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Britax Marathon vs. Advocate: The Britax Car Seat Battle!

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When you have two car seats from the same company, it’s sometimes hard to find big differences to set them apart and making choosing the best one easier on you. Like the Britax Marathon ClightTight and Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seats, for example. Britax, in general, has plenty of top car seats to choose from, but these are easily two of the top options from the brand right now. At first glance, they have a ton of similarities. They both transition from rear to forward-facing as your child grows and they’re both also designed for kids up to 65 pounds, which means that you can use both of them for just as long.

They both also have the Britax Click and Safe Snug Harness Indicator which lets you know with an audible click when the harness is securely tightened. The Advocate does, however, have a little more side impact protection, and the Marathon is a little slimmer, so you can potentially fit more across your backseat than the Advocate. The Marathon is typically less expensive, which is another huge plus for some families.

Overall, both the Marathon and Advocate are top options for any little one who needs to go from the rear for forward-facing and eventually transition to a more toddler-friendly car seat. Of course, you likely need to know which one is the stronger option of the two, however, which is why it’s important to look at them both from every angle possible. Once you know your priorities when it comes to car seats and what your little one needs, it can be that much easier to choose between these two. But before then, you can look at them each a little more closely.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Car Seat

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Car Seat is easily one of the premier options from the Britax brand. It comes equipped with the ClickTight installation system, which makes installing the car seat as simple as just clicking the seatbelt into place. So, there’s no complicated or hard to pull LATCH system to contend with and this is one of the only car seats that offer such an easy alternative. It also had top side impact protection for safety thanks to its thick energy absorbing shell and impact absorbing base.

The frame is made of reinforced steel to add to the durability and longevity of the Marathon Car Seat. In order to get your child seated in the right position for their side, there’s a bubble level indicator that lets you know how much or little to recline the seat. The multiple recline positions not only add extra safety but comfort as well, especially as your little one grows. To be exact, there are seven recline positions total and a 14 position harness as well as two different buckle positions. Not only is safety a huge deal when it comes to the Britax Marathon ClickTight, but comfort is also high up there.



  • It has so many different safety precautions that it feels almost indestructible.
  • It is also incredibly comfortable and cushioned for growing babies and young toddlers.
  • Adjusting the car seat is also easy and much easier than adjustments in other similar car seats.
  • You can transition it from rear-facing to forward-facing with ease.
  • Installation is as simple as possible thanks to the ClickTight Installation System.


  • It’s difficult to take the fabric cover off and put back on.
  • It’s also on the pricier side, especially since it’s not a convertible car seat.
  • Uninstalling the car seat can also be difficult, even if the ClickTight Installation System is easy to use.
  • The car seat is also fairly bulky, so it can be difficult to fit multiple car seats in your backseat comfortably.


“This beast of a car seat is amazing. I can’t believe I had my daughter in one of those cheap Graco infant carriers. When I strap my daughter in, I know that she will be as safe as can be. It’s easy to install and super easy to strap her in (she’s six months old). Best of all, she’s comfortable in it.” – Jeanne McCormack on Amazon.

“I am convinced my son would be fine if shot out of a cannon in this seat. I have bought so many car seats for my kids over the years, but finally bought a Britax for the first time. It is so heavy from the steel frame, but I find this to be a good thing. My 18 month old loves it – he look like a little race car driver. I will only buy Britax from here on out!” – Michael Gray on Amazon.

“This is hands down the best car seat I have ever used. It is so easy to install; and once it is installed it is in there tight. It does not move. The only drawback, and really it is not that big of a deal, is it is a little heavy. I feel that it is probably a little on the heavy side because of all the safety features built in, for example the steel frame. It can be used rear or front facing and it has seven tilting positions.” – Susan J. Clark on Amazon.

“I love the fact that this car seat is solid! Once you install is, it doesn’t move. I love the latch system. It’s very heavy. It’s not particularly easy to move, but it can be done. Once you know how it works. Cleaning it isn’t the easiest. However, I do like the fact that everything does come off so you can wash it all! Putting it back on is a little difficult. All around I love this seat.” – Alexis Beal on Amazon.

Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat

The Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat is similar to the Marathon in a lot of ways, but it also has qualities of its own that make it special. It does have the ClickTight Installation, as the name would suggest, which makes installing it in any car a breeze. Of course, uninstalling it each time can be a little difficult, but once you install it, the car seat doesn’t move at all.

The Advocate Car Seat has three layers of protection for your little one’s safety and a steel-reinforced frame as well as the Click & Safe Snug Harness that gives an audible click to let you know you’ve installed it properly and in place. The quick-adjust harness has 14 different positions with no additional rethreading necessary. And like the Marathon, it offers seven different recline positions for your child’s safety and comfort. To actually install the car seat, you just lift up the seat and thread the seatbelt across to click it into place with no LATCH system needed.



  • You can use it for your little one from 5-65 pounds and transition from rear to forward-facing with ease.
  • It’s also easy to adjust the car seat as needed.
  • There’s a groove at the top near the headrest that can be used for carrying the car seat if you need to move it from one car to another.
  • It’s built extra tank-like to withstand crashes and impact to keep your little one safe.


  • The Styrofoam in the headrest can break or crack inside the fabric.
  • It’s more costly than the Marathon.
  • Although it’s easy to install, for the most part, the Advocate can be hard to install in the rear-facing position.
  • It’s a little wider than the Marathon.


“Fantastic car seat. My one year old and I were in a front impact 70 mph crash where we totalled my Tahoe… both of us walked away, thankfully! The firemen and paramedics couldn’t believe how well the seat was installed; it didn’t move at all during the accident. This car seat had literally been in the car for 20minutes before the accident, it had just been delivered. Thank you Britax!” – Mary Grossman on Amazon.

“This is my second Advocate model Britax Car Seat. The first one is three years old and still very useful for my grandson. The new one is for my granddaughter. They can be used rear facing for earlier use and forward facing when the child is big enough. This is a very safe and comfortable car seat. Once the anchor straps are adjusted, I can easily take them in and out of the car quickly when not in use.” – Gary Fadley on Amazon.

“My most favorite Britax to date! I’ve owned seven Britax car seats over the years between four kids and the technology just keeps getting better! Love the ClickTight, it really makes installation so easy and simple!!” – Monica Doster on Amazon.

“Although this is a bit tricky to install and uninstall (I guess all of them are because of how stable and immobile they must be), it’s well worth the effort. So incredibly well designed and according to its occupant, very comfortable.” – Kathy Bayham on Amazon.

The Verdict

It’s fairly hard to figure out which car seat is better when they both come from the same brand and, in many ways, have some of the same qualities. But when it’s all said and done, the Britax Marathon is the stronger option here. It can be used for kids up to 65 pounds like the Advocate, but it also has the added benefits of being just a tad slimmer and less expensive. That’s not to say that the Britax Advocate ClickTight isn’t also a good option because it certainly is, but when comparing them, it’s highly recommended that you go with the Britax Marathon ClickTight Car Seat above the other.

Final Thoughts

Since they are indeed so similar, you can’t go wrong with either the Britax Marathon ClickTight or the Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat. While one may be the stronger overall option when comparing the two, they’re both quality car seats that offer plenty of comfort and safety to your little one. In this case, the Marathon was picked as the one to go with, but either way, Britax rarely steers parents wrong.

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