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The 27 Best Traditional Welsh Names for Babies & Their Meaning!

The 27 Best Traditional Welsh Names for Babies & Their Meaning!
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There’s no better way to honor your Welsh origin than giving your little one a traditional Welsh name. But you don’t really have to be Welsh to appreciate how beautiful, noble, and original Welsh names are.

These are 27 of the best Welsh baby names for both girls and boys we think you’re going to love. When you’re picking the right baby name, you’re usually considering several different factors – most commonly, you want the name to sound and look good, have a nice meaning, and some sort of a story or tradition behind it.

Welsh names are ticking all the boxes – and today we’ve handpicked some of the best and most original of them for you to consider. But before we get to the list itself, let’s take a brief look at their historical roots.

History of Traditional Welsh Baby Names

Wales is one of the culturally and historically richest areas in Northwestern Europe – archaeological evidence proves that human beings inhabited this area at least since 225,000 BC.

Many of the Welsh given names reflect this rich history at first sight. They might often look and sound like the names from medieval legends (and they often really are!) – mysterious, noble, and unusual. traditional welsh names Regarding the meaning of these names, they are often closely related to the traditional Welsh natural surroundings – sea, lakes, rivers, hills. Other popular motives include human characteristics – bravery, pureness, fairness, enthusiasm, and beauty.

Faith and religion play an important role here too – many Welsh given names reflect their owner’s obedience. While many Welsh names can be recognized quite easily, others were anglicized long ago – maybe you’ll even be surprised they are of a Welsh origin at all.

Welsh names are also very close to old Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish names, sometimes it’s not really possible to say which version was really the first and original one. The vast amount of alternative spellings and variations of these names reflects this very well.

Why We Love Welsh Baby Names 

Traditional Welsh names laid the foundations for many contemporary English or American names. Welsh names are therefore often very popular with parents, who are looking for classical names with an excitingly old fashioned twist.

Welsh names also remind us of many popular novels, movies, and TV shows – The Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, The Whisperer, and many other bestsellers in the fantasy genre use traditional Welsh names or their closely similar variations for their characters. Now let’s get straight to the names:

The List of 27 Best Traditional Welsh Names for Babies

  • Owain (m)

Meaning of Owain:


Origin of Owain:


Pronunciation of Owain:


Alternatives and variations of Owain:

Ewein, Owein, Ywein, Owen

Famous people named Owain:

Actor Owain Yeoman, conductor Owain Arwel Hughes

Owain trends:

Owain is one of the few consistently popular Welsh names, although it’s still far from being common and overused. In England, it currently ranks 949th. In the U.S., however, this name is considered quite rare and doesn’t rank in any official charts.

Owain fun fact:

Owain is a very popular name in Wales because of the historical Welsh leader Lord Owain Glyndŵr, a key figure of Welsh rebellion against the English overrule.

  • Bran (m)

Meaning of Bran:


Origin of Bran:

Welsh, Celtic

Pronunciation of Bran:


Alternatives and variations of Bran:

Brandon, Brann, Brannan

Famous people named Bran:

Inventor Bran Ferren, king of Leinster Bran Ardchenn

Bran trends:

Unlike its longer and more common version Brandon, Bran is an unusual name that avoids popularity charts so far.

Bran fun fact:

Bran Stark is a key character from the Game of Thrones saga – he’s famous for being able to reincarnate into a three-eyed raven.

  • Daryn (f/m)

Meaning of Daryn:


Origin of Daryn:

Welsh, Gaelic

Pronunciation of Daryn:


Alternatives and variations of Daryn:

Darren, Darryn

Famous people named Daryn:

Broadcaster Daryn Kagan, filmmaker Daryn Tufts, comedian Daryn Jones

Daryn trends:

Much more popular in its alternative version Darren, Daryn currently doesn’t rank in any official U.S. charts.

Daryn fun fact:

Spelled as ‘Darren’, this name can also means ‘edge’ in Welsh.

  • Glenda (f)

Meaning of Glenda:

Good and fair

Origin of Glenda:


Pronunciation of Glenda:


Alternatives and variations of Glenda:

Glinda, Glynda, Glenn

Famous people named Glenda:

Writer Glenda Adams, painter Glenda Randerson, actress and politician Glenda Jackson

Glenda trends:

Glenda was a remarkably popular name in the 1940s – 1950s, when it even made it to the top 100 in the U.S. Its popularity, however, later dropped sharply. Now it’s considered to be one of the rare names.

Glenda fun fact:

Glenda Slagg is a fictional columnist in the popular satirical magazine Private Eye.

