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Best Cyber Monday Baby Deals 2022: Strollers, Car Seats

Best Cyber Monday Baby Deals 2022: Strollers, Car Seats

Black Friday and Cyber Monday baby deals are back!

The Holiday buying (and saving) season is upon us. It’s time to stock up for baby. Whether you have a half dozen already, or one on the way, there are always some great deals to be found on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

This page will continuously track the latest baby gear deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, Free Shipping Day, and all the days leading up to the Holiday period.

Below you can see various trackers overall and then broken down by specific category as well.


The Baby Swag Top Cyber Monday Baby Deal Right Now

The full list of deals is below, but this one is the TOP store-wide ones we are excited about (will be updated as the deals change)

Safer, Healthier, Better Sleep | Newton Baby

The only 100% breathable and washable crib mattress. Shop 20% off mattresses & pads + 40% off mattresses with the purchase of a crib!

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Finger Foods + Kids Meals | LitleSpoon

Fresh nutritious meals for toddler + big kids ready in seconds. First Time Customers Receive 20% Off Sitewide, code automatically applies at checkout.

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Best Cyber Monday Stroller Deals

evenflo pivot

Here you will find just the Cyber deals on strollers:

Best Cyber Monday Small Essentials (Pacifiers, Wipes, Diapers, etc…)

  • Munchkin Brand Deals: The popular baby accessories brand Munchkin is offering 20% off ENTIRE store inventory here. Deals are LIVE now. Highlights include:
  • Diaper Pails Here
  • Popular Munchkin LATCH bottles Here
  • A wide variety of Baby Gates Here
  • Honest Company Deals: Honest Company is offering 25% off their entire store here. Includes DIAPERS and WIPES, creams and cloths! Just use code “BRIGHT30” to save. Deals are LIVE now.
  • Babyganics Wet Wipes: I know you can find wet wipes in the closest store, but why not use this deal and build a supply that will last for months, and it’s fragrance-free? Use this deal while it’s 31% OFF and get it here!
  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: From newborn to toddler, you can’t escape the butt cream, and without doubts, this one does miracles when it comes to rashes, and right now it’s 28% OFF. 
  • Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Baby Bottle Feeding Gift Set: Tommee Tippee is a well-trusted brand and their bottles are used worldwide, and right now there is an excellent discount on a full set, so use the chance and get them at 40% OFF.
  • NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottles (3 Pack): Extra bottles are always a must-have, especially since boiling them and sterilizing might change their color. This extra set of 3 is currently 32% OFF, so you can find them here!
  • NUK Simply Natural Bottles Gift Set: Sets are always a better choice than individual bottles, as these are usually a great deal, and right now the whole NUK collection is discounted, and these are 44% OFF.
  • Graco Simple Sway Swing: In the first months of your baby’s life, you will need a rocking chair like this one from Graco, so right now you can use this chance and get it at 25% OFF.
  • Baby Beside Sleeper Bassinet: Have you been looking for a crib lately? This one comes at 23% OFF and you can find it right here!
  • Sealy Baby Select Baby Crib Mattress: The crib mattress with soybean core is right now at 33% OFF so hurry up and grab yours right here.
  • Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed: This mattress and toddler bed is currently at a great discount of 14% so use your chance and get it here!
  • Forehead Thermometer Non-Contact: This non-contact thermometer is currently 35% OFF, so right now you can find it here, and get it before the supplies last, which is definitely soon.
  • Dr. Brown’s Options+ Baby Bottles First Year Feeding Gift Set: Sets are always a better ideas, especially right now when they are at such of discount at 23% OFF. You can find the whole collection right here, including brushes for cleaning.
  • Silicone Baby Bibs: Babies always know how to make a mess when eating, and right now, these packs of 2 are the only thing that can save you time cleaning, and now they are 42% OFF.
  • Tommee Tippee Insulated Sportee Toddler Water Bottle: These sports toddler water bottles are a great way to keep your little one hydrated, and right now, they are 17% OFF and you can find them here!
  • Toddler Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder: Toddlers love colors and funny toys, and if you are struggling with potty training, this might be the perfect armor to do so! Right now the toilet seat with step stool ladder is 34% OFF and you can find it here.
  • CleverMade Backpack Laundry Duffle Bag: Baby clothes are more delicate and need washing without any grown-up clothes, so this is the perfect duffle bag to use for that and now it’s 15% OFF.

