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Top 7 Best Cloth Baby Diapers You’ll Love

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Besides saving money in the long run, there are tons of lasting benefits that come with choosing cloth diapers over disposable ones. In this case, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine between these top nine cloth baby diapers for your little one based on their comfort and ease of use alone.

27.4 billion disposable diapers are used every year in the U.S., according to, accounting for plenty of waste. Most end up in landfills anyway and takes decades to entirely and properly break down.

With cloth diapers, you just dispose of the contents in your nearest toilet and wash the diapers. It may be a little added effort on your part, but the environmental benefits are hard to ignore.

Not only that, but diaper rash and discomfort is almost exclusively associated with plastic disposable diapers. While it’s true that in recent years disposable diapers have gotten more soft and comfortable for babies, wetness tends to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin much more when sitting in a disposable diaper rather than being absorbed in the fabric of a cloth one.

The cost of disposable diapers vs. cloth ones is probably more of an obvious one. The Bump reported that the average family would spend $2,000-$3,000 for their baby’s disposable diapers for the first two years of their life. Families who opt for cloth diapers and chose to wash and launder them themselves will spend closer to $800-$1,000. They may even be able to resell some of them if they’re in good usable condition.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with disposable diapers by any means. And if that works better for your family, then so be it. But it’s also worth giving some of these top cloth baby diapers a chance. Gone are the days where you have to rely strictly on squares of cloth and oversized safety pins to keep them in place. Instead, you get easy to use and easy to clean cloth diapers that will feel soft and cozy against your baby’s skin.

1. bumGenius Freetime All-in-One Snap Diapers

The bumGenuis Freetime All-in-One Diaper is designed just to snap closed, and that’s it. There are no inserts to worry about or extra padding to add to it to make it stronger.

There is, however, an extra microfiber layer already sewn into the lining and a waterproof covering on the outside to help prevent leaks from soaking through. The snaps on each side of the front of the diaper close securely and the tabs themselves are stretchy enough to fit around your growing baby’s belly.

Not only that, but the fabric inside of the diaper is designed to pull moisture away from your baby’s skin and help prevent diaper rash.

Sizes: The diaper will stretch to fit most babies and toddlers, from 7-35 pounds.

Material: It’s made from 100% polyester on the inside, along with a laminated polyester on the outside of the diaper.

Where To Buy: You can purchase the bumGenius Freetime on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Target.

The Best Part: For anyone new to cloth diapers, using these is almost as easy as putting a disposable one on your child.

The Not So Great: It might seem bulky on your baby, especially if your baby is younger or smaller.

Price: On Amazon, the bumGenius Freetime All-in-One Snap Diaper is $22. Check out the latest price!

2. Thirsties Snap Natural One Size All In One

The Thirsties Snap Natural One Size, All In One Diaper, is designed to look and fit like any standard disposable. It is good for your baby’s comfort and also convenient if they’re going from disposable to cloth.

The interior of the diaper is made up of three layers of organic cotton. In addition to that, there are soaker pads made to take the brunt of wetness, which contain several more layers of soft organic cotton to them. To put it on your baby, it takes just one simple step of slipping it on them and snapping the buttons closed, making it virtually effortless.

Sizes: The diaper comes in one size, meant to fit babies and toddlers from 8-40 pounds.

Material: Overall, it’s made up of organic hemp and cotton.

Where To Buy: You can buy them on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Target and Walmart.

The Best Part: There’s an added soft elastic around the legs that help keep leaks under control and also remains comfortable enough for growing baby legs.

The Not So Great: Before your initial use, you do have to wash and wash the diaper at least three times to get out the natural smells that come along with it.

Price: On Amazon, the Thirsties Snap Natural One Size All In One Diaper is $26. Check out the latest price!

3. Alvababy One Size Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Because of the different rows of snap buttons, you can adjust the Alvababy One Size Bamboo Fitted Diaper to fit your baby and toddler as they grow. This means you won’t have to veer away from the diaper and get anything else if this is the one that works for your family.

It’s also entirely machine washable, as to be expected, and the outer layer is waterproof enough to help keep leaks at bay while your baby is wearing it throughout the day and night. But just in case your little one is prone to more significant messes, the diaper also has a pocket where you can insert an extra layer of protection, should you need it.

Sizes: The single size of the Alvababy is designed to fit babies and toddlers from 6.6-33 pounds.

Material: It’s made from 80% bamboo and 20% dacron materials.

Where To Buy: You can find on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon at this time.

The Best Part: The insert to hold extra padding means less of a chance of messes leaking through your baby’s clothes or pajamas in the middle of the night.

The Not So Great: For some babies, the bamboo material may cause irritation.

Price: On Amazon, the Alvababy One Size Bamboo Fitted Diaper is $10. Check out the latest price!

4. Babygoal Baby Cloth Diapers

With the Babygoal Baby Cloth Diapers, they’ve thought of nearly everything to keep your baby comfortable while wearing them.

With plenty of different snap buttons to be able to adjust the diaper from newborn to toddler, you can get a lot of use out of them. Plus, there is the option to insert extra padded protection or simply add it to the inside of the diaper to help absorb any messes your baby might make before you have the chance to change their diaper.

