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The 25 Best Norwegian Baby Names That You’ll Love!

The 25 Best Norwegian Baby Names That You’ll Love!

Parents all over the United States are looking for the most unique names for their babies and who could blame them, right?! A name should represent your child’s personality and should mean something important since it will follow your little one his or her entire life.

Baby names Norwegian or otherwise should come with a story and a meaning. Some parents spend months searching for those letters to come to life. Their child represents their most precious gift of all and the name should fit just like a puzzle piece.

baby names norwegian

1. Anders

This is the Scandinavian version of the name Andrew.

Meaning of Anders

son of Andrew, courageous

Origin of Anders

Norwegian, Swedish, Greek

Pronunciation of Anders

AHN-ders, AN-duhrz

Variations of Anders

Anderson, Andrew, Andreas, Andre

Anders Trends

Anders was more popular as a boy name in the U.S. between 1967 and 2010. It was more commonly-met in states like New York, Florida, and Wisconsin.

Fun Fact

In Greek, Anders originates from “Andros” which means manly and warrior.


Andy, Andie, Drew

Famous People Named Anders

Anders Holm (comedian), Anders Bagge (composer)

2. Felix

Although this name has Scandinavian origins, many Spanish-speaking countries use it as well.

Meaning of Felix

Happiness, prosperous, lucky

Origin of Felix


Pronunciation of Felix


Variations of Felix

Felice, Felizio, Flicks

Felix Trends

This is a very popular name, with over 61,300 newborns named Felix since 1880. In 2018, 1,630 families named their sons Felix.

Fun Fact

Felix the Cat is a popular cartoon character.


Fex, Fefe, Fee

Famous People Named Felix

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (German composer), Felix Herngren (actor, comedian)

baby names norwegian

3. Silva

The initial Scandinavian version of this name was Silia or Silja.

Meaning of Silva

forest, woodland maid

Origin of Silva

Norwegian, Latin

Pronunciation of Silva


Variations of Silva

Silvia, Silvana, Sylvie, Sylvia

Silva Trends

This was a more popular name between 1983 and 1996. You could find girls named Silva in California, New York, and Texas.

Fun Fact

Da or De Silva is a surname that’s very common in countries like Brazil and Portugal.


Sil, Silvy

Famous People Named Silva

Sylva Koscina (actress), Silva Bendrāte (politician and radio journalist)

4. Oliver

This name has several different roots many meanings but, in Norwegian, it means “the kind one.”

Meaning of Oliver

kind one, peace, olive tree, the ancestor’s descendant

Origin of Oliver

Scandinavian, English, Old Norse, Latin, French

Pronunciation of Oliver


Variations of Oliver

Olivier, Olivero, Noll, Olaf

Oliver Trends

Since 1880, almost 100,000 newborns have been named Oliver. In 2012, nearly 5,900 baby boys were given this name.

Fun Fact

Oliver Twist is the main character of an English musical that bases its story on a novel written by Charles Dickens.


Olley, Nolly, Ollie

Famous People Named Oliver

Oliver Platt (actor), Oliver Hardy (comedian)

baby laying on white surface

5. Fredrick

Some of this name’s characteristics are intuition, inspiration, and spirituality.

Meaning of Fredrick

peaceful ruler

Origin of Fredrick

Scandinavian, Czechoslovakian, English

Pronunciation of Fredrick


Variations of Fredrick

Bedrich, Friedrich, Frederick

Fredrick Trends

Since 1880, over 62,200 baby boys have been given this name. It was a very popular name in the 1950s.

Fun Fact

Frederick the Great was a Prussian ruler who reined from 1740 until 1786.


Fred, Freddie

Famous People Named Fredrick

Frederick Douglass (autobiographer), Frederick Catherwood (architect)

6. Emma

Emma is a simple yet beautiful and feminine name.

Meaning of Emma

universal, all-embracing

Origin of Emma

Scandinavian, Germanic, Latin

Pronunciation of Emma


Variations of Emma

Emmett, Emily, Emmanuela, Emmalee

Emma Trends

This name was very fashionable in the 1900s. Since 1880, over 550,000 baby girls have been named Emma. In 2003, almost 22,700 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

This name started to become popular in the United States in the 1990s.



Famous People Named Emma

Emma Stone (actress), Emma Thompson (actress)

baby crawling on bed

7. Oskar

Oskar is a great name for your baby boy and it means deer lover or gentle friend.

