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Bugaboo Bee vs UPPAbaby Cruz – Comparing Two of the Finest Strollers!

Bugaboo Bee vs UPPAbaby Cruz – Comparing Two of the Finest Strollers!

Whether you are parenting or babysitting a child, moving an infant or toddler around in this fast-paced world we live in can be really stressful, moreso without a good stroller. Buying an infant car seat and a stroller is a big investment. One that can consume all your mental resources, time and money if you have no idea what to look out for.

To get the kind of stroller that fits seamlessly with your lifestyle you really have to do a lot of research, compare and filter the hundreds of options thrown at you, and take your narrowed down option for a test drive (where possible).

Before you start shopping around, ask yourself these questions to quickly narrow down your options and make your job easier:

  • Who will use the stroller and what is the terrain like?
  • What’s the weather going to be like when the stroller is used?
  • How much space is available for a stroller (both at home and in the car trunk)?
  • How long do you plan on using a stroller?
  • Do you plan on sharing with another person?
  • Do I buy an umbrella stroller or with an adjustable canopy?

Bugaboo Bee Vs UPPAbaby Cruz – Comparing Two of the Finest Strollers!

This article is going to focus on two of the finest newborn strollers available on the market: The Bugaboo Bee vs UPPAbaby Cruz. Both are high-quality, JPMA certified products with awesome reviews. So what is it that separates these two?

The Main Differences Between the Bugaboo Bee vs UPPAbaby Cruz

The main differences between the Bugaboo Bee vs UPPAbaby Cruz are:

  • Bugaboo Bee has suspension springs that take bumps really well, whereas UPPAbaby Cruz has soft tires that do not.
  • Bugaboo Bee has a seat that fully reclines, whereas UPPAbaby Cruz requires a SnugSeat to fully recline.
  • Bugaboo Bee lacks a peek-a-boo window, whereas UPPAbaby Cruz has a magnetic mesh window.

The Cruz sports some of the best features available in its weight class. It has a reversible seat that can recline into 5 positions compared to the Bee’s 3 positions. Both have canopies made from easy to clean fabric, but Cruz is the only stroller on the market that has real leather.

How do these strollers address the questions listed earlier? Let’s start with the various type of strollers available. It is very likely that one might suit your needs and lifestyle better than the other.

What stroller types are available

baby joger city mini stroller

Your choice of stroller will be determined in large parts by the number of children you have or plan on having your lifestyle, features you think are super necessary for you, your budget size and to an extent aesthetic taste. Here are the basic stroller types available and a quick description:

Standard strollers

You will often hear people refer to them as full-sized for good reasons. They are the bigger and more durable ones available. These two qualities make it bulky, heavy and a little bit difficult to maneuver in tighter spaces. Standard stroller types always have a reclining seat that is padded for extra comfort.

Though large, many models offer some space underneath for storage of diaper bags and some additional items. Depending on the baby’s mood or the weather, you can switch up between parent and front-facing positions.

Umbrella Strollers

These ones are lightweight design for parents that value portability and ease of maneuver. Their only downside being that these models have very few of the features you may deem necessities, much less padding and most are made for children over 6 months of age. What they lack in features, they make up for by weighing 17lbs or less and being easy to move push and fold.

Jogging Strollers

You will easily spot this kind by their sturdy 3-wheel design and lightweight frame built to deliver a smooth ride for baby as well as a pusher. Awesome category to choose from if your lifestyle includes regular long walks and hikes.

The downside to a jogging stroller is its inability to fold up nice and easy like the rest, especially in situations where you need to use the stairs, elevator, or fit into the store aisle. As if that wasn’t enough hassle, with many models you might need to purchase extra accessories if your kid is less than 6 months.

Double Stroller

Some strollers are built for more than two passengers. The perfect choice if you have twins or want to push two children around 4 years. These models that made for older kids are unnecessarily big (you might as well be pushing two strollers) and difficult to maneuver.

The best of this category are those sleek frames that allow one child to sit facing forward while the other faces the parent or caregiver.

