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Bouncer vs Rocker – What Option is Best for Your Baby?

Bouncer vs Rocker – What Option is Best for Your Baby?

On the Internet, there are literally thousands of pages filled with advice and hundreds of product alternatives. Once your baby is born, you will have to purchase two main categories of items: the first one is made of products that will remain in use for years such as cribs and baby monitors; the second category comprises items you will only use a short period of time.

Bouncers and rockers fall into the second category. There has always been a long debate regarding these two elements in terms of models, features, safety concerns, and price. Both of them have similarities but also characteristics that set them apart.

baby bouncer seat

The Main Differences between Bouncer vs Rocker

  • Bouncers are less portable and you need to bounce them manually, whereas Rockers are more portable and can perform independently
  • Bouncers allow and encourage your children to use their arms or legs to start the motion, whereas Rockers are created for small infants who don’t know how to do that yet
  • Bouncers are created for playtime, whereas Rockers were designed for nap time
  • Bouncers feature and up-and-down motion, whereas Rockers have a side-to-side movement

Bouncer vs Rocker – What Are They?


Babies love to play and a bouncer is a great and safe place for your infant’s playtime. Your little one will enjoy the soothing up-and-down motion that this product has. A baby bouncer is a free-standing and elevated child seat that enables your infant to keep his or her body at a semi-reclined angle.

They are also called baby pedestals. Bouncers allow parents to interact with their little ones a lot easier. The chair’s sitting space paired with the bouncing motion provides a soothing effect. It will calm fussy babies. As long as you use the bouncer correctly, your infant will be happy and safe.


Baby rockers are very similar to the system that’s made to create rocking chairs for adults. It is a seat made for small kids that also features a couple of bands that are slightly curved. These bands are placed around the bottom part and they enable you to push the rocker, creating an arc motion.

Rockers can move independently, describing a lean side-to-side motion. If you want your baby to fall asleep quicker, a rocker is a right choice that will do the trick in that situation. While bouncers are more suitable for bigger babies, rockers are great for young infants.

Bouncer vs Rocker – What Are They Good for?

baby rocker vs baby bouncer seat

Although bouncers and rockers are quite similar, the first ones are designed for babies who aren’t able to sit unassisted yet. You can use a baby bouncer up until your little one turns 9 months old. Based on the bouncer’s features and model, you could continue to use the item as a toddler chair.

You can use a baby rocker right after birth and many parents continue to use them until their infants turn 6 months old. Compared to swings, rockers come with a smaller frame, being more compact. Rockers are great options for your baby’s naps. They move gently, allowing your infant to fall asleep easily.

Your baby will relax and calm down in these structures and you will be able to always check how he or she is doing because rockers and bouncers enable you to attend your infant’s needs at all times. Besides napping, many parents place their children in bouncers or rockers during playtime.

Bouncer vs Rocker – Pros and Cons

Baby Bouncer Seat


  • It has a compact structure that doesn’t take up a lot of room;
  • Its structure is built closer to the ground;
  • It can calm down your colicky baby;
  • Some models come with attached toys, sound effects, and other extra benefits;
  • Its incline allows your baby to interact with the world around him or her;
  • You can start its rocking motion quickly and easily;
  • After a while, your child will learn to make the bouncer rock by moving his or her arms and legs;
  • It is lightweight and portable;
  • Most models allow you to adjust their elevation level.


  • It provides less power and not so many movement options;
  • You will need to use batteries if you want to benefit from any automatic feature;
  • Parents can use bouncers for only 6 months.

Baby Rockers


  • It is a compact structure that occupies less space;
  • You can start its rocking motion with just a toe nudge;
  • Depending on the model, it can come with additional features such as rocking, vibration, calming sounds, and toys;
  • They will keep your infant relaxed and they can calm babies during periods of anxiety or colic;
  • It features an inclined seat that allows your baby to interact with you or other surrounding elements.


  • There aren’t many available options regarding direction or swinging and bouncing movements;
  • Once your baby turns 6 months old, you won’t be able to use the rocker anymore;
  • Any automated functions need the use of batteries.

Bouncer vs Rocker – Safety Guidelines

If used properly, these two products are usually safe to use. Here are some guidelines you must follow to make sure that your baby will be safe and sound in a bouncer or a rocker:

  • Always place the rocker or the bouncer directly on the floor, not on a table or any other elevated surface;
  • Don’t place these items on a soft surface such as a bed or a sofa because they might tip over;
  • Make sure the straps and buckles fit your baby’s body snugly;
  • Supervise your baby during the entire time he or she spends in the bouncer or rocker;
  • Once the child can sit or stand alone, you should stop using these items;
  • Make sure you don’t exceed any weight limits;
  • Although the straps should be tight around your baby’s body, they should also allow your infant to breathe properly so they don’t restrict the infant’s airway.

Bouncer vs Rocker – How to Choose the Best Ones

How to Choose a Bouncer

  • Weight capacity – you should always check the bouncer’s weight capacity before buying it. The bouncer starts to bounce when your baby moves his or her legs and arms. Due to intense vibrations, if your little one doesn’t meet the product’s weight restrictions, the bouncer might overturn and make your infant fall;
  • Portability – the most portable bouncers are the travel models. They should be lightweight, compact, easy to carry around, and easy to store. Ideally, it should be folded for easier transportation;
  • Materials – the fabric should be soft and smooth. Your baby must be comfy and safe at all times. Avoid textiles that are itchy or that can cause rashes;
  • Easy to clean – choose a bouncer that has easy-to-clean materials. Fortunately, most products of this type have removable seats that are machine-washable.

