has certain features that ensure safety, comfort, and protection.

We’ve already mentioned that the material used to manufacture the canopy, is suitable for both winter and summer, using both cotton and polyester. It aids in regulating temperature which a blanket won’t do as effectively.

The canopy also has adjustable attachment straps to ensure that you get a perfect fit. The canopy, unlike a blanket, is kept in place with these straps and also takes away the hazard of your baby pulling down the blanket that could possibly suffocate them.

Multiple designs to choose from:

The Carseat Canopy is available in a wide array of colors and themes that will keep you and your baby looking stylish whenever you leave the house! Also, you can purchase the “whole caboodle” package which means that you can cover the inside of the car seat as well, giving it a complete look.

Aside from all the different colors, design, and patterns, you can also spoil your little one with an extra special “Superhero”  car seat design which includes the likes of “Batman, Batwoman, Wonderwoman, and Superman” that will leave your baby looking like it’s ready to take on the world! Football fans can also join in the fun with Carseat Canopy’s a whole new NFL range.

NFL Carseat Canopy

I’ve also seen parents embroider their baby’s name on the canopy to give it that extra special personalized touch.


The Carseat Canopy has matching handle cushions for your car seat, sold separately. If I wasn’t a mother myself, I would probably deem this accessory a waste but now that I’ve had to carry my children around in them for some time, I know that these seats can become very heavy and the handle cushion seems like it can really help, especially if you carry the seat on your arm.

The handle cushion also has a “non-slip” type material which will keep the chair from sliding out of your hand/arm when used.

To buy or not to buy

Carseat Canopy pink

Some might argue that using a blanket will work just as well.  I’m going to have to disagree. Like I’ve already pointed out, the Carseat Canopy was designed with a specific purpose in mind and due to this, it contains the necessary safety measures and features that a blanket simply does not have.

That being said, I don’t believe that the Carseat Canopy is a necessity but it sure will make your life a little easier if you have some extra cash lying around.

Maryrose Hatfield

Saturday 24th of October 2020

I purchased a car seat cover from car seat canopy and I never will again. The cover I bought doesn’t even stay on the car seat.