Travel system

This is usually a standard or jogging stroller, but with an adapter that lets you carry an infant baby seat then return to the stroller seat later when the baby is over 6 months. Look out for the stroller plus seat combo since they will be cheaper than buying separately.

Car-seat carriers

Inexpensive and easy to use, these stroller types let you mount a car seat of your choice. It is very easy to maneuver and transfer a sleeping baby on this one. Since they only work with a car seat, your child will outgrow this one pretty quick

Bugaboo Bee and the UPPAbaby Cruz – How do they compare?

bugaboo bee

Both the Bugaboo Bee and the UPPABaby Cruz have lightweight designs, with the ability to attach car seats and other add-ons.

We’ve looked at both strollers, each has its own pros, cons, and parent opinions. There are a few differences that could make you prefer one over the other and we’ve listed them to help you make the right decision!

UPPAbaby Cruz

uppababy cruz

The Cruz stroller is a popular model from a manufacturer that has been around for a long time and they just keep getting better with every new product. While inheriting many features of the standard stroller this model is lighter, folds up nicely (to a standing position), and retains a lot of stability the full size is known for.

At 22.30 inches wide, the sleek-looking yet powerful Cruz is compact and safe enough to easily maneuver through the thick crowd, a roomy seat suitable for infants 3 months or older and can accommodate a passenger weighing 50lbs and 35” tall –awesome for really tall kids. 

UPPAbaby Cruz Feature Set


The Cruz sports a lightweight aluminum alloy frame which (as of 2018) is powder-coated to minimize impact of scratches on the frame. With UPPAbaby Cruz, folding down and opening up is a piece of cake –really, if it takes more than 10 seconds it means you were distracted.

The thoughtful design ensures you do not have to bend all the way down to unfold. UPPAbaby Cruz folds beautifully into a standing position.


Cruz’s regular seat is a very comfortable and roomy seat that is suitable for kids 3 months and older. There are car seats that lets you push passengers much younger than 3 months and (with the help of adapters) the Cruz is compatible with most of them like:

  • KeyFit and KeyFit 30 models
  • Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico Max 30, Cabrio, and CabrioFix, Citi
  • Nuna Pipa and Cybex Aton(2 & Q)

You can make your kid face you or the world reclining in 5 different positions (the flattest is 27 degrees) with the help of simple to operate levers.


Compared to its brother the wheels on this stroller are much smaller (6.4” in front and 8.5” behind). Since it lacks spring balance suspension, it is not suitable for an off-road cruise. These tires are better suited for the city sidewalks where the terrain is smooth.

The maneuver is easy single-handed but there’ll be turns where you will need to apply both hands for extra stability.


The stroller has a huge canopy that offers good sunshade, UV protection and a noiseless magnetic mesh peek-a-boo window that lets you check up on your passenger without startling the passenger. Improved finishing on the canopy makes it less shiny and easy to clean with a damp cloth until you are ready to put it in the washing machine.


If your child is less than 20lbs and 25” UPPAbaby bassinet (separate purchase) lets you convert this to a pram or a travel system with the MESA infant seat. 

There is a big red pedal at the middle of the rear axle that lets you set and remove the parking brakes with one foot, so the stroller does not roll away from you when you take your hands off the handlebar. For excited and restless kids, bumper bars on the seat offer them something to hold on to and prevents falling out of the seat.


  • Portable size with full-size features
  • A smooth and enjoyable ride for baby and pusher
  • Easy switch between travel system and bassinet or carrier
  • Spacious storage basket
  • A great choice for urban dwellers
  • A simple mechanism to adjust shoulder height and crotch strap position
  • Easy to set and release the parking brake
  • Comes with a rain cover and bug shield


  • Stroller wheels lose smoothness over time
  • No suspension means you have to slow down very often or in worst case scenario lift the stroller
  • Doesn’t come with a cup holder and it is sold separately

Bugaboo Bee

Bugaboo Bee stroller

The Bugaboo Bee luxury stroller has a sleek design that was definitely built for city dwellers, but, according to feedback from suburban families they do not falter much under normal (just ensure to clean debris from the wheels at regular intervals).

