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Best Cribs Made in USA Guide: [Our Top Recommendations For You]

Best Cribs Made in USA Guide: [Our Top Recommendations For You]

Getting the right kind of crib for your little one is extremely important. If you want to purchase a high-quality crib and receive the product soon after making the order, the best solution is to purchase one that’s manufactured in the United States. Your baby’s nursery deserves the best products, including a premium crib that’s comfy as well as safe to use.

Believe me when I say that you will feel so relieved knowing your child sleeps safely and soundly in his or her new crib, regardless of whether you prefer a traditional one, a bassinet, or any other model. I’ve conducted extensive research, and the outcome was satisfying since it provided me with some of the best cribs made in the US.

Top 5 Best Cribs Made in the USA

I have chosen the following baby cribs based on their structure, features, and the way they look. I’ve also considered user ratings when I’ve selected the following products.

Amish Convertible Baby Crib by Baby Eco Trends

amish convertible

This convertible Baby Eco Trends crib is made of hardwood, and you can choose from 4 available wood alternatives, including red oak and brown maple. It may look classic and traditional, but it’s a very versatile crib due to its 4-in-1 convertible feature. The thing I love most about it is how extensively customizable this product can be.

You can choose your desired color, material, favorite types of bed rails, the number of drawers you want it to have, and many other details. Amish woodworkers carefully craft this baby crib, and the overall structure is unbelievably sturdy. The wood is free from any toxic compounds.

Due to its convertible functionality, you can transform this crib into a day bed, a toddler’s bed, or even a full bed. Simply put, you will be able to use it for a long period of time, even when your infant grows.


  • It’s versatile and very easy to set up;
  • It’s safe and free from chemicals;
  • The structure of this crib is sturdy and safe;
  • This is an elegant crib that has a smooth finish;
  • It will work well with numerous furniture styles due to its decorative design.


  • The shipping times are a bit long because these cribs are custom made to order;
  • This crib is quite expensive.

Finch Convertible Crib

Finch Convertible

This Finch baby crib is a 5-in-1 convertible product. I love the way it looks; it has a classic and simple design, but it also features a modern twist. The construction is solid, and the finish is very stylish. If you decide to buy this crib, it will be easy to match it with your existing furniture. There are two available colors to opt from, both of which look exquisite: rustic coffee and rustic gray.

You can easily adjust the crib’s mattress height. This product is JPMA-certified, but it doesn’t come with a conversion rail. Your baby will feel well-rested and comfy in this crib. Moreover, it will look great in the nursery due to the warm and natural shades of the wood.

The finish isn’t toxic, and you’ll be able to use this crib even when your infant becomes a toddler and beyond that stage.


  • It’s a very pretty baby crib;
  • This convertible crib is highly versatile;
  • It’s an affordable option;
  • The shipping is free.


  • You will have to wait up to a month to receive it;
  • The mattress isn’t included;
  • You will have to pay extra if you want someone from the company to come and assemble it.
Little Seeds Finch 5-in-1 Convertible Crib
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03/03/2024 01:29 pm GMT

Delta Deluxe Convertible Crib

Best Cribs Made in USA Guide: Delta Deluxe Convertible Crib

This Delta baby crib is a 6-in-1 convertible choice. It’s an affordable choice, but it doesn’t force you to compromise on quality and aesthetics. The design is a great one, and there are 4 available colors to choose from. My personal favorite ones are dark chocolate and Bianca white, but you can also opt for plain white or grey.

It was declared as one of the best baby cribs of 2020 by Healthline Parenthood. This non-toxic crib is good for both your infant and the planet since its materials are sustainable and eco-friendly. The manufacturer is a reputable brand that has won numerous awards for its innovative and safe products.


  • It’s a JPMA-certified baby crib;
  • Your baby will be safe in this crib due to its non-toxic finish;
  • It’s versatile and convertible;
  • It will look good no matter the room you choose to place it in;
  • You can easily adjust its height;
  • This crib is very affordable.


