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Best Unique Baby Names with Biblical Meanings

Best Unique Baby Names with Biblical Meanings

Are you looking to come up with a unique name for your baby?

Many people use names from the Bible as inspiration for what they’re looking to name their children. Whether you’re looking for a name that has a truly biblical meaning to bring your child closer to God or you’re simply looking for something that nobody else will name their child, there are many options for you to consider. 

If you know a little bit about Bible History, you will likely and know that in the Old Testament, profits give their children names based on the Symbolization of the prophetic Ministry that they ran.

One of the prophets in the Old Testament Hosea named his son Lo-Ammi, meaning that his son was labeled to be no longer the people of God.

As a Christian parent, you’ll likely want to choose a baby name from the Bible that will hold a specific interest for your child. There are a lot of different names that you can pull from the Bible to name your child.

However, if you’re looking to offer a unique name to your baby,  it can take a while to go through all of the scripture that you need to find a unique name. 

So, that’s why today, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you get inspiration for unique names that are inspired by the Bible. Keep reading to learn more! 

Biblical names for boys

There are lots of male names that appear in the Bible. However, there are some names that are in the Bible that are more memorable than other names and they usually start with J or start with C.

Some of the most memorable male names in the Bible include Jacob, Michael, Paul, and even know up. However, if you’re looking for more unique names that aren’t commonly found, we’ve created this list for you. 


If you read the Christian Bible, you may be familiar with this name. It literally means ‘son’. you can find this name used in the story of Abel and Cain.


This name is technically a unisex name. However, the meeting of it breaks down to meaning ‘my father is God and Hebrew. 


The pronunciation of this name is very similar to amen. However, this is a shortened version of Amminadab. the meaning of this name is a friend of the prince. So, if you believe that the name of your child will outline your child’s destiny, this name will ensure that your child has a lot of friends.


This name has a similar sound to it like Elijah or Isaiah, which may be something you’d be interested in using if you like the way that those names sound.

The meaning of this name Raystown to the strength of God. So, if you’re not interested in naming at you are a son Elijah or Isaiah, this is another great alternative for you to consider. You can related the pronunciation of this name to the word amazing. 


How do you break down of this name translates to “in the shadow of God” this is a very uncommon Biblical name oh, is it highlights that the child is with being divine God.

You can find the story that contains this name when you read the story that talks about Moses. Moses provides Bezalel With the insight and knowledge that he needs to become a great Workman. After getting this knowledge from Moses, Bezalel works to build the first building that’s made for God.


You can find this name located in the Old Testament. Haggai It’s one of the smaller profits that help to write about people returning to Jerusalem. Translated, this same basically means pleasant in Hebrew.


You’ll find this name in the Bible when the Bible talks about Noah’s sons. Japheth is the name of Noah’s oldest son. Translated, you’ll find that the word “expansion” in Hebrew.

If you find that your son has an adventurous personality, this name may fit him very well. This is a name that sounds exactly how it’s spelled, so if you are somebody that struggles with pronunciation, you may also want to consider this Biblical name. 


Translated, this name means “white” in Hebrew. You can use this name to serve as a symbolization of Purity or goodness. you only find this name it mentioned once in the Bible as the name of a man. However, this name is the name of the father of one of Jacob’s wives.


The translation of this name basically means an individual who comforts. You can find Nahum In the Old Testament. Nahum was able to predict the breakdown of Nineveh. This is a very sentimental name, so maybe something you want to name your son if you’re hoping to find a name that describes a sweetheart of a personality. 


Pekah Translated means awakened. It can also be broken down into a meeting with eyes open in Hebrew. You’ll find it as a name in the Bible for the 18th king of Israel. It does have a similar sound to it as Peter. However, this is a lot more unique and you likely won’t find anybody else whose son has this name. 

Biblical names for girls

There aren’t as many female names that appear in the Bible. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any to be found. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular biblical names for girls that also have a cherishable meaning.


Ada is originally a Hebrew name that means happy, Noble, or adorned. You could also break down the spelling of this name by spelling it Adah or Aada. 


