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Best Corner Guards For Babies: Corner Protectors Guide

Proper baby proofing can take a lot of time and eventually, it can cost a bit of money too, but when it all comes down to it, both factors are well worth it since it’s all about your baby’s safety in the end.

Not only are you protecting them from the potential harm that comes from seemingly innocent things in your home, but in a way, you’re also protecting your furniture with the top 8 best corner guards for babies. Even for those who don’t have children, using corner guards on their furniture can help protect the corners from scratches or nicks, which are far more common in the corners of tables than anywhere else.

But for those who do have babies or toddlers who are just starting to move about on their own, choosing the right corner guards for your furniture to protect your little ones is very important. Spending a little bit of money to avoid hospital visits somewhere down the line is a sound investment by far, especially since most of the corner guards on this list are generally affordable as well.

While you have both foam and plastic or rubber options, either one does the same thing, but it will boil down to your own preferences and what works or fits in with your home decor. Either way, trying out one of these top corner guards for your baby is a step in the right direction for proper babyproofing in your home.

1. Sure Basics Small Foam Table Corner Protectors

Corner guards should be easy to apply to most surfaces and the Sure Basics Small Foam Table Corner Protectors get that. They’re shaped to fit perfectly onto most furniture corners and have peel and stick backing that makes applying them as easy as possible.

When it’s time to remove them or replace them, it’s just as easy to peel the corner guards right off. And just in case you’re concerned that they won’t adhere well enough to your furniture, the corner guards stick to ceramic, glass, granite, marble, metal, wood, and quartz kitchen countertops. They’re also latex, Lead and Phthalate free, just in case your baby decided to try and gnaw on them.

Installation: Since the backside of the Sure Basics Small Foam Table Corner Protectors have sticky 3M brand adhesives, you simply peel off the back to allow the sticky part to adhere to your furniture.

Where To Buy: You can find them on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon at this time.

The Best Part: In most cases, the corner guards blend in well with your furniture so you won’t be left with an eyesore after installing them around your home.

The Not So Great: If you (or your little one) spills anything near the corner protectors and the adhesive on the back gets wet, it could lose its stickiness.

Price: On Amazon, a 12-pack of the Sure Basics Small Foam Table Corner Protectors is $ 13. Check out the latest price!

2. Roving Cove Corner Guards

The Roving Cove Corner Guards are shaped at 90 degrees to get the best fit on corners while wrapping around to the straight sides of whatever piece of furniture or countertop you’re childproofing.

They’re mostly firm in order to provide as much safety as possible, but when you touch them, they’re still soft enough not to hurt your little one instead of furniture corners. They also contain no latex and no BPA so that you can feel safe with your baby handling, or at the very least, meddling with the Roving Cove Corner Guards.

They’re made to be extra dense for safety and protection, and just by touching the corner guards you can tell that extra effort was made in designing them.

Installation: Like some others, these particular corner guards have 3M adhesives on the backsides.

Where To Buy: At this time, you can find the corner guards exclusively on Amazon.

The Best Part: They match and line up perfectly with the Roving Cove edge bumper.

The Not So Great: The corner guards will protect the front and top sides of the corner, but not the underside.

Price: On Amazon, a 16-pack of Roving Cove Corner Guards is $ 16. Check out the latest price!

3. The Hamptons Baby Caring Corner Guards

With a different sort of design, the Hamptons Baby Caring Corner Guards are clear plastic instead of firm foam and stick to furniture corners with a pre-applied gel adhesive on the backs of the guards.

Before you apply them, you’ll probably notice how soft and bendable they are, which means that if your baby or toddler does bum against them, they’ll be met with a cushion of sorts. Since they’re clear, the corner guards will match almost any surface and can adhere to nearly any surface as well.

So don’t worry about finding the right shade to match your furniture or countertops and think about opting for these clear, flexible corner guards.

Installation: To add the corner guards to furniture corners or countertop corners, you simply peel off the back and allow the gel adhesive to do its job.

Where To Buy: You can find them on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Walmart.

The Best Part: Since they’re clear, your child may be less likely to notice then=m and, in turn, try to peel them off.

The Not So Great: You might need to use two of the corner guards at once in order to cover the top and bottom of sharp corners.

Price: On Amazon, the Hamptons Baby Caring Corner Protectors are $10. Check out the latest price!

4. Munchkin XtraGuard Soft Impact Corner Cushions

Most parents already know and trust the Munchkin brand, so it’s almost a no-brainer to consider the Munchkin XtraGuard Soft Impact Corner Cushions for baby proofing.

They’re another option different from the typical neutral colored foam corner covers. Like the Hamptons Baby guards, these are made of a transparent soft plastic meant to soften any impact on them while also protecting your furniture.

The inside of the corner cushions has a bubble of a sort that is designed to absorb any blows, thereby working to make the guards last even longer. And when you slide them on the corner of your furniture, it actually wraps around it slightly, providing even more coverage.

Installation: To use these, you simply slide them onto dangerous corners, and they’ll stay in place with the adhesive that comes with them.

