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The Ultimate Stroller Battle: Bob Revolution Pro vs Bob Revolution Flex

The Ultimate Stroller Battle: Bob Revolution Pro vs Bob Revolution Flex
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As most parents can attest to, you can’t really go wrong with a stroller from the Bob brand and where the Bob Revolution Pro vs. the Bob Revolution Flex are concerned, it’s fairly difficult to choose which is the better overall deal. Both of them are made to be city joggers and withstand long periods of use while going over varying types of ground, which the tires of both strollers are made to withstand.

However, as with any two strollers from the same brand, both of the Bob strollers have their strong suits that differ from the other and when it all comes down to it, one of them is going to be superior to the other, even if only slightly so.

Regardless, going with a solid jogger stroller that can be used for years, right from the beginning with an infant car seat adapter, is the way to go, even if choosing between the Bob Revolution Pro vs the Bob Revolution Flex is a difficult decision to make.

As far as high-end strollers go, Bob is a trusted brand by parents, both new and experienced, so either way, you’re going to get a solid jogger that you will be able to use as an everyday stroller for a longer period of time than, say, the average non-jogger. But choosing between these two is where the real challenge lays.

Bob Revolution Pro

Bob Revolution Pro

The Bob Revolution Pro stroller is both an on and off-road stroller meant to navigate different terrain expertly while providing your kids with an overall smooth ride. This is thanks in part to the adjustable suspension system and extra padded reclining seat, but also the front swivel wheel that can navigate turns and curves easily.

The frame of the stroller is lightweight enough to store and move with ease and it can be folded with a simple two-step system before collapsing it down to store it.

It’s also available as a double stroller, but either way, the Bob Revolution Pro has a hand brake that’s easy to access, as opposed to a foot brake that can sometimes be awkward to get to while on the go and when you might need to make a quick or sudden stop.

It also has a padded adjustable handlebar with nine different positions for parents and caregivers of varying heights, as well as a five-point harness to keep your little one safely and comfortably strapped in. 


  • Maximum Weight Limit: The recommended maximum weight limit for the Bob Revolution Pro stroller is 70 lbs.
  • Brake System: The hand-activated rear drum brakes are not only easy to use since the lever is right by the handlebar, but they’re also convenient to help slow you down when going downhill.
  • Available Accessories: You can buy the infant car seat adapter separately, as well as the handlebar console.
  • Where To Buy: You can find the stroller on Amazon or in-store at Target or Buy Buy Baby.


  • The suspension system makes for a smoother and easier ride for your little one.
  • With a handbrake, there’s less of a chance of tripping or getting your feet tangled, as could happen with a foot brake.
  • There are a lot of add-on accessories to really complete the stroller, should you want to.
  • Since you can adjust the handlebar to so many different settings, it’s easy to share the Bob Pro Revolution Stroller with your partner.


  • For some, their Bob Revolution Pro stroller might squeak quite a bit.
  • The storage basket underneath is relatively small compared to that of other strollers.
  • Although the seat reclines, it doesn’t recline down very far.
BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller
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“I love my BOB! This stroller is amazing. Very easy to fold & put in the car. It maneuvers nice & you can either go strolling through the mall or on a hike.” – Davina R. on Amazon.

“Absolutely love this stroller! Bought this stroller due to recommendations from friends and family. Great stroller for walks and running errands. We also bought the attachment for the infant car seat. It rides smooth and easy to navigate.” – Erica on Amazon.

“Love my BOB, so smooth and easy to push and navigate on the pavement and on bumpy trails. So pleased with this purchase!” – Anna S. on Amazon.

BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller
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Bob Revolution Flex

bob gear revolution

Like the Pro, the Bob Revolution Flex stroller is made to be both a city jogging stroller and an everyday stroller that can be used whenever you need one, as opposed to just when you’re looking to get in some exercise.

It has a similar nine position handlebar to really get it at the perfect height for almost anyone, as well as the strong suspension system to keep the ride smooth on any terrain, but the Bob Revolution Flex does not have the convenient handbrake like the Bob Revolution Pro and when you’re dealing with a jogger stroller, that can sometimes be a deal-breaker.

What the Bob Revolution Flex does have, however, is a reclining padded seat for your baby or toddler and the ability to turn the stroller into an infant-friendly one with the infant car seat adapter, which is sold separately.

When going straight for long periods of time, you can swivel and lock the front wheel in place to keep the ride steady for your little one and there’s a parking brake that you can keep in place to keep the stroller from moving, even if it’s not a handbrake.

And having a safety brake at all can be the difference between worrying about keeping your stroller in one place and having that strong peace of mind.


  • Maximum Weight Limit: The recommended weight capacity for the stroller is 70 lbs.
  • Brake System: There is a brake that can be locked into place to keep the stroller from moving once stopped.
  • Available Accessories: In addition to the infant car seat adapter, you can also purchase a snack tray, handlebar console, and travel bag.
  • Where To Buy: You can find the running stroller on Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby or Target.


  • Being able to lock the front swivel wheel into place can make for smoother rides at times, especially if you’re going far distances without turns.
  • The suspension system not only provides a comfortable trip for your little one, but it also keeps them safe.
  • Overall, the Bob Revolution FLex’s maneuverability is very easy while out and about.
  • Since it’s slightly wider than some other jogging strollers, it provides more room for your baby or toddler.


  • The fact that it doesn’t come with cup holders for your child or on the handlebar can be a big turnoff.
  • Reclining the seat can be awkward to get to and then difficult to do.
  • There’s not very much storage space available underneath the stroller.
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller
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“Love this stroller! Perfect for sport performance, for walking on a nonperfect road. Even for the sandy beach! We started this stroller from 4 month. Never been a problem.” – Iryna Malkmus on Amazon.

“I am obsessed with this stroller. Literally the Cadillac of joggers! I’ve used other brand joggers for the last 3 years and getting a Bob has been life changing 🙂
This thing pushes and folds LIKE A DREAM. We LOVE the huge sun canopy and peekaboo window on top.” – Rachelle Maki on Amazon.

“Holy cow, what a nice stroller!!! Truly a BMW of all strollers. Handles very smooth, I can easily push it with one hand and have a beverage in the other; also, requires near to no effort to push it along. My toddler is completely comfortable in all aspects and it fits in the trunk of my old Altima.” – Veronica G. on Amazon.

The Verdict

Just because something is more affordable, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the more reasonable choice, and that’s the case with the Bob Revolution Pro vs. the Bob Revolution Flex stroller. Because when it comes down to it, though it’s $50 more expensive, the Bob Revolution Pro will likely be your best bet for a jogger that doubles as an everyday stroller.

It has a safe suspension system to keep a smooth ride going for your child, but it also has a convenient hand brake that’s placed in the perfect spot for ease of use and safety.

The stroller can also be used from your child’s infant stages as long as you have the proper car seat adapter in place, which means that you can start getting used straight out of the box with the Bob Revolution Pro as soon as you’re ready to start taking your baby for walks.

Final Thoughts Bob Revolution Pro vs Revolution Flex

Even though at first glance, you might consider a jogger as more of a luxury than a necessity for your new baby, the truth is, most joggers, especially from the Bob brand, are designed to withstand so much and for so long that really, it’s like an investment.

Where less expensive strollers might save you money at the moment, a lot of the time they’ll also be bulky or difficult to fold up, or just get worn down a lot quicker than a jogger as the Bob Revolution Pro will. Granted, it’s a hefty price tag for some parents right off the bat, but if your budget can allow for it, investing in this jogger for your little one will be a smart move right from the beginning.

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