  • Rhiannon (f)

Meaning of Rhiannon:

Great divine queen

Origin of Rhiannon:


Pronunciation of Rhiannon:


Alternatives and variations of Rhiannon:

Rhianon, Riannon, Reannon

Famous people named Rhiannon:

Musician Rhiannon Giddens, novelist Rhiannon Davies Jones, footballer Rhiannon Roberts

Rhiannon trends:

Rhiannon was a relatively popular name in the past decades, but some 13 years ago, it suddenly dropped out of the U.S. charts completely. It remains very popular in Wales though.

Rhiannon fun fact:

Rhiannon was a major mysterious female character in medieval Welsh mythology.

  • Meredith (f)

Meaning of Meredith:

Magnificient protector

Origin of Meredith:

Welsh, Celtic

Pronunciation of Meredith:


Alternatives and variations of Meredith:

Maredudd, Meredydd

Famous people named Meredith:

Musician Meredith Brooks, tennis player Meredith McGrath, composer Meredith Jane Monk

Meredith trends:

Meredith is one of the most popular feminine names of Welsh origin. Currently, it ranks #524 in the U.S. and #526 in England.

Meredith fun fact:

At least five townships in the U.S. are called Meredith.

  • Sian (f)

Meaning of Sian:

God’s gift

Origin of Sian:


Pronunciation of Sian:


Alternatives and variations of Sian:

Sean, Sianne, Siana

Famous people named Sian:

Actress Sian Clifford, scientist Sian Proctor, comic Siân Gibson

Sian trends:

Sian was always a rare name in the U.S., but it’s also beginning to be a bit forgotten in the UK now too. It doesn’t even appear in the English top 500 now.

Sian fun fact:

Sian is also the name of one Kurdish tribe living in Iraq.

  • Trevor (m)

Meaning of Trevor:


Origin of Trevor:

Welsh, English, Irish

Pronunciation of Trevor:


Alternatives and variations of Trevor:

Trefor, Trev

Famous people named Trevor:

Musician Trevor Rabin (Yes), comedian Trevor Noah, footballer Trevor Francis,

Trevor trends:

In the past decades, Trevor ranked quite high in American, Australian, Canadian, and English charts. Currently, its popularity slowly declines, ranking #380 in the U.S.

Trevor fun fact:

At least four geographical locations in Wales are called Trevor too.

  • Arthur (m)

Meaning of Arthur:


Origin of Arthur:


Pronunciation of Arthur:


Alternatives and variations of Arthur:

Arthus, Artur, Art

Famous people named Arthur:

Writer Arthur Conan Doyle, writer Arthur C. Clarke, playwright Arthur Miller

Arthur trends:

Arthur used to be at the top of the popularity charts in the U.S. for many decades. After a period of decline, it seems to be on the rise again currently ranking #230.

Arthur fun fact:

Arthurian legends about the 6th-century king play a major role in traditional Welsh mythology and culture.

  •  Catrin (f)

Meaning of Catrin:


Origin of Catrin:


Pronunciation of Catrin:


Alternatives and variations of Catrin:

Catrine, Catrina, Cathrine

Famous people named Catrin:

Musician Catrin Finch, writer Catrin Collier, golfer Catrin Nilsmark

Catrin trends:

This variation of the notoriously popular name Catherine is quite rare in the U.S. It ranks 922nd in England.

Catrin fun fact:

“Catrin” is a poem by famous Welsh writer Gillian Clarke about her daughter.

  •  Dylan (m)

Meaning of Dylan:

Son of the sea/Great tide

Origin of Dylan:


Pronunciation of Dylan:


Alternatives and variations of Dylan:

Dyllan, Dillan, Dillon

Famous people named Dylan:

Writer Dylan Thomas, actor Dylan Sprouse, actor Dylan McDermott

Dylan trends:

Dylan is a trendy name since the beginning of the 1970s. It hardly ever left the top 50 since then and currently ranks #31.

Dylan fun fact:

Dylan is also the name of the programming language.

  •  Gwyneth (f)

Meaning of Gwyneth:

Fortunate one

Origin of Gwyneth:


Pronunciation of Gwyneth:


Alternatives and variations of Gwyneth:

Gweneth, Gwyn, Gwynedd

Famous people named Gwyneth:

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, poet Gwyneth Lewis, sopranist Gwyneth Jones

Gwyneth trends:

Gwyneth is still a very rare and exotic-sounding name in the U.S., but it is on a steady way up, currently ranking in the lowest positions of the top 1000.

Gwyneth fun fact:

The Kingdom of Gwynedd was a Roman Empire successor state in 5th century Britain.

