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The Baby Swag Presents: The Best Mommy Blogs For 2022

The Baby Swag Presents: The Best Mommy Blogs For 2022

If you’re a parent, then chances of Google being your best friend are high. As a mom or dad, you probably search the internet about your baby at least a dozen times per day. From what healthy baby poop should look like (we’ve all done it!) to the proper developmental stages in a toddler’s life, sometimes it’s easier to look online than to throw questions at your mommy friends every single time you have a dilemma. This is where the best mommy blogs for 2022 come in.

Whether you’re a parent now or will become a parent in the future, sometimes mommy or parenting blogs can make you feel at ease.

These moms tend to put their lives out there for all to see, from the awful to the amazing. It can be inspiring and make you feel comfortable in your own parenting decisions. And as a sometimes unsure mom or dad, that’s very important. Keeping your sanity as a parent is an absolute must and the mommy blogs you should be reading can help you along the way. If nothing else, they can offer daily entertainment to make you feel less alone in your parenting questions and celebrations.


Sometimes if you don’t have any parent friends yet, mommy blogs can help you feel like someone else out there has had the same issues with their own little ones and at the end of the day, that’s what any parent needs. It might be laughs and an escape from everyday life for a few moments, or the need to find advice and inspiration. Whatever your reason for wanting a new mommy blog to subscribe to, there’s one that wins in virtually every category you can think of.

Best At Inspiring You

Momastery is run by Glennon Doyle, who’s known around the world as an inspirational speaker and author. She’s a mom of three who previously struggled with bulimia and alcoholism. And while it’s been a struggle to get to where she is now, if anyone has the life experience to inspire others, it’s probably her.

In addition to a public speaker, activist, and yes, mommy blogger, Doyle is the president and founder of Together Rising, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping raise funds for vulnerable women and children.

She wrote on her blog that her turning point in life was finding out that she was pregnant, while still struggling with addiction. So it’s safe to say that her first pregnancy helped change her life and shape who she is today.

“Every morning, I open my eyes and immediately understand that I am still that girl on the bathroom floor, holding that pregnancy test like a terrifying invitation, trying to decide whether to stay down on the cold floor or get up and show up for my life,” she wrote. Already, it’s clear how genuinely inspiring Doyle is for moms and parents in general everywhere.

Who She Is: Doyle is a mom of three who also has a couple of fur babies, or dogs, that she takes care of. Not only is she an inspirational speaker on motherhood, addiction, and abuse, but she’s also a Sunday school teacher.

What You Can Learn From Her: Whether your personal issue has to do with raising kids, dealing with addiction as a parent, or needing some daily inspiration, that’s what Doyle offers.

Which Blog Post To Read First: While you’re sure to find helpful inspiration in nearly every blog post, it might be best to start with this blog post about being a warrior parent and fighting for your child in every sense of the word.

Products They Promote: Doyle’s latest book, Love Warrior is currently for sale on Amazon.

Love Warrior

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Best In Making You Laugh

No Domestic Diva is about blogger Susan McLean’s life as an unapologetic and totally relatable mom in the suburbs. She’s proven that just because you trade your late nights out in the city for Pinterest crafts in a quiet cul-de-sac, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose who you are or what makes you, well, you, outside of your children.

Even so, she’s as devoted as they come to her three children. She became a wife at 25 and a mom of three by 39, so it’s been something of a whirlwind for her. And she manages to find the funny in almost every situation her kids throw at her.

As a parent, you kind of have to do that, or you’ll go completely bonkers on a daily basis. If you need to be assured that you aren’t crazy and that your kids are, in fact, the outrageous ones, then give her a read. Or, if you just want a funny story of hers to read while you have a minute or two of peace and quite from your own kids, she’s good for that as well. “I learned pretty early on that motherhood is not all Hallmark moments… As with anything in life though, I think it’s all about your perspective,” she wrote on her blog. “I try my best to look at the lighter side of being an aging, non-exercising, sleep-deprived, work at home mom.  So this is me, usually frizzy and frazzled, but striving to find the funny in everyday domestic bliss.”

Who She Is: McLean is a mother of three who began her blog nine years ago and takes all of the funny moments of parenthood to help you feel not so alone. Or, just give you a laugh throughout your day of diapers or after school activities.

What You Can Learn From Her: Don’t take life too seriously, especially as a parent. Sure, it’s appropriate to take your parenting responsibilities seriously because your child depends on you for that. But she teaches her readers to find the humor in everyday parenting situations.

Which Blog Post To Read First: Although she recently took time off, McLean wrote in her latest blog post that she’ll be writing a lot more new content soon to keep her blog more up to date. But a funny post to get you started would probably be this post about birthday cards for turning 40. It gives just a glimpse into how funny and relatable she really is.

Products She Promotes: Although she’s currently writing a book and has promoted products on her blog in the past, there are no recent promotions she’s posted about.

Best For Sound Advice

Even the most experienced parents have those moments of not knowing what the heck to do. That’s where Brandi Riley’s blog, Mama Knows It All, comes in. She began the blog as a single mom just looking for an outlet and to help other moms feel not so alone, but it evolved into something much bigger. Now, Riley uses her blog to help give advice to moms from her perspective in everyday life with her husband and two children. She writes about pretty much anything you might happen to Google about your children.

From what chores are age appropriate to what traveling alone with your infant will inevitably be like. But every step of the way, she offers her own advice and perspectives of each situation and it’s entertaining as well as helpful.

Since these are two largely important aspects of any mommy blog, Riley is definitely trustworthy as a mommy blogger. She’s also written about getting your pre-baby body back and how she, personally, has felt in the past regarding her own body after having a baby. It’s all extremely relatable but, more importantly, it’s all helpful for other moms.

