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The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts on the Market

The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts on the Market

Lately, I have received many questions regarding the best and most absorbent cloth diapers that new moms could use. So, I did my thorough research, tested and tried some products, asked around a lot, and here it is. Today’s list of the best cloth diaper inserts available on the market.

Before I begin, there’s something you should know when searching for absorbent diaper inserts, something that has to do with their efficacy. You must look at 3 important features: how many layers the insert has, how large the cloth diaper is, and the material it’s made of.

Top 7 Best Cloth Diaper Inserts

I’ve listed and detailed the following products based on their features, quality, and popularity.

1. Thirsties Fab Doublers

Thirsties Fab Doublers

These diaper inserts are among my favorite products for newborns. Thirsties Fabs have three plush layers made of cotton velour and you can choose from several available sizes. There are versions for each growth period and gender. Compared to these inserts, other similar items don’t have those characteristics.

Still, don’t expect them to absorb everything because they work best when they’re placed inside the already existing diapering system. In other words, Thirsties Fabs add some extra absorbency. You can easily pair them with both pre-fold and fitted diapers although some parents use them as they are. Another great thing about this product is its affordable price.

Thirsties Fab Doublers

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2. Geffen Baby Absorbers

Geffen Baby Absorbers

These super absorbent inserts are made in the USA. After their launch, the Geffen Baby Absorbers became popular quite quickly. There are different available levels that buyers can pick from: newborn, super, quick, ultra, and high. So, it’s easy to find the right kind of insert version that matches the needs of your little one.

These products were created in such a smart way that they are compatible with the majority of diapering systems. The fabric is a blend of cotton jersey and hemp, both of which are very soft to the touch. Besides the manufacturing company, many other retailers market these cloth diaper inserts.

They are also pretty affordable.

Geffen Baby Super Absorbers Plus
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3. Diaper Rite Bamboo Inserts

Diaper Rite Bamboo Inserts

When it comes to diaper inserts, price is a major factor that all parents take into consideration. But, with Diaper Rite Bamboo Inserts, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money because they are highly affordable. These inserts provide a great value for the money.

They are made of a mix of bamboo (80%) and polyester viscose (20%). These items are so incredibly soft and very compact. With them, you will achieve the proper amount of absorbency added to your child’s diaper. Each one of these inserts has no less than 5 layers of absorbent fabric.

You can purchase them individually but the company also sells sets of two inserts, one larger and the other smaller. All Diaper Rite products come with a 60-day warranty on things like closures, sewing, elastic, and workmanship.

Due to the natural material, it will be very easy to clean and dry the

4. Thirsties Hemp Inserts

Thirsties Hemp Inserts

If you’re looking for a soaker that acts as a great overnight solution, then these inserts might be just the kind of product you’ve been searching for. Thirsties Hemp inserts add an important amount of absorption to your baby’s cloth diapers.

Each insert is manufactured from organic cotton and hemp. This mix of fabrics is excellent, even for heavy wetters. You can also use one of these inserts when you have to go out with your little one and you won’t be able to change his or her diaper for a longer time.

Compared to other hemp cloth diaper inserts, these ones don’t become crunchy or stiff when they get wet. The material resembles a knitted jersey that remains smooth and soft at all times. At the same time, these items won’t dry very easily but this isn’t a big surprise because all dense fabrics act the same way.

Thirsties Hemp/Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper Inserts
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5. SoftBums Pods

SoftBums Pods

SoftBums pods are sold in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. They were initially designed to be paired with the company’s diapering system but many parents have used them with other cloth diapers as well. For newborns, the best choice is the Mini Pod because they soak up the liquid without bulking up the diaper.

You can also purchase the adjustable (one size fits all) insert and the manufacturer sells two types of pods based on their materials: stay-dry microfiber and bamboo. Prices are also reasonable.

6. Super Soaker Doublers by Kissaluvs

Super Soaker Doublers by Kissaluvs

This is another great doubler that works amazingly for heavy wetters. Like all the products made by Kissaluvs, the Super Soaker pad is manufactured with natural fibers and has three layers, in total: one made of highly absorbent cotton fleece and two made of unbleached knit terry.

Unlike the regular doublers made by this company, Super Soakers feature twice the weight but they also cost more.

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Super Soaker Doublers | Amazon

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7. Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers

cHemp Babies Diaper Doublers

Many parents love the Hemp Babies diaper doublers because they are made of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp. They use a fleece material and, compared to other similar products created by the same company, these ones feature a trimmed shape. Moreover, they don’t require any folding, whatsoever.

You can either stuff these pads inside the pocket of a cloth diaper or lay them over a cover. There are two available sizes: small and large. These items will certainly increase the level of absorbency of any diapering mechanism. Simply put, your infant will remain dry all through the night.

The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts – What Are They?

Cloth diaper inserts are absorbent pads that you must place on the inside part of any cloth diaper to boost its soaking power and prevent leakage. Its job is essential since it soaks up the liquid and leaves your baby dry which further leads to better and uninterrupted sleep.

Most inserts can be used with all-in-two types of diapering systems. These cloth diapers have two main parts and they are also known as Ai2. One part is located on the inside and represents the absorbent layer, whereas the outer layer which is the second part is waterproof.

The waterproof layer is also called a diaper shell or cover.

Besides placing an insert inside a diaper as it is, you can also put it inside a diaper’s pocket, if it has one. Pocket diapers come with an inside stay-dry liner and a waterproof exterior. These two parts are sewn together. Obviously, the stay-dry liner touches the skin of your baby to wick away the moisture.

