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The Beaba 360 Degree Spoon Review: All You Need To Know

The Beaba 360 Degree Spoon Review: All You Need To Know
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As soon as your baby graduates from that infant stage, they start learning to do things for themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s about holding their bottle, crawling, or even beginning to try and use a spoon or plastic fork, they’re suddenly so independent. What they may not realize, however, is how hard some of these tasks are at first.

As far as eating goes, with the Beaba 360 Degree Spoon, you can at least make that transition a little easier for your little girl or boy to handle. Literally, it’s easy to hold the spoon and use it with minimal spills, unlike some other eating utensils out there for babies.

Beaba 360 Degree Spoon

It’s recommended that you begin incorporating baby food around 4-6 months old, so not long after that, your baby might start to get curious about the spoon you’ve been using to make those buzzing bees or nosy airplanes to get him or her to eat some solids along with the bottle.

While small plastic or rubber baby spoons certainly make gripping more accessible for small hands and get babies used to the idea of holding such a tool themselves, there’s no denying the messes that come along with the newfound interest.

This is why the Beaba 360 Degree Spoon is so useful since your baby can hold onto the plastic piece that naturally rotates around the actual self-leveling spoon, meaning that even if they tilt their hand the wrong way, the food on the spoon still won’t tip over and fall out.

And when your child gets the hang of it, you can even lock the spoon’s parts into place so your child can then use it as a standard plastic spoon. There’s no telling how long your child will need to get the hang of feeding him or herself, and the Beaba makes the transition and learning experience that much easier each step of the way.


  • As a self-leveling spoon, the outer piece rotates around the spoon. Thus, your child won’t spill its contents if their hands aren’t quite steady with it just yet.
  • The handle locks into place for older children to continue to get used out of the spoon or for when your baby begins to learn how to use it without help.
  • It’s BPA, lead, and phthalate-free. You will not have to worry about your little one’s safety.
  • It can be especially useful for children with cerebral palsy.
  • Babies as young as six months old can even begin to handle the spoon, which could put them above the learning curve.


  • It can be the perfect stepping stone to allow your child to learn how to use a regular spoon eventually.
  • The self-leveling part of the spoon makes spills and messes much less frequent as your child fees him or herself.
  • Since it’s relatively inexpensive, you probably won’t have a hard time stocking up on a few to have at once.
  • Due to the deep cut of the spoon, it can also hold more food than some other flatter baby spoons.


  • Kids who are first learning how to use the spoon may accidentally try and hold it by the non-leveling part. This will make it harder to use the spoon properly.
  • Your baby may still find a way to remove the food from the spoon. It may create a mess even with a self-leveling spoon at your disposal.
  • There may be times when the rotation catches for a minute and stops, which can be frustrating for some little ones.


How Others Compare

NUK Gerber Graduates Learner Spoon

NUK Gerber Graduates Learner Spoon

Part of the problem with babies and toddlers learning to feed themselves is actually getting the food from the bowl or plate to their mouth. With the NUK Gerber Graduates Learner Spoon you get a spoon that’s extra deep on each side and even has a deep pocket made for scooping up and keeping food in it.

This prevents some of it from falling out as your child works on getting it to their mouth. It also has a soft tip, which is gentle on your child’s budding teeth and sometimes sensitive gums, which means that they can also probably bite down on it without any discomfort or pain.

The spoon itself is thick and round enough for small hands to be able to grasp relatively easily and when it comes time to clean the spoon, it’s completely dishwasher safe. The set comes with two in it, so you’ll get more for your buck, and it can be used for children ages 9 months and up.


  • The entire spoon is soft, which is perfect for little ones who are just starting to learn how to use a spoon and may bite down or drop it from time to time.
  • It’s deep enough to hold a decent amount of baby food, so since your baby may accidentally spill some out of the spoon, they’ll still get enough in their bite.
  • There are also little grooves in the spoon to help keep food from pouring or falling out right away, whether it’s something like applesauce or spaghetti.
  • The spoons come at an affordable price.


  • For some little ones, the spoon may be too large to fit in their mouth or just a little bit awkward, given its size meant to be able to hold a decent amount of baby food at once.
  • Since the deep pocket of the spoon also gets filled, it can be difficult to actually empty out from time to time as your baby feeds him or herself.
  • It can be more difficult to use with solid foods rather than pureed ones.
NUK Gerber Graduates 2 Piece Learner Spoons

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Kidvana Blue Dolphin Cutlery Fork And Spoon Set

Kidvana Blue Dolphin Cutlery Fork And Spoon Set

Like the Beaba 360 Degree Spoon, the Kidvana Blue Dolphin Cutlery Fork, and Spoon Set has a unique design, but it’s more about a curved shape in order to help your child along the way in that fashion.