Athalia’s name in the Bible isn’t something that many people would find to be pretty. The translation of this name literally means to be taken away from God. Athalia Serves as the only queen of Judah. And while she does have a murderous nature in the Bible, this name could be turned into a symbol of feminine pride.


Are you looking for a feminine name that’ll allow you to name your child after a blessing? That’s literally with this name translates to. If you’re looking for a name that has a straw “a” presented in it, this is a great alternative how to use if you’ve also considered naming your child Olivia. 


This is the name of the son of Levi. Merari Turned out to be a wonderful leader in the Bible. While the name does translate too bitter, it also could be a name that designates strength. While many May believe that this is a masculine name, it’s very similar to the name Mary. That’s why we believe that this would be a highly appropriate name for girls.


Translated, this name literally means Queen. This is one of the strongest devil names for females that you’ll be able to find it we’re looking for a name that truly highlights feminine power. Also, if your parent that’s been considering naming your child a power name, this may be another alternative for you to look into.


This name is the original name that was given to the woman whose name was later named ‘Sarah’ by God. Translated, you’ll find that this name means “princess” when it’s translated from Hebrew. If you’ve wanted to name your baby girl Princess, but wanted something more unique, this is a great name. 


You’ll find this name of the Bible in the Old Testament. Tirzah is the daughter of Zelophehad. Basically, this name translates from Hebrew to thin meaning favorable. This is an extremely uncommon name. However, it’s still a very easy name to pronounce. If you’re looking to name your child something that has a heavy “z” sound to it, this is a great option to consider.


Question: What name means gift from God?

Answer: There are a few different baby names that translate to a gift from God. These names include:

• Beatris (translated from happy in Latin)
• Gwen (translated from fair in Welsh). (Check out more Welsh Baby Names here!)
• Wendy (translated from blessed in Welsh)
• Darina (translated from gift in Slavic)
• Dorothea (translated from gift from God in Greek)
• Jesse (translated from gift in Hebrew)

Question: How do you choose a baby name?

Answer: You may want to choose the perfect baby name by avoiding passing Trends. Also, remember that if you want to name your child a classically Biblical name, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can find different spellings to spice up your child’s name to make it rememberable and unique.

 Another way that you can choose a great name for your baby has to take a look at your family tree. maybe, if you have somebody in your family that was incredibly important to you, you may want to name your child after them and choose a Biblical middle name. Don’t forget to honor the culture that you’re going to be raising your child in or that you grew up in.

 Plus, not a great tip to keep in mind to look up the meaning of the name. There are always different definitions behind names and translations. So if you’re looking to name your child something that’s meaningful, remember to look up what the translation or meaning behind it is. 

Also, don’t forget to think about nicknames. If you’re going to name your child a specific name, think of all of the different nicknames that you can break it down into.

You want to also consider the name of your child with how it sounds along with their middle name. You want to make sure that this has a good ring to it. It’s important for you to consider the initials of your child too.

Question: What is the most beautiful name in the Bible?

Answer: There are a few different baby names in the Bible that are very beautiful. Beauty is really a matter of personal preference. However, here are some extremely popular baby names with a beautiful translation find them.
• Abiah – means ‘God is my father’
• Abigal – means ‘Father’s rejoice’
• Bela – means ‘she of fair skin’
• Eunice – means ‘good victory’
• Joanna – means ‘God is gracious’
• Jochebed – means ‘God’s glory’
• Keren – means ‘glorious dignity’

Finding the best name for your baby

The name that you choose to call your child will represent a lot of different things in their lives for them.

Not only does naming your child a specific Biblical name identifies the preferences and interests for your child’s future, but it also helps that your child up for a confident path for themselves.

There are a lot of different names in the Bible that serve as an amazing place for inspiration for both male and female names. Also, a lot of the names that you can find in the Bible provide meaningful and useful definitions, which will help to set your child up on a Godly path in the future.

By choosing a unique Biblical name, you’re helping to develop an original identity for your child that will help them later down in the road of their lives.

If you’re still looking for some more inspiration for naming your child, we’re here to help you on your parenting journey. Check out the rest of our blog to learn more today! 

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