Best Cyber Monday Car Seat Deals

graco grows4me

Similarly, if you are looking for car seats, watch this section:

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Baby Monitor Deals

vtech baby monitor



For top Cyber deals on baby monitors, check this section:

  • VTech VM5463-2 Video Baby Monitor: Even if you thought you can make it without baby monitor, let me tell you, you can’t, especially when you’re going to be alone with the baby at some point. The VTech monitor is an excellent deal right now at 24% OFF, so get yours here!
  • GOODBABY Video Baby Monitor: This video baby monitor is an excellent choice that comes with night vision as well. Real-time monitoring and rotation of the monitor make it a wor’th deal, and right now it’s 18% OFF, so hurry up while the supplies still last.
  • VAVA Baby Monitor: All parents need a baby monitor that is loud in case your baby wakes up and you are a heavy sleeper. This right now offers 7x more volume, and right now it’s 20% OFF.
  • Victure Baby Monitor: This 1080p baby monitor is so easy to use and comes with two-way anti-noise tech, so right now you can find it at 36% OFF here.
  • VTech VM350-2 Baby Monitor: VTech monitors are always of the greatest quality and with many functions, and right now this model is 23% OFF and you can find it here!
  • Sprinkler for Kids: It may not be summer anymore, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this deal and save it for summer. Right now the sprinkler is 32% OFF and you can find it here!
  • [lasso identifier="B00ECHYTBI" locale="US" tag="tbscyberdeals-20" style="text-decoration: underline;" link_id="3362096" id="48636" ref="infant-optics-dxr-8-video-baby-monitor-link"]: This popular baby monitor is on sale with a [lasso identifier="B00ECHYTBI" locale="US" tag="thebabyswag-20" style="text-decoration: underline;" link_id="3362097" id="48636" ref="infant-optics-dxr-8-video-baby-monitor-link"]. Deal is LIVE now.
  • Cocoon Cam Plus Baby Monitor Deal: This baby monitor comes with breathing sensing and smart app integration, [easyazon_link identifier="B07BRKFS24" locale="US" tag="tbscyberdeals-20" style="text-decoration: underline;" link_id="3362104"]available for 39% off at this listing.
  • Summer Infant Explore Panoramic Baby Monitor Deal: This wide range baby monitor is available here for 30% off today only.
  • Nanit Smart Baby Monitor Deal: This next gen baby monitor features night vision, sleep tracking, and environmental sensors. Normally $250, it’s Nanit Smart Baby Monitor.

Cyber Monday Baby Carrier Deals

Carriers have become quite popular, typically you can find some great deals:

Cyber Monday Deals on Toys

nerf guns darts

Only the best quality Black Friday baby toy deals will be listed (and Cyber Week later on):