They’ve also got polyester lining the inside lines to help wick away moisture from your baby’s skin and comfortable elastic pleating along the leg openings to keep messes inside the diaper.

Sizes: You can adjust the diaper to fit babies and toddlers from 8-35 pounds.

Material: The outside of the diaper is a waterproof and breathable fabric, while the interior is made from a suede material to keep moisture from your baby’s skin.

Where To Buy: You can primarily find the diaper on Amazon.

The Best Part: Not only can you fit inserts in the cloth diaper, but the ones that come with it are made of three layers of absorbent microfiber.

The Not So Great: Depending on your little one’s size, you could experience some leaks around the leg openings and waist.

Price: On Amazon, a 12-pack of Babygoal Baby Cloth Diapers is $69. Check out the latest price!

5. Best Bottom Cloth Diapers

As an easy starter cloth diaper for the less experienced families, the Best Bottom Cloth Diaperis one that isn’t super complicated or involved.

You just lay the diaper flay and place your little one top of it. Then, you can snap together the buttons according to the best fit for your baby or toddler. There are even inserts you can place inside to add extra absorbency and then take out when you no longer need to use them for your baby’s diapers. Plus, there are leg gussets to help guard against overnight leaks, much like disposable diapers tend to have built into them.

Sizes: The one size for the Best Bottom Cloth Diaper is designed to fit most babies and toddlers from 8-35 pounds.

Material: The diaper itself has USA-produced raw materials, while the inserts are each is from different material such as bamboo, microfiber, or hemp and organic cotton combination.

Where To Buy: You can buy the diaper on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Walmart.

The Best Part: The insert layers snap right onto the inside of the diaper so that they won’t fall out and you won’t have to pull them out of a pocket lining when it’s time to clean them.

The Not So Great: With all of the extra snap buttons exposed, they can make the diaper uncomfortable for your little one.

Price: On Amazon, the Best Bottom Cloth Diaper is $19. Check out the latest price!

6. Charlie Banana Diaper

The Charlie Banana Diaper automatically comes with two additional inserts to use if you need them. But what makes the diaper unique is the fact that you can insert disposable inserts as well, if that’s easier for you or preferred.

More than that, however, you also get a soft and comfortable cloth diaper for your little one, which is pretty important, considering they’ll likely be in diapers for quite some time before potty training has completed for them.

Speaking of which, you can also thank the Charlie Banana Diaper in advance for promoting potty training by making sure your toddler recognizes the feel of a wet diaper, as sometimes disposable diapers can absorb so much liquid, your toddler won’t even realize they have a soiled diaper.

Sizes: The diaper fit most babies and toddlers from newborn-30 months or 6-35 pounds.

Material: The inside of the diaper contains a soft hypoallergenic fleece material.

Where To Buy: You can purchase the diaper from the manufacturer’s website. Also on Amazon or in-store at Target and Buy Buy Baby.

The Best Part: The fleece lining on the inside adds a certain level of comfort and softness to your baby’s sensitive skin. Not many other cloth diapers can lay claim to.

The Not So Great: On the outside of the diaper, the fabric will start piling soon after the first wash, and although it doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of the cloth diaper, it does tend to get worse from there.

Price: On Amazon, the Charlie Banana Diaper is $23. Check out the latest price!

7. Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diapers

As the name suggests, the Rumparooz One-Size Cloth Diapers fit most babies and toddlers who are still in diapers. So right off the bat, you’ll know that you’ll never have to move up to another. And this is because there is only one size available.

It’s like four sizes in one of the exterior snap buttons. They enable you to adjust the cloth diaper accordingly as your little one grows. It also comes with a microfiber soaker to help absorb some of your baby’s soiled diaper messes and keep that moisture from sticking to their skin, which can cause diaper rash.

Plus, it’s the perfect way to ease into cloth diapers if you’re considering doing so. This since it has a soft interior lining and a design similar to that of a disposable diaper.

Sizes: The diaper fit babies and toddlers from 6-35 pounds.

Material: The inside has no-pill micro chamois material, while the exterior is waterproof polyester.

Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

The Best Part: With the different snap button adjustments, there is plenty of room to grow with the diaper.

The Not So Great: Overall the inserts for the diapers aren’t very absorbent or reliable.

Price: On Amazon, the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diapers are $27. Check out the latest price!

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right cloth diaper for your baby doesn’t have to be about figuring out how to properly tie or fasten corners of fabric together to make a diaper on your own.

As you can see with these particular cloth diapers, it’s just as easy to put one of them on your baby as it is to use a disposable diaper, only you’re getting tons of benefits along the way. Of course, if you try one and still prefer to use disposable diapers that’s entirely up to you, but in some cases, parents and caregivers even opt to use a combination of both.

While on the go, they’ll use disposable diapers since it can be easier to deal with those while away from home, then keep a steady supply of cloth diapers at home. Do what works best for you and your little one, but at the end of the day, it’s still hard to look past the possibility of switching over to cloth baby diapers completely.

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