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Baby’s Only vs Earth’s Best Formula: Which is The Best For Your Needs?

Baby’s Only vs Earth’s Best Formula: Which is The Best For Your Needs?
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Whether you’ve decided to go the formula route by choice, necessity, or a little of both, there are tons to choose from for a variety of your baby’s specific needs. But since Baby’s Only vs Earth’s Best formula are easily two of the better options when it comes to organic formula, it’s important to look at them both.

In order to truly determine which is the stronger option of the two, you’ll have to look at them both from all angles and really understand all they offer and what they both lack. Because as good as they are, there will be some downsides that make them easier to compare.

Take Baby’s Only Formula, for example. It might meet all of the requirements for nutrition that babies need, but it’s actually meant for toddlers only. You could discuss with your healthcare professional whether or not you can use it for your own baby, but it’s meant for toddlers only.

On the flipside, Earth’s Best can be used for the first 12 months of your baby’s life. Baby’s Only is more affordable, however, which makes it a little more attainable for some parents. But they’re both formulas that are made with organic ingredients, and the nutrition little ones need to grow and develop at a healthy rate.

Since they have their differences, though, let’s look at Baby’s Only vs. Earth’s Best Formula to really determine the best overall baby formula between the two.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: If you are specifically looking for an organic formula WITHOUT corn syrup, definitely go with Baby’s Only here. Otherwise, Earth’s Best has more formula varities and specialties available.

Baby’s Only

baby's only toddler formula

While Baby’s Own Organic Formula may be meant for toddlers only, it does offer so many nutritional benefits that you really can’t ignore. It’s formulated to be a healthier choice than even real cow’s milk.

It’s non-GMO and contains DHA and ARA, which break down o become fatty acids that support rapid brain development in toddlers. The formula is also made with milk from cows not treated with hormones or in contact with fertilizers and pesticides.

The Baby’s Only Formula has a lot of the proteins and vitamins naturally found in breastmilk, so once your toddler is ready to switch to milk after the infant stage, you can use this instead to give them a more concentrated option of nutrition. To obtain the right level of DHA, Baby’s

Only actually uses egg yolks instead of the hexane-filtered algae of other formulas, which is another big plus. It’s also just naturally more gentle on most little stomachs, meaning that it could be your toddler’s answer to gas and digestion issues when it comes to formula. It’s not suitable for infants, but it does still offer so many nutritional benefits for your growing toddler.


  • Key Ingredients: Some of the important ingredients include DHA and ARA, like organic nonfat milk, egg yolks, and sunflower oil
  • Child Age Range: The formula is made for toddlers after 12 months of age
  • Sizes: It comes in 12.7-ounce cans
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls on the Baby’s Only Formula


  • It’s made without corn syrup, which can be hard to find, even with organic formulas
  • The formula makes for an easy transition from breastmilk and back again if necessary
  • It’s not on the pricier side despite being an organic formula
  • Most little ones can digest it easily with little to no gas issues, and it can actually help those who already have issues related to formula digestion
  • Because it can help with constipation in toddlers, they might also sleep through the night more easily with this formula


  • Although you may be able to use it for babies if you consult with your pediatrician, it’s designed for toddlers.
  • You can only purchase it online, so if you need a can in the middle of the night, you’re going to run into some trouble.
  • Some children may not respond well to the taste.


“I eventually had to transition my infant from just breastmilk to formula… we did both for a while. I hate the idea of formula but life and circumstances so I had to supplement and then rely on formula. Baby’s Only made me feel better about using a formula. After much research, the information I could gather, also relying on friends and family, pointed me in the direction to try Baby’s Only dairy with whey. We have had no problems!” – Lauren Hood Hogan on Amazon.

“One of the best thing I have ever found for my daughter! As a parent of a child with reflux problems, it is so hard watching her go through it. I wish all babies never have to go through such a thing. I was at my wits end when I found this and thought I would try it. This formula is fantastic and has helped my daughter so much. It is so gentle on the stomach and my daughter found it quite palatable.” – Caitlin Goodrow on Amazon.

“This is the only formula my daughter’s sensitive system has been able to handle. It was an absolute lifesaver for us after I couldn’t breastfeed. She was often so fussy with tummy troubles until we stumbled onto this formula. Thank goodness, a formula that she could eat without being in pain later.” – Kaitlyn Alsman on Amazon.

“I researched hours, days, weeks, months for the best organic formula for my daughter. Went back and forth between different ones. When I chose this one, my pediatrician’s office even analyzed the nutrients from this one vs some of the other top brands and said this one was perfect.” – Ashley B. on Amazon.