  •  Reese (m/f)

Meaning of Reese:

Running, enthusiastic

Origin of Reese:


Pronunciation of Reese:


Alternatives and variations of Reese:

Rees, Rhys, Rhyse

Famous people named Reese:

Actress Reese Witherspoon, musician Reese Lansangan, singer Reese Roper

Reese trends:

Reese is a relatively popular name in all English speaking countries, but the only place where it steadily rises in charts is the U.S. Nowadays it ranks #464.

Reese fun fact:

Reese or Rhys was the name of several significant Welsh rulers throughout history.

  •  Tristan (m)

Meaning of Tristan:


Origin of Tristan:


Pronunciation of Tristan:


Alternatives and variations of Tristan:

Drystan, Trysten, Tristen

Famous people named Tristan:

Poet Tristan Tzara, basketball player Tristan Thompson, actor Tristan Wilds

Tristan trends:

Tristan is a popular name all over the world. In the U.S. it’s currently the 123rd most popular boys name.

Tristan fun fact:

‘Tristan und Isolde’ is a famous opera by German composer Richard Wagner.

  •  Tegan (f)

Meaning of Tegan:

Toy, darling

Origin of Tegan:


Pronunciation of Tegan:


Alternatives and variations of Tegan:

Teagan, Teegan

Famous people named Tegan:

Singer Tegan Quin, wrestler Tegan Nox, singer Tegan Marie

Tegan trends:

Tegan is a relatively unusual name, which recently dropped out of the U.S. top 1000.

Tegan fun fact:

Tegan Jovanka is one of the characters in “Doctor Who”

  •  Jennifer (f)

Meaning of Jennifer:

The fair one

Origin of Jennifer:

Welsh, Celtic

Pronunciation of Jennifer:


Alternatives and variations of Jennifer:

Gennifer, Yenifer, Jenifer

Famous people named Jennifer:

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, actress and musician Jennifer Lopez, actress Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer trends:

Jennifer was an extremely popular name in all English speaking countries especially during the 1970s-1990s. Currently, its fame dropped to the 344th position.

Jennifer fun fact:

“Project Jennifer” was a 1974 CIA project to recover a Soviet submarine.

  •  Morgan (m/f)

Meaning of Morgan:

Sea circle

Origin of Morgan:

Welsh, English

Pronunciation of Morgan:


Alternatives and variations of Morgan:

Morganna, Morgana, Morgen

Famous people named Morgan:

Actor Morgan Freeman, actress Morgan Fairchild

Morgan trends:

Morgan is a remarkably popular feminine name in the U.S. – in the 1990s it repeatedly ranked in the top 25, though now it’s on a decline (#164). As a boy’s name, Morgan is much less usual and ranks #744.

Morgan fun fact:

Morgan la Fey, also known as Morgana, was a legendary enchantress from and old Welsh Arthurian legends.

  •  Ellis (f/m)

Meaning of Ellis:


Origin of Ellis:

Welsh, English

Pronunciation of Ellis:


Alternatives and variations of Ellis:

Elis, Elise, Ellise

Famous people named Ellis:

Singer Ellis Paul, Aria Clemente, TV presenter Ellis Ward, footballer Ellis Harrison

Ellis trends:

Ellis as a feminine name is rare and unique, although it seems to gain more popularity in the recent years (climbing from #962 to #783 in just 3 years). Ellis is much more common as a boy’s name though (#317).

Ellis fun fact:

Ellis Island in New York used to be the United States’ busiest immigrant point of entry.

  •  Marvin (m)

Meaning of Marvin:

Sea hill

Origin of Marvin:


Pronunciation of Marvin:


Alternatives and variations of Marvin:

Marvyn, Marwin, Marve

Famous people named Marvin:

Musician Marvin Gaye, composer Marvin Hamlisch, footballer Marvin Sordell

Marvin trends:

Marvin clung to the top 200 steadily at least from the 1880s, but recently it slowly drops in popularity, currently ranking #559.

Marvin fun fact:

Marvin the Paranoid Android is a character in the bestselling Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

  •  Idris (m)

Meaning of Idris:

Impulsive Lord

Origin of Idris:


Pronunciation of Idris:


Alternatives and variations of Idris:

Iddris, Iddrisu

Famous people named Idris:

Idris king of Lybia, actor Idris Elba, poet Idris Davies

Idris trends:

Idris just recently made it to the US top 1000 (ranking #956). It’s much more popular in England though (currently #212).

Idris fun fact:

Idris is also a traditional name of Arabic origin.

  •  Lloyd (m)

Meaning of Lloyd:


Origin of Lloyd:


Pronunciation of Lloyd:


Alternatives and variations of Lloyd:


Famous people named Lloyd:

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, actor Lloyd Vernet Bridges, R’n’B singer Lloyd

Lloyd trends:

Lloyd used to be one of the most popular masculine names in the past, ranking high in the top 100 in both U.S. and England for many decades. But with the new millennium, Lloyds almost disappeared and dropped out of the charts.