Where To Buy: You can buy them on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Toys ‘R Us.

The Best Part: They provide extra padding, in a way, with the “bubble” on the inside of the corner cushions.

The Not So Great: Their design means that they will stick out a little bit from their spot on furniture or countertop corners.

Price: On Amazon, a four-pack of Munchkin XtraGuard Soft Impact Corner Cushions is $ 8. Check out the latest price!

5. Safety 1st Clearly Soft Corner Guards

Safety 1st is another brand most parents know and trust. In this case, you may be able to also trust in the Safety 1st Clearly Soft Corner Guards , which are triangular and a foggy clear shade to be used with pretty much any piece of furniture or any countertop that might need to be baby proofed.

They come with adhesive mounts to use to stick the gel-like guards to corners more efficiently and keep them in place. Since they’re closer to clear, though, they can blend in with furniture better and are soft enough to last a while without needing to replace them. They can also be used for most surfaces, including glass and wood, which is important, especially if you have different surfaces in your home that all need these corner guards.

Installation: You can use the adhesive mounts that come with the corner guards to help hold them into place when slipped over corners.

Where To Buy: The corner guards are available on Amazon and in-store at Walmart and JCPenney.

The Best Part: The soft rubber material slides onto corners a little more easily than some other materials might.

The Not So Great: The adhesive mounts may not be strong enough, so you might need to use a stronger material to get them to stick to some surfaces.

Price: On Amazon, a four-pack of Safety 1st Clearly Soft Corner Guards is $8 . Check out the latest price!

6. KidKusion Safety Corner Cushions

For a pretty straightforward design and installation process, you may want to look toward the KidKusion Safety Corner Cushions for all of your baby proofing needs.

At least, where securing sharp furniture corners is concerned, anyway. The non-toxic closed cell foam material of the corner guards are safe enough for children to be around them, but still strong enough to withstand most small hands pulling at them, especially once they’re secured to whatever surface you need them for.

Somehow, they’re both dense and soft and provide enough comfort and protection to handle most blows while keeping your baby safe and helping to prevent hospital visits.

Installation: The backsides of the cushions have a 3M strip that you peel the paper away from to use to stick onto surfaces.

Where To Buy: You can find the cushions on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Bed Bath & Beyond.

The Best Part: For the most part, these may be one of the easiest corner guards to apply.

The Not So Great: You may need a stronger adhesive, as some babies can pull on the cushions to peel back the 3M strips on the backside.

Price: On Amazon, a four-pack of KidKusion Safety Corner Cushions is $3 . Check out the latest price!

7. Rhoost Adhesive-free Corner Protectors

Unlike many other corner guards on this particular list, you won’t need any adhesives to attach the Rhoost Adhesive-free Corner Protectors to your furniture or around your home.

The plastic guard wrap around most corners and have an anchor of sorts attached, which slide on the bottom of table or countertop corners in order to keep it in place.

While this means you can only use the guards with surfaces that have something of an overhang, it’s hard to deny the benefits of the easiest installation ever and a non-tonix corner guard for your baby.

Installation: To attach these corner protectors, you simply slide the entire thing over the corner of a table or countertop and the bottom portion should keep it in place.

Where To Buy: You can find them on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.

The Best Part: With no adhesives needed, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of the corner guard ruining any surfaces.

The Not So Great: Unless your table or other surface has an overhang of sorts, this probably won’t work for you.

Price: On Amazon, a four-pack of the Rhoost Adhesive-free Corner Protectors is $15 . Check out the latest price!

8. Ezire Child Corner Guards

The Ezire Child Corner Guards take some of the qualities of so many of these corner guards for babies and roll them into one. These ones are made of a clear semi-soft plastic material that will blend in with almost any area of your home.

They can fit on corners as either a 90-degree shape or as rounded corner guards, but either way, they’re designed to blend in rather than stand out for easy viewing. And with most baby proofing products, that’s kind of how you want it. And for your baby’s protection, they’re also Phthalate, lead, BPA, and latex free.

Installation: The corner guard comes with easy to use 3M strips and dots to adhere them to surfaces.

Where To Buy: At this time, you can purchase them primarily on Amazon.

The Best Part: They come in two different shapes to not only give you an option of which works best but to allow you to change it up throughout your home, depending on the piece of furniture.

The Not So Great: Double sided tape may actually work better than the strips and tabs that come with the corner guards.

Price: On Amazon, a 20-pack of the Ezire Child Corner Guards is $ 10. Check out the latest price!

Final Thoughts

All of the different parts and pieces that come with baby proofing your home can be intimidating and may even seem a little tedious, but in the end, doing your homework and figuring out the most affordable and useful baby proofing products can mean a lot for your family.

In this case, it’s simply a matter of figuring out which of these top corner guards are the best for your child and which will actually do their job, as opposed to coming off easily or being taken off easily by babies. Because yes, babies will try to nudge the corner guards off if they can help it, but by choosing which one will work for your own baby’s personality, you can hopefully prevent this.

Maybe you won’t find your perfect baby proofing corner guard here, but these are easily some of the best around right now.

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