Meaning of Oskar

Divine spear, deer lover

Origin of Oskar

Old Norse, Irish

Pronunciation of Oskar


Variations of Oskar

Oscar, Osgood, Oszkár

Oskar Trends

Since 1880, over 187,200 newborns have been named Oscar. In 2006, more than 3,500 baby boys were named Oscar.

Fun Fact

The famous Oscar, the golden movie award statuette was previously known as the iron man.



Famous People Named Oskar

Oscar Wilde (poet), Oscar de la Renta (fashion designer)

8. Frida

Frida or Frieda comes from the word “friede” which translates into peace.

Meaning of Frida

peaceful ruler, peace

Origin of Frida

Scandinavian, German, Spanish

Pronunciation of Frida


Variations of Frida

Frederica, Fridah, Frideborg

Frida Trends

Since 1880, almost 3,000 baby girls have been given this name. It is a unique and exotic name.

Fun Fact

Frida Kahlo, the famous painter, went through no less than 35 surgeries because of a bus accident she had when she was very young. This is not a “fun” fact but it is very interesting.



Famous People Named Frida

Frida Kahlo (painter), Frida Söderström (online star)

baby on gray stroller

9. Ella

Ella is a short and sweet girl name that has three different origins.

Meaning of Ella

all, young girl

Origin of Ella

Old Norse, Old German, Spanish

Pronunciation of Ella


Variations of Ella

Ellaruth, Ellasyn, Ellen, Eleanor

Ella Trends

Since 1880, over 254,300 baby girls have been named Ella. In 2010, almost 9,800 newborns were given this name, in the U.S.

Fun Fact

Ella can also be a nickname for names such as Gabriella or Isabella.


Ellie, Elle

Famous People Named Ella

Ella Fitzgerald (singer), Ella Anderson (TV actress)

10. Elias

Elias is a more musical and exotic version of the name Elijah.

Meaning of Elias

God is the Lord

Origin of Elias

Norwegian, English, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Elias


Variations of Elias

Ellison, Ellis, Ellsworth

Elias Trends

Since 1880, nearly 54,500 newborns have been given this name. In 2012, almost 3,200 baby boys were named Elias.

Fun Fact

People from several countries consider this a beautiful and loved name: Norway, France, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Italy.


Elly, Elias

Famous People Named Elias

Elias Howe (inventor), Elias Canetti (winner of the Nobel prize)

sitting toddler on seashore at daytime

11. Mathias

This name is an eight in terms of numerology which is associated with power, abundance, and wealth.

Meaning of Mathias

Gift of God

Origin of Mathias

German, Scandinavian, Greek, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Mathias


Variations of Mathias

Mateus, Matthew, Matteo, Mattison

Mathias Trends

Since 1880, almost 3,200 baby boys have been named Mathias. In 2012, around 350 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

It was a very popular name in the 1800s. Then, it almost disappeared only to resurface in 2003.


Mats, Mat, Massey, Matty

Famous People Named Mathias

Matthias Bieber (hockey player), Matthias Bartke (politician)

12. Hanna

Hanna is the Slavic and Scandinavian version of the English name Hannah.

Meaning of Hanna

graceful, God is merciful

Origin of Hanna

Scandinavian, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Hanna


Variations of Hanna

Hannah, Hannan, Hannicka, Hania

Hanna Trends

Since 1880, almost 32,000 baby girls have been named Hanna in the United States.

Fun Fact

Hannah is a Biblical name that appears in the Old Testament.


Hanne, Hannie

Famous People Named Hanna

Hannah Simone (actress), Hannah Jeter (model)

baby in bassinet

13. Johannes

This name has old origins but, nowadays, you will find multiple exotic and modern alternatives.

Meaning of Johannes

God is Gracious

Origin of Johannes

Hebrew, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Johannes


Variations of Johannes

John, Johann, Jackson, Jenkins, Jones, Hans, Sean,

Johannes Trends

Since 1880, 644 baby boys have been given this name. In 2010, 221 families decided to name their sons Johannes.

Fun Fact

Johannes Brahms was a well-known pianist and composer who started playing piano at only 7 years old.


Joe, Joensy, Jones, Johnsie

Famous People Named Johannes

Jóhannes Ásbjörnsson (TV show host), Johannes Bitter (handball goalkeeper)

14. Mathilde

This is an elegant and classy girl’s name.