However, that inner part isn’t completely absorbent so it should be paired with a diaper insert. For that purpose, most cloth diapers have a pocket opening that enables you to stuff the insert between the diaper’s two layers.

The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts – How to Properly Use Them

You can use a cloth diaper insert in three possible ways:

  • All-in-two – the Ai2 system refers to the way you simply place the insert directly on the diaper’ shell, more specifically, on its inside. Then, you wrap the diaper around your baby’s bottom;
  • As diaper doublers – inserts can also be used as doublers because they boost the soaking capacity of the cloth diaper. All you have to do is place the insert on the interior layer of the diapering system and then fasten the diaper onto your infant;
  • As a pocket diaper addition – some cloth diapers come with an interior pocket where the insert must go to boost the diaper’s absorbency.

Best Cloth Diaper Inserts

The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts – Main Types

If you have decided to try cloth diaper inserts, then I wish a very warm welcome to the club. I know how overwhelming it can be. At first, when you pick out the most beautiful cloth diapers for your little one, it may feel like a breeze. But, afterward, you need to also purchase doublers, inserts, and/or liners.

Wait, what? You may wonder what these things are. Let’s see the difference between them:

  • Doublers – these are extra layers that are placed on the diaper to increase its absorbency. They are also known as boosters and you can place them on top of the interior layer of the cloth diaper or insert them in the diaper’s pocket;
  • Liners – these are thin layers of fabric that you must place on top of the diaper’s lining to protect it from poop and maintain your baby’s bum dry. Liners can be reusable or disposable and they have a lower absorbency power;
  • Inserts – these are the main layers that you place on a diaper’s waterproof shell or inside its pocket. They have a high soaking capacity.

Like I mentioned above, there are two types of liners:

  • Disposable – these liners are made of cellulose that can be easily flushed out the toilet and the layer is usually thin. They resemble dryer sheets or thin paper;
  • Reusable – normally, these layers are made of fleece and they protect your baby’s diaper while keeping moisture away from your infant’s bottom.

Main Insert Styles

Inserts are sold in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Here are the most common types of inserts:

  • Flat – this type of insert looks like a large square of material that you must fold until you create a pad shape before placing it inside the diaper;
  • Trifold – these inserts are wider than others and, before stuffing them inside the diaper, you must first fold them into thirds;
  • Petal-style – several individual layers or inserts are sewn together so they have a higher absorbency;
  • Prefold – this is a flat diaper that’s already prefolded and the shape has been already created through sewing. You can use a prefold as an insert or as it is;
  • Pad – pads are created from several different fabric layers that are already shaped properly to fit inside the diaper;
  • Snake-style – for extra absorbency, snake-like strips of material can be folded and customized to fit inside your baby’s diaper.

What Are Inserts Made of?

There’s a wide variety of materials that you can choose from that suit numerous lifestyles, needs, and budgets. Here are the main types of fabrics that are included in cloth diaper inserts:

  • Microfiber – it is the most affordable fabric. It absorbs liquids quickly and it dries easily;
  • Cotton – these are also economical inserts and there are many finishes that you can choose from;
  • Bamboo – it’s a natural fiber that’s very soft to the touch and it’s highly absorbent but it costs more;
  • Hemp – this fiber is environmentally friendly, being a premium fabric. Besides being a sustainable option, hemp is also the most absorbent choice but it is quite expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloth Diaper Inserts

Question: Why Should You Use Cloth Diapers?

Answer: Using these types of diaper inserts has many advantages. First and foremost, they are eco-friendly and reusable which further leads to saving a lot of money that otherwise you would have spent on single-use pads.

Question: What’s the Best Type of Cloth Diaper?

Answer: There’s a wide variety out there. You can choose the ones that are ready to use to save time or you can opt for a type of cloth diaper that requires folding and clipping before using it. This makes the selection process overwhelming yet a bit exciting.
If your needs are complex, you could opt for hybrid cloth diapers that feature a waterproof shell but the inner lining is removable.

Question: How Many Cloth Diaper Inserts Will You Need?

Answer: It depends on your little one and his or her age. For instance, newborn infants use around 8-10 cloth diapers per day. Small babies will quickly outgrow the smallest sizes of diapers. So, most parents choose to use disposable diapers during the first couple of months.
To start with, it is best to always keep approximately 20 cloth diaper inserts around. Believe me when I say that it’s not a lot. Then, your laundry washing frequency also influences the number of cloth diapers you need. If you plan to wash them every single day, 14-15 diapers will suffice.
If not, you will probably need between 20 and 25 cloth diapers.

Question: How Long Does a Cloth Diaper Insert Last?

Answer: These products can last up to 2 years or even more, based on how often you use them and how gently the washing program is. It’s also based on the insert’s quality and fabrics. If you want to prolong the insert’s lifecycle, you should have multiple inserts available so that the time between wash cycles gets longer.
Also, avoid washing or cleaning them at high temperatures. Other factors such as bleach or fabric softener could also damage the insert quicker than expected.

Bottom Line

All of the above cloth diaper inserts are good choices but you should take a purchasing decision based on your budget, needs, and lifestyle. Go through the buying process with your baby in mind. Does he or she have sensitive skin that’s prone to rashes? In that case, you should opt for natural fibers like hemp or organic cotton.

My personal favorite inserts are those made from hemp because, although they are the most expensive ones, they provide the highest level of absorbency, not to mention, these inserts are sustainable and they won’t contribute to the world’s pollution.

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