  • It doesn’t come with a mattress;
  • One client complained about the poor customer support of the company.
Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-in-1 Convertible Crib
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/22/2024 08:30 am GMT

El Greco Nest Crib

El Greco Nest Crib

The Nest Crib made by El Greco Woodworking is a true gem. I don’t even know where to begin because this product has so many appealing features and the product itself is a work of art and precision. In terms of models, you can opt for the simple basic version or buy the one that also comes with bed conversion rails. The second one is, obviously, more expensive.

When it comes to wood choices and colors, you will have to pick your favorite one from no less than 9 options. This crib made of solid walnut wood is my favorite alternative of all. Other possible varieties are maple wood, white painted wood, sage, sapphire, saffron, and more.


  • It’s a gorgeous baby crib with many useful and innovative functionalities;
  • Over 100 clients have offered this product the maximum rating of 5 stars;
  • The return is free of charge;
  • It’s made in the US by a family-owned company;
  • The lacquer used for the finish is non-toxic.


  • Some might consider this a pretty expensive crib;
  • One client complained about the fact that lowering the bed level is quite hard.

Baby Bassinet by American Eco Furniture

Best Cribs Made in USA Guide: Baby Bassinet by American Eco Furniture

This baby bassinet made by American Eco Furniture looks simple and elegant and features dovetail drawers. It takes between 6 and 8 weeks to make this baby crib because it’s completely handmade in the US. The wood is sourced from a solid dried kiln, and it’s free from veneers.

The finish paints and lacquer are all safe and harmless since they’re free from toxins. It’s the perfect eco-friendly addition to your infant’s nursery room. Together with the bassinet, you can also choose to purchase some useful accessories such as organic fitted sheets, mattress pads, and wool puddle pads. But, all these extras will cost you more.


  • It looks elegant and timeless;
  • It has many useful features such as storage drawers;
  • The pain and finish are toxin-free and chemical-free;
  • This is a high-quality US-made baby crib.


  • It’s an expensive baby crib;
  • It’s a handmade crib, so it will take longer to be ready and delivered to you.

How to Pick the Perfect Crib for Your Little One


Now that you have found out some of the best baby crib brands made in the USA, it’s time to tell you the things you should always consider when purchasing a new crib for your infant.


A baby crib should be durable and sturdy. This particular feature is one of the first things parents look for when buying baby cribs. The sturdiness will make the crib more resistant to wear and tear. All the products I’ve presented in the previous section were tested, and they’re all compliant with all the necessary safety and durability requirements.

It’s important, if your budget allows it, to opt for a crib made of solid wood rather than one that’s manufactured from composite materials. Besides the material, other factors are important too, such as the construction of the crib and the way it’s made.


You should make sure you’re purchasing the best crib you can afford, so, in terms of value, it should be the best option available on the market. In some cases, the overall quality of the crib doesn’t really match its higher price tag, so be careful when choosing your favorite alternative.


Safety along with durability are the most important aspects of a baby’s crib. At least that’s what I believe, and many other parents seem to think the same. For that reason, I chose to include only the best US-made baby cribs that are crafted from harmless materials and have solid structures that can handle stress tests in today’s guide.


Style is also pretty important since the crib should match the other furniture items in the nursery. You could have something made especially for you or opt for a versatile and classic crib model that goes well with almost anything. Also, if you have a nursery theme, you must follow it. So, you will have to pick a certain style, a specific color, etc.

I would personally opt for a neutral color because it can be paired with a wide range of designs and styles.


For me, a crib that’s versatile and convertible is definitely the winner, especially because infants grow quickly, and before you know it, your little baby will become a toddler who needs some extra sleeping space. Therefore, I would buy a crib that can be transformed into a toddler’s bed and can eventually be used as a full bed.

The Height of the Mattress

A full-sized crib should feature a minimum of two different mattress height positions that you can adjust. Some models even have 3 or 4 different adjustable heights. You should place the height of the mattress at its lowest point to prevent your little one from falling over the crib’s side. This should be done when the baby is able to pull up or sit on his or her own.

Most crib models don’t require clients to use height-adjusting tools. Others might need the use of bolts and screws. Make sure that there are at least 26 inches between the rail of the crib and the mattress support.