The handle is made from a soft material that also makes for more comfortable gripping with small hands, but the tips of the spoon and fork are made from durable stainless steel.

Although there’s no guarantee that the utensils, which are right-handed, will work for your child, the curved design is meant to make it easier for them to get the spoon and fork from the plate or bowl and to their mouth with minimal mess. There’s no precise age range for the spoon and fork set, but babies and small children alike can both enjoy it.


  • The set is completely dishwasher safe, which makes clean up that much easier each time, especially if you have more than one set to clean at once.
  • The handles of the fork and spoon are made from a soft BPA-free material, while the tips are actually stainless steel.
  • The ergonomic design of the fork and spoon makes eating easier for some kids, whose natural inclination it is to bend their wrist in a way to go along with the curve of the utensil.


  • At this time, it appears that the set only comes in a right-handed option, which can be difficult for children who are left-handed or have a hard time eating with their right.
  • It may not be affordable for some families, especially as there’s no guarantee that it’ll work for their child correctly.
  • There’s still the chance that your child will dip the spoon and cause food to fall off of it while trying to feed him or herself.

Playtex Curve Spoon

Playtex Curve Spoon

The Playtex Curve Spoo is relatively new as far as baby and toddler spoons go. However, it too has a unique design to make learning to self-feed easier for your little one.

The spoon curves around to mimic the way your child naturally grasp and hold it, making it feel more natural to them. Luckily, this means less of a chance of messes and inadvertently shooting spoonfuls of food at the wall or you as they try and scoop it up into their spoon.

The actual tip of the spoon is wide, but short, so while it doesn’t have taller sides to hold more food, it is easy for most babies to put it in their mouth themselves


  • The spoons are more affordable than some others, especially for the unique and ergonomic design.
  • The hard plastic makes the spoon plenty durable, especially since babies will use it plenty over time.
  • It’s full enough to fit a substantial amount of baby food for each feeding.


  • Since the shape isn’t exactly like that of a standard spoon, your child may have trouble transitioning to an actual straight spoon when the time comes.
  • It can be difficult for left-handed children to use the spoon, due to its natural curvature properly.
  • For some babies, the handle might be almost too wide for them to comfortably grasp it in their hand.
Playtex Baby Curve Early Self-Feeding Spoons
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Spuni Baby’s First Feeding Spoon


The Spuni Baby’s First Feeding Spoon calls itself the first baby spoon designed to help promote latching. It’s made to be a healthy and easy transition from liquid to solid foods for your baby, and it even holds enough to prevent choking hazards or to overfeed in one sitting.

The entire spoon is actually made from a soft medical grade TPU, which is the same material used in most pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. So not only is it plenty safe for your baby to eat from and even bite down on, but it is likely a material they’re already experienced with.

This also means that the spoon is gentle enough on tender teething baby gums. For cleaning, it’s top-rack dishwasher safe, and it even comes with a clear plastic traveling case to hold two at one time.


  • For younger babies who may not even be ready to grab the spoon themselves, it’s easier to latch onto the spoon than most others, which can help them get used to it.
  • The material is durable, but also soft and gentle on your baby’s gums.
  • Although the spoons don’t hold very much food, that means that they do prevent some choking hazards and help prevent messes from too much food being piled onto them.


  • The scoop part of the spoon is tilted forward for ease of use, but it’s also a little thick, making scooping difficult for some.
  • After a couple of months of using the spoon, your baby may need or want more food at once, so the little the spoons hold may not be enough anymore.
Spuni - First Baby Spoon for 4 Months Onwards
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Final Thoughts

Buying a specific spoon for your toddler might not seem like something high on the list of must-haves. However, it really can be beneficial to them. Of course, they can eventually get the hang of using a standard spoon to eat. But with the help of something like the Beaba 360 Degree Spoon, they can get a little extra help from the start.

Using a spoon on their own for the first few times and inevitably making a mess or dropping the spoon’s contents can bring about some understandable discouragement. The Beaba can help your child gain some confidence right from the start as they learn to eat on their own.

And when it’s time to transition from that first stage of learning, your older child can still use the spoon with the handle locked into place, so you don’t need to get rid of it just because they learn how to use it properly. It’s an all-around win-win situation, and for such an affordable price, it’s more than worth it to give the Beava 360 Degree Spoon a try for your little one.

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