  • Kids Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns: All kids love to shoot and Nerf darts are such a great gift for guaranteed fun. Right now, the whole set comes at 23% OFF.
  • Teepee Tent for Kids: Tents can be a fun decoration for the kid’s room, but they can also have fun playing and hiding in it. Right now the Teepee tent is 15%OFF so get yours right here!
  • Disney Baby Finding Nemo Ray Ocean Gym: Who says newborns don’t like to have fun? They are playful and want shiny things, so this gym is such a good exercise for their development and right now it’s 46%OFF.
  • Fisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop Raceway: All kids love racing and playing with tiny cars, and this Fisher-Price set is right now discounted at 20% OFF and you can get it right here!
  • LEGO Creator 3in1 Fire Dragon: Kids and parents love fixing up Lego sets together, and right now the dragon comes at a 20% discount and you can find the set here!
  • LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck: Another great gift for the kids for the upcoming holidays is this ice cream truck which is 20% OFF as well, so get yours right here!
  • CubicFun Race Tracks: This toy is a really fun way for kids to practice their motor skills, and to learn the colors and types of vehicles there are like police, firetrucks, etc. Right now it’s 29% OFF and you can find it here.
  • Toy Choi’s Pretend Play Series Transformable Workbench Toy Tool: All kids adore workbenches and tools that will stand right there, and this is the perfect opportunity to get one, as this one is 27% OFF.
  • Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs: This is a very good activity toy for little babies and toddlers and right now is at 34% OFF.
  • Play Doh Deals: Amazon is offering up to 50% off a wide selection of Play Doh righ here. Deal is LIVE for Cyber Monday.
  • Brio Deluxe Railway Set Deal: These timeless trains are available for 34% off at this listing. Definitely worth picking up and sure to be a hit with the little ones.
  • Skoolzy Peg Board: Instead of blocks, this is also an amazing way for your kids to enjoy building and right now this toy is 49% OFF and you can find it here!
  • Friends LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk Building Kit: All kids love LEGOS and most parents love FRIENDS, so this is the perfect win-win situation for both sides when it comes to playing, and right now the set is 20% OFF.
  • Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers: Toddlers love puzzles, and to keep them last longer, wooden ones are always a better choice. These right here are currently 32% OFF and you can find them here!
  • LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F40 Building Kit: I don’t think there is a better gift for boys right now, as we all know how they want to assemble cars and taking them apart. This is currently 20% so hurry up and get it!

How to Get the Best Baby Deals Online: Some Tips

If you are new to parenting, about to become a parent or just want to find that perfect gift for the mom or dad in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Who wants to rush out to the overcrowded shopping center? Line up for hours just to get a good deal, when you can put on a pair of cozy pajamas, fire up your laptop and shop from home. Online shopping makes life so much easier, but let’s face it – you want to get the best Black Friday baby deals!

Here are my best Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Green Monday saving tips:

Get online and do your homework now

Start by making a list of all the products you are looking for. Choose brand name strollers and baby items that you trust. Do your own comparative analysis – how much would you typically spend? Know the prices of the products you want to buy first to find out if the savings are worth it.

Beware of the stroller deals with unknown brands – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Yes, you can find name brand stroller discounts during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but you have to careful with non-brand name knockoff discounts. This goes for all your staples too, such as diapers, creams, lotions. Don’t go discount on the products that you love, instead look for discounts on the products you really want to buy.

Now is the time to get Amazon Prime.

I highly recommend Amazon Prime. It makes shopping fast, easy, super convenient. That’s why I shop online in the first place. The savings in shipping quickly pay for itself, plus with additional savings on faster shipping, this can be a real parents lifesaver. If you are out of diapers, formula, or any of the necessities, you can often get these delivered straight to your door within 2 hours!

There will also be some steep discounts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals only for Prime Members! What are you waiting for? Become an Amazon Prime member now!

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial.

Do your research to get the best deals!

Look for the brands you love. Not sure what you want to get yet? That’s okay. Now is the time (before Cyber Monday!) to do your research. Compare and contrast two brands you are thinking of buying first. The more you know, the smarter you can shop. You can check out our extensive library of products, comparisons, and reviews to get you started!

Get Amazon Coupons!

While there are many great deals on Amazon, you can save even more with Amazon Coupons. Amazon makes it easy to clip and use their coupons – the page is loaded with diaper deals, cleaning, and household products! While you might not be able to find another discount for a top of the line stroller, you’ll be able to save on the essentials that you’ll need while baby is around!

Check out Flipboard for Cyber Monday Deals!