Meaning of Mathilde

strong in war, battle maiden, battle maiden, battle might

Origin of Mathilde

French, German, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Mathilde


Variations of Mathilde

Mathilda, Mattye, Matilda, Matelda, Tilda

Mathilde Trends

Until 1916, this name was a very popular one. Since 1880, 645 newborns have been named Mathilde, in the U.S.

Fun Fact

Matilda is the main character of the novel with the same name. There was even a movie made based on the book.


Mattie, Tillie, Maddy, Maddie

Famous People Named Mathilde

Matilda Price (model), Matilda Brown (actress)

baby lying in white textile

15. Aurora

Aurora was a character of Roman mythology.

Meaning of Aurora

Gold, dawn, dawn goddess

Origin of Aurora

Latin, Greek, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Aurora


Variations of Aurora

Aurelia, Aurore, Aurelie, Aurorah

Aurora Trends

Since 1988, this name’s popularity has constantly increased. In 2012, almost 1,900 baby girls were named Aurora.

Fun Fact

In the Maleficent movie series, there’s a good character called Aurora.


Ora, Aurie

Famous People Named Aurora

Aurora Perrineau (actress), Aurora Rose Reynolds (novelist)

16. Benjamin

This name first appeared in the Bible as one of Jacob’s sons (the youngest one).

Meaning of Benjamin

“The Son of My Right Hand”

Origin of Benjamin

Hebrew, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Benjamin


Variations of Benjamin

Benyamin, Ben

Benjamin Trends

Since 1880, over 663,400 baby boys have been given this name. In 1989, no less than 15,700 newborns were named Benjamin.

Fun Fact

Benjamin Button is the main character played by Brad Pitt in a fantasy romantic drama movie.


Benny, Benji

Famous People Named Benjamin

Ben Affleck (actor), Ben Kingsley (actor)

toddler's walking on the seashore with adult

17. Victoria

This name has been used since the existence of Roman mythology. Victoria was the victory goddess.

Meaning of Victoria

Victory, winner, conqueror

Origin of Victoria

Latin, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Victoria


Variations of Victoria

Victoire, Viktoria, Victorienne

Victoria Trends

Since 1880, more than 448,200 baby girls have been given this name. In 1993, almost 13,000 newborns were named Victoria.

Fun Fact

Based on numerology, the name Victoria comes with the following characteristics: wisdom, intuition, eccentricity, and solitude.


Vicky, Tori

Famous People Named Victoria

Queen Victoria (of the United Kingdom), Victoria Beckham (singer, fashion designer)

18. Sebastian

This is a much loved name in countries like Norway, England, Austria, Sweden, and Denmark.

Meaning of Sebastian

venerable, revered one

Origin of Sebastian

Latin, Greek, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Sebastian


Variations of Sebastian

Sebastien, Bastien

Sebastian Trends

After 1988, this name became very popular in the United States. In 2012, almost 6,700 newborns were named Sebastian.

Fun Fact

Numerologists say that boys named Sebastian tend to be more caring and compassionate.


Basty, Seby, Sebie

Famous People Named Sebastian

Sebastian Stan (actor), Sebastian Bach (musician)

man wearing black leather jacket holding baby

19. Amanda

Amanda as a girl’s name first appeared in the 1600s and it is another alternative to the name Miranda.

Meaning of Amanda

Love, worthy of love

Origin of Amanda

Latin, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Amanda


Variations of Amanda

Amandah, Amandy

Amanda Trends

Since 1880, nearly 780,000 newborns have been given this name. It was a very popular name choice between 1970 and 2012.

Fun Fact

Those named Amanda are believed to be beautiful girls and fun to be around.


Mandy, Mandie

Famous People Named Amanda

Amanda Bynes (actress), Amanda Seyfried (actress)

20. Tobias

Ever since the Middle Ages, this particular name has been linked to “Tobias and the Angel” which is a Biblical tale.

Meaning of Tobias

God is Good

Origin of Tobias

Hebrew, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Tobias

tuh-bahy-uh s

Variations of Tobias

Tobiah, Tobin, Tova

Tobias Trends

This name was popular around 2007 when almost 560 families chose to name their sons Tobias.

Fun Fact

Tobias Snape is a well-known Harry Potter character.


Toby, Tobey

Famous People Named Tobias

Toby Keith (singer), Tobias Harris (basketball player)

man in black jacket carrying baby in yellow hoodie

21. Annika

Annika is a commonly-met name in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany.

Meaning of Annika

merciful, gracious

Origin of Annika

German, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Annika


Variations of Annika

Anna, Annie, Hannah, Anne

Annika Trends

In the U.S., this name became popular after 1990. In 2003, 1,087 newborns were named Annika.