Mattress Support

Most cribs have metal frames to support mattresses. These frames are usually suspended by stiff springs. Other cribs feature one single piece of board as a mattress support. A few crib versions have metal hangers that are fixed in the crib’s wooden structure, and they support either a grid of slats made of wood or a grid frame made of spring wires.

All these support options can be easily adjusted to lower or raise the mattress’ height for your infant’s safety. When you’re changing sheets, make sure that these supports are still rigid and secured in place so that they don’t move when your child starts bouncing on them.

Railings and Sides

The sides of a crib have slats or bars that are fitted into designated holes made in both the bottom and top areas of the crib’s rails. Manufacturers use both glue and nails to secure these bars in place. The small holes in which the nails are placed are then covered or hidden with a wooden finish. As a safety and precaution measure, the space between every two bars shouldn’t exceed 2 3/8 inches.

Bottom Drawer

The crib models I would choose are those that come with one or two storage drawers placed at the bottom of the crib, right under the structure that supports the mattress. In most cases, you can easily roll these drawers out from under the crib’s structure. Other models feature a set of smaller drawers located on the crib’s short end.

Before purchasing a crib, you should always check its drawers to see how well they’re built. Avoid those that have a very thin bottom that is made of cardboard or resemble it because these will bend quickly when you place clothing and linens on them. Opt for those that have thicker bottoms made of fiberboard because they’re more durable.

Casters and Wheels

Wheels on a crib increase the item’s portability. Due to them, it will be easier for you to move the unit around. However, if your favorite model doesn’t have wheels, you shouldn’t change your mind only because of that small detail. After all, when you replace the crib with a child’s bed, you will have to disassemble the unit since no crib fits through regular doorways.

Additional Tips on How to Find and Buy the Ideal Crib for Your Child


Basic is Best

Cribs that have simple lines without any finials or scrollwork are the safest ones. Your infant’s clothing items could get caught and tangled in those intricate woodworks. This way, you avoid a dangerous element while also saving a few bucks. Another thing you must avoid is represented by cribs with drop-down sides because these types of cribs were linked with over 30 infant deaths;

Buy a New One

Instead of buying a second-hand or used crib, you should purchase a new one because it’s a lot safer. Older models might not be compliant with the current regulations and might also present wear and tear signs. If you’ve already ordered a new crib online, you should verify it as soon as you receive it. Check to see if there are any sharp edges or potentially dangerous decorative elements;

Check the Construction

Metal rods and stabilizer bars will keep the frame of the crib in place and maintain it rigid and safe. When purchasing a crib at a physical store, you should test it by carefully shaking it to verify whether or not the frame appears to be loose. A new wooden crib should lack any cracks;

Purchase the Crib Together With the Mattress

Buying these two items together from the same store will help you opt for a mattress that suits the crib’s frame. Baby mattresses that are placed in the crib shouldn’t exceed a thickness of 6 inches. Also, you shouldn’t be able to place two fingers between the cribs’ bars and the mattress. Otherwise, the fit is an inappropriate one;

Use the Proper Kind of Sheets

The sheets for a baby’s crib should fit the mattress tightly so that your child cannot pull them up and become entangled in them. One option would be a hand-me-down sheet with a strong and tight elastic. Numerous bedding sets also offer bumper pads, but I don’t recommend them since they can become a serious suffocation hazard;

Arrange for Assembly

All cribs will come unassembled and, if you’re not sure that you can put the correct pieces in the right order, you should schedule an assembly appointment with someone who knows what he or she’s doing; perhaps the manufacturer could send a specialist. Or, you could ask for someone’s help, like a relative or a friend. The entire process could take up to an hour. Also, you must assemble the crib in the nursery or the baby’s room because once assembled, it might not fit through the door.

Main Types of Baby Cribs


Based on the unit’s model, the price of a baby crib can range between as low as $100 and as high as over $3,000. Here are the main types of baby cribs available on the market.

Economy Cribs

Economy cribs feature simpler designs, and they’re made with less expensive materials. Nevertheless, some of these cribs can still be adequate for your baby. They are more lightweight compared to more expensive models. Some versions might present small finishing flaws like uneven paint patches, glue residue, and poorly sanded spots.