One site that I’ve recently found (and love) is Flipboard. There are a lot of curated pages on Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals there! It’s also a great place to do your product research. Look for topics such as “Black Friday Deals”, “Online Shopping deals”, “Cyber Monday Deals”, “Deals and Sales Alerts”, “Promo Codes”, “Cyber Monday sales” to find some amazing resources! If you find a baby deal that we need to know about, please share it with us!

Big-Ticket Items Can Have Big Discounts!

Now is the time to splurge on items like strollers, car seats, playsets, playards, cribs and more! There can be some great big ticket item discounts during Cyber Monday deals. Keep checking this page to get the best discounts, sales, and Cyber Monday must-haves!

Cyber Monday is Often Better than Black Friday!

While we love Black Friday deals, we have to admit that Cyber Monday is the time when you can get some amazing baby deals! Many retailers and name brands do not go on sale UNTIL Cyber Monday. In my experience, this is the day to shop for big-ticket items and is especially true for all things like electronics, so you might want to wait on that high-end baby monitor to get steep discounts.

If you can’t wait for Cyber Monday or find a too-good-to-pass-up sale of baby items, then go for it! But I highly recommend saving some of your budget for the stroller deals, baby electronic deals for Cyber Monday specials!

We’re here to help! Check here for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips, discounts, and tricks to get the most bang for your buck!

8. Cyber Monday 2020 Shopping Tips from Amazon!

Here are the Cyber Monday shopping tips directly from Amazon and we thought we’d share with you too!

  • Become a regular on Today’s Deals–check out the Deal of the Day and today’s Lightning Deals.
  • Sign up for deals daily emails so you won’t miss tomorrow’s Deal of the Day and other top deals.
  • Like us on Facebook to receive updates about deals, Cyber Monday deals, and exclusive Amazon content.
  • Follow @amazondeals on Twitter. We’ll tweet about Cyber Monday deals, all our Deals of the Day, and Lightning Deals.
  • Install the Amazon mobile app and shop our deals from anywhere.
  • Install Amazon Assistant to get daily top deal notifications in your browser.

How to Shop Cyber Monday Baby Deals Like a Pro

Last year, the deals were a bit overwhelming. I didn’t know when to buy exactly and got a bit carried away with some “not so deal” deals. This year, I put together a little cheat sheet below to stay disciplined.

Here are my top tips:

Know the Return Policy: Certain retailers like Amazon are generally great, but particularly for smaller sites, make sure you know the return policy on baby gear. Nothing is worse than a gift that can’t be used OR returned… The worst offender is Best Buy, which only allows a 15-day return window with lots of documentation.

  • Free Shipping = No Hassles: Most savvy online retailers will have free shipping, but there are still a few that don’t.
  • Know the 2-Day Delivery Window: Typically, up until the end of day on December 21st is your last surefire window for on-time 2-day delivery. However, different retailers have different policies. Amazon will even dynamically update shipping estimates for specific products on their listing pages!
  • Have a List (and stick to it): Come up with an ideal list of gifts that you want to get for baby and then systematically watch pages like this to see when the deals hit.
  • Stick to Name Brands: Especially online, the proliferation of off-brand or knock-off brands has been dramatic in the past 3 years. If you don’t recognize the brand name – particularly for baby gear – don’t get fooled by steep discounts.

When is the Best Time to Find Cyber Monday Baby Deals?

I get this question a lot. Typically, the biggest drops in prices are on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Afterward, prices might increase by 5-10% but will remain steeply discounted until supplies run out.

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday Baby Deals

So which day is better? It definitely varies by brand and store, but I’ve found that Cyber Monday is slightly better across the board, especially for baby deals, stroller deals, and all things moms and dads are looking for. The problem is, not all of the same items will be discounted. Better to price target certain products and pull the trigger when it hits your number.

Keep Coming Back!

Don’t be overwhelmed! We’re here to help you find the best baby deals around! It might seem like a lot of work to find the best deals, but really it’s not that difficult. Bookmark this page. We will keep you updated! If you find any amazing deals that we have missed, please let us know! Leave a comment and we’ll add them to the list.

Have a great time shopping!

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