Who She Is: Riley is a mom of three who lives in California with her little family, and as a drama teacher in Philadelphia, she developed the D.R.A.M.A. Queens program. It stands for Dream Realizing and Mission Accomplishing Queens and is meant to promote positive self-esteem in girls and women.

What You Can Learn From Her: It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to parenting and Riley seems to get that tenfold. She’s not trying to put on airs, but she does offer some sage advice where it counts.

Which Blog Post To Read First: If you really want to get a feel for who Riley is, then you’d do well to read this post about working moms.

Products They Promote: She actually has her own shop on her website with different onesies she sells.

Best In Keeping You & Your Kiddos Healthy

As a parent, one of the biggest things you want to do is keep your child healthy in all aspects of life. Leah Segedie’s blog, Mamavation, is all about how to live green and keep your little one on the right track to eating and being healthy.

While eating all organic and sticking to strict diets isn’t the goal for everyone, there are still a handful of tips and tricks you can learn from the blog. Including how to handle your child’s food allergies at restaurants and tips for making healthy cold treats that aren’t loaded with sugar. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to totally prevent your toddler or small child from consuming sugary treats, but Segedie’s blog is all about being healthy and getting your child on the healthiest track possible.

The blog goes even deeper in some areas, including posts about canning your own vegetables and avoiding potentially harmful food oils out there. If your goal is to find a mommy blogger who can help you in the journey of healthy and clean eating, Mamavation is the best one for the job. You don’t have to adhere to every blog post or do exactly what they all say, but there are certainly some helpful and healthful tips all over the website.

Who She Is: Segedie is the author of the book Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!), so she definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to healthy eating for the entire family. She has her own inspirational weight loss journey and while she might be *the* mommy to go to these days for healthy living, the fact that she too started from the bottom is enough to entice almost any new reader.

What You Can Learn From Her: From her blog posts to her organized Twitter movements meant to bring awareness to healthy living and eating, Segedie is all about educating others on the topic. She also has tons of posts to learn from, including some about homemade shampoo recipes and others about buying organic food on a budget.

Which Blog Post To Read First: It might be best to start off with this post about why you should eat Jell-O, of all things, every day.

Products She Promotes: Her book,Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy, is available on Amazon.

Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier--All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!

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Best At Being The “Cool” Mom

Everyone needs a “cool” mom in their life, just like everyone needs that cool mommy blogger to stay entertained throughout parenthood. In this case, Really, Are You Serious? takes the award for Best at Being the “Cool” Mom award. Krystyn is a mom to four girls and writes about the fun and struggles of parenting three differently aged children from fun and lighthearted perspective. While some other mommy bloggers might tend to do this too, Krystyn just seems like the fun mom you wish you had in your circle of friends in real life.

The blog itself covers everything from sleep tricks for kids to staying sane during school breaks in the house together. Some parents love the personal touches that some mommy bloggers have and Krystyn definitely has that air about her posts. Some are about really informative helpful tips with her own creative and fun flair, while others are about her life with her family. And all of them are fun and easy to follow.

Who She Is: Surprisingly enough, Krystyn’s original career path was chemistry and for a time, she was a high school chemistry teacher. Now, however, she works in graphic design full-time. Well, that is, when she’s not working on her very active and full blog. From time to time, she’ll even review products from her honest and entertaining point of view.

What You Can Learn From Her: There are a ton of different posts on everything from finance to entertainment and parenting in general. In this case, you can maybe even learn what it’s like to raise a family of four girls while staying sane.

Which Blog Post To Read First: You might want to start out with this post about passing the time while waiting in line at Disney World.

Products She Promotes: There’s an entire section on gift guides, so Krystyn promotes a variety of products at different times.

Best At Raising Awareness for Something Important

Ellen Seidman is a mom of three, including Max, who was born with cerebral palsy. This why her blog, Love That Max, was created in the first place, as it documents her life with Max and her other children and also raises awareness for cerebral palsy in the process.

But through her blog, you get to learn about Max’s triumphs as well as his challenges. And moms with similarly diagnosed children can certainly relate. For those who may not know much about the topic, the blog is the perfect way to educate yourself and learn from Seidman. One of the best parts about the blog is probably that it’s updated so frequently, so there’s always something new to read and experience with Max and his family.

Seidman doesn’t write in a preachy tone or one that condescends to other parents. Instead, the blog is all about inspiring, educating, and giving readers a look into the best and sometimes not so great parts of her life with Max, her husband, and her other two children. If you also have a child with cerebral palsy or just want to follow Max’s story, the blog posts make for easy reads.

Who She Is: Seidman has previously held positions with magazines like SELF, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Teen People, and Glamour. She was also named one of the BlogHer Voices of the Year honorees in 2011, 2012, and 2015. Because of her experience as a mom to a child with cerebral palsy, she’s even been featured on radio shows and in various online publications.

What You Can Learn From Her: You’re sure to learn plenty about what it’s like to be the mom of a child with cerebral palsy and the struggles and happier moments that come along with the experience.

Which Blog Post To Read First: Since parents of children with special needs specifically might find themselves drawn to the Love That Max blog, the post about 22 Free Things, Services And Grants For Kids With Special Needs is a good place to start.

Products She Promotes: There are no set products Seidman promotes on her blog, though she does hold giveaways from time to time.


Honestly, you probably don’t even need to be a parent to be able to appreciate the humor, advice, and inspiration that the best mommy blogs for 2019 provide. But if you are a parent, there’s clearly an endless supply of mommy voices out there meant to help you through the journey of parenthood. These are just the best of the best and all of them bring something special and totally helpful to the table.

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