Baby's Only Organic Dairy Toddler Formula
$124.99 ($1.64 / Ounce)
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03/06/2024 05:40 pm GMT

Earth’s Best

eaths best dairy baby formula

You probably already know Earth’s Best Organic Formula for being one of the more popular organic formulas out there right now.

And compared to Baby’s Only Organic Formula, this one might be a little more useful. It’s designed for babies right from birth, o you won’t have to wait until your child is a toddler or consult with a physician to make sure they’re at the right age to drink it. Like Baby’s Only, though, Earth’s Best has DHA and ARA for your baby’s growth and development.

The Baby’s Only Formula has no corn syrup solids added in the ingredients and it’s formulated to be as close to real breastmilk as possible. This can potentially make the transition to the formula from exclusive breastfeeding a little easier on your little one.

Earth’s Best also has prebiotic fiber for your baby’s immune system and lutein for their eyes. It might be on the more expensive side, especially when compared to Baby’s Only, but Earth’s Best is made to give your baby a healthy and tasty alternative to breastmilk from the moment they’re born.


  • Key Ingredients: Some of the main ingredients are organic nonfat milk, organic sunflower oil, and organic coconut oil.
  • Child Age Range: You can use it for the first 12 months of your baby’s life.
  • Sizes: It comes in a 23.2-ounce can.
  • Where To Buy: You can buy it on Amazon and in-store at Target.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent, or current recalls on Earth’s Best Organic Formula.


  • It’s gentle on most babies’ tummies.
  • You can find it online and in-store, which is a plus if you prefer to buy formula in person.
  • You can use it for your baby right from birth as their primary formula if needed.
  • Most little ones actually enjoy the taste of Earth’s Best.
  • It mixes well and doesn’t need to be shaken to do so, thus leaving fewer bubbles behind.


  • It may be easier for some babies to digest Baby’s Only compared to Earth’s Best.
  • Although it might result in less gassiness, some babies may become constipated after drinking this formula.
  • The taste is easier for some babies to handle, but the smell can be a little fishy.


“I really like this formula. It’s easy on my son’s tummy, it mixes well, and I like the ingredients. Many other formulas have extra junk like corn syrup solids, hydrogenated nonfat milk, and maltodextrin. That’s not stuff I want to give to my baby. Earth’s Best has ingredients like organic lactose and organic nonfat milk.” – Natasha Havens on Amazon.

“My boy took this without any issue! I had been breastfeeding up until he was 10 months old, when I was no longer producing enough to keep up, so we started supplementing with this. He switches back and forth between breastmilk and this happily!” – Johnye Passmore on Amazon.

“We love this formula for our now four month old! We went through about three or four other sensitive type formula before landing on this one. This one does not cause her any discomfort and really did help with the gas that she was having . We also use the regular Earth’s Best Infant Formula for our son and we loved that also so I should’ve just tried this from the start !” – Dina Wilson on Amazon.

“This is the only formula my three month old drinks. We switched from breastmilk to formula one month ago and this formula made the transition easy. She digests it well, and because it is for fussy tummies, she seems to have less gas and burp-ups than breastmilk.” – Jamie Horton on Amazon.

Earths Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula
$33.24 ($1.58 / Ounce)

Omega 3 DHA and Omega 6 ARA fatty acids naturally found in breast milk to support brain and eye development, Iron for healthy development.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 09:30 am GMT

The Verdict: Baby’s Only or Earth’s Best?

When you have two baby formulas that are so similar, it can be difficult to really get a handle on the better option. In this case, the better option between Baby’s Only and Earth’s Best is going to be Earth’s Best.

It’s made to feed your baby for the first 12 months of their life when getting nutrients and vitamins from formula or breastmilk is especially crucial. It’s also attainable in-store, which is a big plus when you run out of formula unexpectedly and can’t wait for a shipment to come in.

Baby’s Only does have the benefit of being one of the only baby formulas that don’t list high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient, which most parents love. And even though it’s made for toddlers, it’s a way to ensure they’re getting everything they need as they move onto solid foods.

If you don’t want corn syrup as an ingredient, definitely go with Baby’s Only here.

At the end of the day, though, Earth’s Best comes in so many varieties for a wider range of ages to really give your infant what they need when breastmilk won’t do, or you need to supplement.

Final Thoughts on Earth’s Best vs Baby’s Only

Neither the Baby’s Only or the Earth’s Best Formula are bad, but when it comes down to it, they simply offer different benefits.

Where here the stronger option might be the Earth’s Best, Baby’s Only Formula is still a solid option for any parent looking for a toddler formula for their little one after the first 12 months.

If you need strictly baby formula, however, Earth’s Best is the more logical choice here.

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