How to Choose a Rocker

  • Frame – a rocker should have a sturdy structure that gives it functionality and makes it a reliable product. The ideal choice should have a metal frame. So, avoid those made from plastic;
  • Entertainment – the standard rocker model is just a simple seat that moves from side to side. However, if you want your baby to enjoy the full experience of quality time spent in a rocker, you should opt for one that also comes with vibrations, lights, sounds, and toys. Those rockers cost more but they are worth it;
  • Fabrics – choose a bouncer that features breathable and soft materials that are also easy to clean;
  • Wide base – a wider base lowers the risk of your baby falling over. Narrow-base rockers might tip over;
  • Adequately padded seat – padded seats increase the comfort that your infant feels when placed in the rocker. The padding should be optimal, not too thick though because your little one’s body might sink uncomfortably into the chair;
  • Non-slip pads – the best rockers should feature non-slip pads that don’t allow the item to slide dangerously.

Bouncer vs Rocker – The Best Options on the Market

The Best Baby Bouncer Seats on the Market

There are many interesting bouncer options out there. Each model has its unique features so, it can be tricky to choose just one. For that reason, it is crucial to know what your infant needs and what his or her preferences are. Below, I have created a list of some of the best bouncers you should consider.

1. BabyBjorn Balance Soft Bouncer

BabyBjorn Balance Soft Bouncer

This product has an ergonomic design and an elegant appearance. It is comfortable and provides plenty of neck support. Many parents love the BabyBjorn Balance Soft bouncer due to its versatility and high level of portability.


  • Simple and sleep design;
  • Durable and sturdy frame;
  • Adjustable reclining feature that matches each of your baby’s development stages.


  • It can get dirty quite quickly;
  • It may have a modern look but the colors are a tad dull.


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2. Evenflo Lyric Musical Bouncer

Evenflo Lyric Musical Bouncer

The Evenflo musical bouncer plays songs while it vibrates but it needs batteries to work. It features a couple of fun toys placed on its handlebar where your child can easily see them. It is easy to fold and store. You can use it until your baby reaches the weight of 15 pounds.


  • Calming music paired with soothing vibrations;
  • Easy to transport and store;
  • Safe newborn insert.


  • You can use it only for a short period;
  • The toy bar can be hard to lock into place.



3. Comfort Curve Bouncer by Fisher-Price

This product’s seat is very comfy and snug-fitting. It also features many toy-based activities. The toy bar is removable and the seat pad is machine-washable. This bouncer’s calming motion will soothe your infant.


  • Compact and portable;
  • A curved seat that provides good back support.


  • The toy bar might be a tad high for some babies;
  • It can be quickly outgrown.


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The Best Rockers on the Market

Below, you will see a brief overview of some of the most popular baby rockers available on the market. All these options provide plenty of useful features that will keep your little one entertained and calm for hours.

1. 4-in-1 Rock and Glide Baby Soother by Fisher-Price

This automatic baby rocker might be a tad expensive but all its functionalities are worthwhile. It is both a rocker and a glider that will help your little one to sleep soundly. It is a great option for busy parents. The Rock and Glide baby rocker features 4 motion levels, 2 reclining positions, and 3 gliding speeds.


  • Versatile, sturdy, and fun;
  • Soothing songs with calming nature sound effects;
  • Convertible to a cradle rocker.


  • It is expensive;
  • A few parents have had some problems with its motor.

2. DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker by Graco

Graco is a very popular and reliable brand and its DuetShoothe baby rocker can move from one side to the other. It can also be used as a swing, featuring a front-to-back movement. It runs on either batteries or via a power outlet. Your baby will enjoy several songs, nature sound effects, and vibration types.


  • A detachable chair that comes off with one single movement;
  • Easy-to-clean fabric liner;
  • A 5-point harness system.


  • After several months, it might make some creaking sounds;
  • It is not as portable and compact as other rockers.


Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker

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3. Infant-to-Toddler Rocker by Fisher-Price

This is a long-lasting rocker. Due to its high versatility, you can use it for a longer period compared to other similar products that can be quickly outgrown. The company’s previous rocker model had a higher risk of tipping over but, with the launch of this new version, that aspect is no longer a problem.


  • Calming rocking motion and soothing vibrations;
  • Great for naps and feeding (feeding should only be done during stationary mode);
  • Multi-functional;


  • You cannot remove the toys placed on the handlebar;
  • It doesn’t come with sound effects.


Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker
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FAQs About Bouncers vs Rockers

Which Is Better Between a Rocker and a Bouncer?

Both these products are great and although they have similar functions, they are meant to be used during different development stages of your baby. At first, you could opt for a rocker that calms your infant and helps him or her sleep. After a while, you could switch to a bouncer in which your little one can safely play. So, it all depends on your child’s unique needs.

When Should You Use a Baby Bouncer Seat?

A baby bouncer can be safely used right after birth and until your child turns 6-7 months old. In other words, as long as your baby cannot sit without your assistance, it is ok to use a bouncer.

Are Vibrating Rockers Good for Babies?

Soft vibrations are safe for your little ones. Vibrations are both rhythmic and repetitive and their features calm and relax infants. Rockers function in a similar way to a mother’s input when she rocks her child in her arms.

Are There Any Risks Related to Baby Bouncers and Rockers?

To prevent any issues whatsoever, you should always supervise your child when you use a rocker or a bouncer. Also, make sure that the vibrations are not too vigorous because powerful motions might lead to brain damages. Also, if children spend too much time in a bouncer and their legs are not properly supported, later on, they might deal with hip-related health problems.

Bottom Line

So, which is better: a rocker or a bouncer? There’s no right or wrong answer. You must first find out what works best for your infant. You can choose a rocker, a bouncer, or even opt for a combination of both products, a hybrid of some sort.

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