Fun Fact

Those named Annika are believed to be adventurous, intellectual, and easygoing.



Famous People Named Annika

Annika Beck (tennis player), Annika Kipp (TV presenter)

22. Henrik

Henrik is the Scandinavian version of the English name Henry.

Meaning of Henrik

Lord’s manor, ruler of the home

Origin of Henrik

Old English, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Henrik


Variations of Henrik

Hendrick, Hedric, Hendrix, Hendrickson

Henrik Trends

Since 1880, over 628,500 baby boys have been named Henry which is a derivate of Henrik.

Fun Fact

This name can be found in numerous countries, in a diverse range of alternatives: Henri (French), Heinrich (German), etc.


Henrik, Nick

Famous People Named Henrik

Henrik Lundqvist (ice hockey goaltender), Henrik Edward Larsson (football manager)

man carries the boy near seashore

23. Kristoffer

The American form of Kristoffer is Christopher.

Meaning of Kristoffer

Bearing of Christ

Origin of Kristoffer

Greek, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Kristoffer


Variations of Kristoffer

Kristofer, Kristopher, Christopher

Kristoffer Trends

In the 1970s, Kristoffer was a more popular name than it is today. Nowadays, parents prefer to name their sons Christopher. In 1978, 312 newborns were named Kristoffer.

Since 1880, almost 2 million baby boys have been named Christopher in the U.S. In 1984, over 60,000 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

In Sweden, there’s a name day celebration for those who are named Kristoffer and it is on the 15th of March.


Kris, Chris

Famous People Named Kristoffer

Kris Humphries (basketball player), Christopher Walken (actor)

24. Nora

This name was initially the short version of Eleanor.

Meaning of Nora

dignified, light, honor, the bright one

Origin of Nora

Irish, Latin, Greek, French, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Nora


Variations of Nora

Norah, Noralie, Honor, Noria, Norina, Noreen

Nora Trends

Since 1880, this name was given to 119,310 baby girls. In 2012, almost 2,900 newborns were named Nora.

Fun Fact

This honorable name comes with the following characteristics: creativity, popularity, happiness, and optimism.


Norry, Norie

Famous People Named Nora

Nora Dunn (actress), Nora Roberts (novelist)

25. Erik

Erik is a very beautiful yet common name in all the Scandinavian countries.

Meaning of Erik

Ruler of all

Origin of Erik


Pronunciation of Erik


Variations of Erik

Eric, Erikson, Erico

Erik Trends

Since 1880, there have been 146,000 baby boys who got the name Erik. It was particularly popular between 1970 and 2012.

Fun Fact

Many Scandinavian Vikings and Kings had this name.



Famous People Named Erik

Eric Clapton (musician), Erik Cassel (entrepreneur)

Best Baby Names Norwegian– FAQ

What Are the Best Viking Names?

According to the National Museum of Denmark, in the Viking age, many names were chosen after animals and Gods, like Thor. Here are some of the vest Viking names of those times and their meanings: Orm – serpent; Ulf – wolf; Bjørn – bear; Frode – clever and wise; Sten – stone; Torsten – stone, Thor. Here’s a brief list of popular female names from the Viking period: Astrid – loved, beautiful; Frida – peace; Hilda – fighter; Helga – sacred; Revna – raven; Gertrud – spear.

What Are the Most Popular Norwegian Names?

Female names: Emma; Nora; Olivia; Emilie; Leah; Sara; Sofie. Male names: Lucas; Filip; Oskar; Oliver; Noah; Jakob; Henrik.

What Are the Most Popular Scandinavian Names?

Here are some of the coolest Scandinavian baby names: Annika; Juni (Yoo-nee); Danique (the Scandinavian version of Danielle); Malin (MAH-lin); Freya (in Norse mythology, this was the name of the goddess of beauty).

What Is the Most Common First Name in Norway?

For girls, some of the most common names are Emma, Sophie, and Zoe. For boys, the most common first names are Alexander, Lucas, and Elias. As for the unisex names, here are some of the most popular ones: Danny, Nicky, and Robin.

Bottom Line

It’s normal to take some time before choosing a name for your little bundle of joy. After all, that name will accompany your child his or her entire life so it should be both interesting and meaningful. Any of the baby names listed today are of Scandinavian origins and, most of them, are pretty unique in the United States.

Images sources: Unsplash.com

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