With minimal maintenance and proper care, the bugaboo strollers can last more than a decade, plus backward compatibility which means you can transform the looks on an older model by simply updating it with current canopies, fabric, and wheels. You can find Bugaboo Bee on Amazon! 

Bugaboo Bee Feature Set


The Bee has a round frame that evenly distributes weight between the wheels. This design takes the pressure which would have been on one side of the stroller as you journey over rough patches and spreads it around. That and state-of-the-art suspension springs means that your baby stays comfortable all the time.

The extendable handle on this stroller makes it possible for parents above 6’5” to push and still have leg room –No accidentally kicking the back axle while your child is sleeping.


For kids that seem to grow overnight (don’t they all have that superpower?), Bugaboo Bee offers unparalleled room for adjustment. One can raise the back of the seat to make room for really tall kids, seat reversal to face you or the environs for curious kids.


The all-wheel suspension absorbs bumps really well. For wheels this size (6”) it is still able to tackle grass and gravelly terrain. This is not an all-terrain stroller though, so expect a bumpy ride when taking a long walk through areas with an uneven surface.


The Bugaboo bee has an attractive and easy to clean canopy. If you need more shade, there is an additional panel you can unzip to provide more shade for your kid. There is still no peek-a-boo window even though this canopy extends far enough (almost reaching the seat) for one.


Its smallish size when folded makes it easy to carry around in cars with minimal trunk space, travel with or lift up with the baby on the one hand.

Parents opinions on the Bugaboo Bee Stroller

We have been checking out reviews of the Bugaboo Bee to see what parents’ opinions are on this stroller:

  • Super easy and quick to set up and fold down.
  • Fits in smaller car trunks
  • Easy to steer with one hand
  • Baby looks comfortable

Few negative reviews about this stroller were:

  • Stroller feels flimsy under heavy load due to light weight design
  • Fold technique requires a little learning curve
  • Great for walks, wobbles at a faster pace
  • And pricey accessories

FAQ’s About Bugaboo Bee vs UPPAbaby Cruz

Will my Bugaboo Bee3 Bassinet fit on the Bee5 model?

Yes, Bugaboo Bee has great backward compatibility, meaning you can use your old accessories on a newer model or the other way round.

How many pounds can the Bugaboo Bee and UPPAbaby Cruz hold?

UPPAbaby Cruz can hold a maximum weight of 50lbs while the Bugaboo Bee has an upper limit of 37.5lbs.

Is the Bugaboo Bee3 fabric machine washable?

Yes, all the stroller fabrics are detachable and machine washable. See the care labels on each item for washing instructions.

At what age can I use the seat on the UPPAbaby Cruz for my child?

UPPAbaby Cruz is suitable for children from 3 months and older though there are infant seats in the market that allows you to push much younger passengers

Final Thoughts

Both the Bugaboo Bee and the UPPAbaby Cruz are great strollers designed to meet the growing needs of the modern-day family.

The main physical difference between the two is that the UPPAbaby Cruz lets you carry a second child when you add the UPPAbaby PiggyBack ride-along board which is awesome if you have two kids below 4 years. The complaints coming in about the Bugaboo Bees lightweight nature is its tendency to wobble when fully loaded.

Price-wise the Bee is expensive compared to the Cruz’s for the basic package which includes the Chassis, frame, bassinet, seat, and sunshade, but the add-ons can add quite a bit to the number.

Size-wise, the Bugaboo Bee is about 10lbs lighter and slightly taller than the UPPAbaby Cruz. Lightweight means you can fold up the Bee and lift both baby and stroller up and down the stairs with ease. The Cruz folds to a standing position, which according to the reviews means it can easily be lifted without having to bend much.

Personally, the Cruz wins this one again (sorry Bee). The Bugaboo strollers are wonderful for urban use, but not many features for the price. If you place a higher value on weight, ease of use, great backward compatibility and that eye-catchy celebrity design then the Bee is the best option.

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