Lloyd fun fact:

There are at least 8 towns or communities named Lloyd in the U.S.

  •  Rhonda (f) 

Meaning of Rhonda:

Noisy, loud

Origin of Rhonda:


Pronunciation of Rhonda:


Alternatives and variations of Rhonda:

Ronda, Rhondda, Rhondi

Famous people named Rhonda:

Actress Rhonda Fleming, wrestler Rhonda Sing, musician Rhonda Vincent

Rhonda trends:

Most of the Rhondas you’re likely to meet will be in their forties to sixties. In 1994, Rhonda dropped out of the charts completely.

Rhonda fun fact:

Ronda is a picturesque historical village in the Spanish Andalusia region.

  •  Winnifred (f)

Meaning of Winnifred:

Blessed peace

Origin of Winnifred:


Pronunciation of Winnifred:


Alternatives and variations of Winnifred:

Winifred, Winniefred

Famous people named Winnifred:

Author Winnifred Eaton, Titanic survivor Winnifred Quick, journalist Winnifred Sprague Mason Huck

Winnifred trends:

If you’re not afraid of good old fashioned names, Winnifred is a name that will definitely make your daughter stand out in the crowd. It’s out of the US Top 1000 since 1939.

Winnifred fun fact:

Saint Winifred was a 7th-century Welsh martyr.

  •  Maegan (f)

Meaning of Maegan:

Song, voice

Origin of Maegan:

Welsh, English

Pronunciation of Maegan:


Alternatives and variations of Maegan:

Megan, Meghan, Meaghan

Famous people named Maegan:

Actress Meagan Good, rock climber Meagan Martin, beauty queen Meagan Elise Fuller

Maegan trends:

Meagan is a name with many variations and alternative spellings. This particular Welsh version is currently rare and doesn’t rank in official US charts since 2008.

Maegan fun fact:

Megan is a locality north-east of Dorrigo in New South Wales.

  •  Griffith (m)

Meaning of Griffith:

Strong Lord

Origin of Griffith:


Pronunciation of Griffith:


Alternatives and variations of Griffith:

Gruffudd, Griffin

Famous people named Griffith:

Pioneer aviator Griffith Brewer, architect Griffith Thomas, mathematician Griffith C. Evans

Griffith trends:

Griffith was a popular name in the 19th and early 20th century, but it doesn’t appear in any contemporary popularity chart.

Griffith fun fact:

Griffith is also a glacier in Antarctica.

  •  Merlin (m)

Meaning of Merlin:

Sea fortress

Origin of Merlin:


Pronunciation of Merlin:


Alternatives and variations of Merlin:

Marlin, Merlyn, Myrddin

Famous people named Merlin:

Football player Merlin Jay Olsen, biographer Merlin Holland, actor Merlin Santana

Merlin trends:

Merlin can currently be perceived as an old fashioned name – it was popular mainly during the 1st half of the 20th century, nowadays is very rare.

Merlin fun fact:

Merlin was a legendary wizard and king’s counselor in traditional Arthurian legends.

  •  Lynn (m/f)

Meaning of Lynn:

Lake, pond

Origin of Lynn:

Welsh, Irish

Pronunciation of Lynn:


Alternatives and variations of Lynn:

Lynnette, Lynne, Linnie

Famous people named Lynn:

Israeli documentarist Yaron Zilberman, Israeli pianist Yaron Kohlberg

Lynn trends:

Lynn was popular mainly in the 1940s – 1960s as an attractive alternative to more common Linda. In the mid-1990s, however, Lynn dropped out of charts completely.

Lynn fun fact:

Irish capital city Dublin has a “Lynn” in it too – the name is derived from “dubh” meaning “dark”, and “lind” meaning pond or pool.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What are the most common Welsh names?

Answer: Welsh names are often very similar to their modern anglicized versions – Mari, Harri, Meagan, Catrin, etc. But there are many genuinely unique Welsh names too, such as Idris, Morgan, Owain, or Rhiannon.

Question: What is the most common Welsh surname?

Answer: Many Welsh given names are also used as surnames. Currently, the most common Welsh surnames include Jones, Thomas, Lloyd, Williams, Davies, Griffiths, and Morgan.

Question: Are Welsh Celtic? Why are some Welsh names recognized as Celtic names too? 

Answer: Celtic peoples currently can be divided into two major groups: British Celts and Gaelic Celts. Cornish, Bretons, and Welsh peoples belong to the British brand of Celtic peoples. Many Welsh names are therefore also Celtic names.

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