But, the most important thing remains the crib’s safety level that you can verify by shaking it. When you do that, the structure must remain in place and feel sturdy without rattling.

Mid-Priced Baby Cribs

In this price range, there are numerous crib alternatives. Unlike economy options, these cribs feature more decorative elements, and the materials are thicker. Therefore, these models are sturdier. You will be able to pick from a wider range of available finishes, materials, colors, and styles. Some of the most popular ones are deep mahogany, natural Scandinavian style, and golden maple.

The end boards of mid-priced cribs are solid, and they have smooth finishes. Most models come with slats that are placed on all the cribs’ sides. These elements are normally thicker than the ones of economy cribs. Another perk is the mattress support which, in this case, is sturdier and comes with heavier springs.

Many mid-priced cribs have locking wheels that boost stability. The best products don’t have glue residues or exposed nails. Some might even feature storage drawers.

High-End Cribs

Many high-end cribs are made in Europe and have a lot of amazing features such as glazed finishes, curved end boards, handcrafted elements, hand-painted details, and original shapes. A novelty is represented by oval and round cribs, but these might be less safe than traditional shapes. Moreover, it will be harder for you to find proper sheets that fit the round shape.

On the other hand, you could opt for a round shape when it comes to non-full-size cribs and those made for play yards. Some companies even take customized orders from their clients. High-end cribs have sturdy metal frames to support the mattress. Many of these products are versatile and can be converted into canopies or beds.

Portable Cribs

If you plan to take the crib outside or move it to another room, you should choose a portable crib. Some parents even take them out in their courtyard. Portable cribs that can also be folded are the best solutions for traveling purposes. Still, these alternatives are smaller than full-sized regular cribs.

How to Ensure the Safety of Your Baby When Placed in the Crib


Here are some guidelines to consider and things to avoid:

  • Never use an old bassinet or a used crib that could have missing pieces;
  • Always check the slat spacing to see if the opening is too large;
  • Verify the condition in which the crib’s paint finish is. It shouldn’t be peeled off or chipped;
  • The crib is safe if it doesn’t have splinters because your baby will definitely put his or her hands all over the bars;
  • Check for exposed nails and sharp edges;
  • Remove any decorations like bows and ribbons because they’re choking hazards;
  • Keep the crib as simple as possible, without puffy blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys;
  • Avoid buying recalled cribs;
  • Inspect hotel cribs before placing your infant in them. 

Useful Guidelines for Safe Sleeping

  • Place your infant on his or her back when you want him or her to go to sleep;
  • Avoid sleeping with your child because you might hurt him or her by rolling over;
  • Avoid using heating pads and electric blankets;
  • Change the position of your little one’s head from time to time;
  • Use safe sleepwear and remove the bottle from the crib. 

Best Cribs Made in USA Guide – Bottom Line

There are several premium baby cribs that I love that are made in the US. All of the items presented above are worthy of your consideration, but I would personally choose the Delta Deluxe convertible crib due to the fact that it’s an affordable option and it has an appealing design.

Before buying a certain crib for your infant, make sure to check all the safety requirements I’ve pointed in the sections above. Finding the right crib for your child isn’t easy, and it involves time and effort, but, in the end, you will sleep relaxed and worry-free knowing that your baby is safe and sound in their new crib.


Question: Do Baby Cribs Expire?

Answer: These products don’t come with an expiration date. You just need to check if the crib is safe for your child and use it until it tears or wears or till your baby outgrows it. You must also follow the size-related guidelines. If your crib model is recalled, you should give it away immediately.

Question: For How Long Can You Use a Baby Crib?

Answer: Normally, one can use a baby crib for about 5 years or so. But it depends based on its usage and whether or not the crib is convertible. If you can transform it into a child’s bed, then you can use it for more than 5 years.

Question: What Are Some of the Most Popular Brands of Baby Cribs?

Answer: Some of the best and most popular baby crib brands are the following ones:
• Baby Cache;
• Baby’s Dream;
• Bellini;
• DaVinci;
• Bonavita;
• Delta;
• Child Craft Industrie;
• Pottery Barn Kids, etc. 

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