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The Most Beautiful Baby Boy Names that Start with C

The Most Beautiful Baby Boy Names that Start with C

According to those who specialize in names and name significance, it appears that first names that start with C are linked to people with courage and strong instincts. Even if you know that you want a strong baby name starting with the letter C for your little one, it can still be quite tricky to decide which one you should select because they are literarily thousands of options out there.

Below, I have listed and detailed some amazing ideas that you should browse. Who knows? Maybe your child’s name is somewhere in the following list.

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The Most Beautiful Baby Boy Names that Start with C


Here are some delightful baby boy first names that start with the letter C. Each one of them is beautiful and unique in its special way and all of them have interesting meanings.

1. Carter

Carter is a neutral baby name that actually refers to the one that’s driving a cart. It comes from both Gaelic and Latin languages.

Meaning of Carter

Cart driver, sojourner, tourist

Origin of Carter

Gaelic, Old English, Latin

Pronunciation of Carter

k-AH-r-t-er, KAHR-tuhr

Variations of Carter

Cartier, Karter, Cartrell

Famous People Named Carter

Carter Oosterhouse (TV personality), Carter Jenkins (actor)

Carter Trends

Carter became a popular name in the US starting with the year 1988. Since 1880, over 97,000 newborns were named Carter. In 2012, more than 9,200 baby boys were given this name.

Carter Fun Fact

Carter is used more as a last name rather than a first name.

2. Connor

Connor comes from the Celtic word Conchobhar and it was used for people who loved wolves.

Meaning of Connor

Desire, Hound descendent

Origin of Connor


Pronunciation of Connor

KAW-nuhr, KAHN-uhr

Variations of Connor

Conner, Conor, Konnor, O’Conner

Famous People Named Connor

Connor Ball (musician), Connor Barwin (football player)

Connor Trends

Since 1880, almost 170,000 baby boys have received this name in the US. In 2004, over 10,000 newborns were named Connor.

Connor Fun Fact

Connor is a mythological name. It is said that an Irish king named Connor had a high desire for Deirdre. This name can also mean “the one who loves wolves” or “high desire.”

3. Cole

Cole comes from both English and Greek and besides “victorious people” it can also mean “charcoal” or “swarthy.” It also refers to dark-haired individuals. It is a biblical name that translates into “Victory.”

Meaning of Cole

People’s victory, victorious people

Origin of Cole

Greek, English

Pronunciation of Cole

KOWL, k-OH-l

Variations of Cole

Coleman, Niko, Nicolas, Nicky, Nick, Colin, Khole

Famous People Named Cole

Cole Aldrich (basketball player), Cole Hauser (actor)

Cole Trends

Since 1880, more than 114,000 newborns have been given this name. In 2002, over 6,000 baby boys were named Cole.

Cole Fun Fact

Cole was used as a first name for boys ever since the medieval era. Nowadays, it is popular in countries such as the UK, the US, and in several other countries across Europe.

4. Cameron

This is a beautiful unisex name that can be used for both boys and girls and it is also occasionally met as a last name.

Meaning of Cameron

bent nose

Origin of Cameron

Scottish, Old English

Pronunciation of Cameron

kam-er-uh n

Variations of Cameron

Kameron, Camm, Camren, Kamrey

Famous People Named Cameron

Cameron Monaghan (actor), Cameron Fuller (male model)

Cameron Trends

Since 1880, over 237,000 newborns have received this name in the US. In 2000, Cameron was a very popular name and more than 12,700 baby boys were named Cameron.

Cameron Fun Fact

Besides “crooked nose,” Cameron also means “crooked river.” It is believed that this name is derived from the old name Cambernon, a name that was highly popular in Normandy.

swimming baby

5. Christopher

This beautiful and musical name comes from the Greek version “Christophoros.” It translates into “bearing Christ in one’s heart.”

Meaning of Christopher


Origin of Christopher


Pronunciation of Christopher

KRIS-tuh-fuhr, Chris-topher, christo-pher, kris-tuh-fer

Variations of Christopher

Cristo, Cristobal, Christian, Christophe, Cristoforo

Famous People Named Christopher

Christopher Walken (actor), Christopher Reeve (writer and actor)

Christopher Trends

Since 1880, the name Christopher has been given to almost 2 million baby boys. In 1984, this name has known a popularity peak because over 60,000 families have named their sons Christopher.

Christopher Fun Fact

At first, this name was used metaphorically so that Christians could express how they carried the Lord in their hearts and mind.

6. Charles

Charles is a classy name that sounds noble and elegant. It reminds me of a well-educated person, one that could discuss almost any existing topic due to his wide knowledge base.

Meaning of Charles

Manly, free man

Origin of Charles

Old English

Pronunciation of Charles

ch-AH-r-l-s, CHAHR-uhlz

Variations of Charles

Charlie, Charleston, Carl, Chip (nickname), Chaz, Chuck, Charles

Famous People Named Charles

Charles Darwin (naturalist), Charles, the Prince of Wales, Charles Dickens (writer)

Charles Trends

Since 1880, over 2.3 million babies have been given this name. In 1947, it was a very popular boy name since more than 40,600 families chose to name their sons Charles.

Charles Fun Fact

The name Charles was brought to North America in the 17th century, by English people who settled in what was going to become the United States.

7. Colin

If you ask me, Colin is both mainly and sweet for a baby boy’s name. It suggests strength but also diplomacy.

Meaning of Colin

Short form from Nicholas, youth, famous one, victorious people

Origin of Colin

Greek, Irish, English

Pronunciation of Colin


Variations of Colin

Cullen, Collin, Collins, Nicolas, Nikos, Nick, Cole

Famous People Named Colin

Colin Firth (actor), Colin Farrell (actor), Colin Powell (former Secretary of State)

Colin Trends

Since 1880, over 111,000 newborns have been named Colin in the United States. In 2004, more than 5,000 families have named their sons Colin.

Colin Fun Fact

Paul Stanley’s son is named Colin. Paul is a well-known singer and songwriter.

8. Carl

Carl is another manly name for a boy. One of the most famous people named Carl is Carl Lewis, the American field athlete.

Meaning of Carl

manly, free man, Carl’s island, a variation of the name Charles

Origin of Carl

Old English, Old German

Pronunciation of Carl


Variations of Carl

Karl, Carol, Carlito, Carols, Lyle, Carlyle, Charles

Famous People Named Carl

Carl Jung (psychiatrist), Carl Maria von Weber (German composer), Carl Gustaf of Sweden (Swedish king), Carl Sagan (American astronomer)

Carl Trends

Since 1880, more than 500,000 baby boys have been named Carl. In 1956, 8,303 newborns were named Carl.

Carl Fun Fact

Many Swedish kings used to be named Carl. An example is the one of Carl XVI Gustaf.

9. Cyrus

Cyrus is a beautiful Persian name with an exotic touch. It has multiple origins and several different significations.

Meaning of Cyrus

The sun, crag, heir to the throne, Lord

Origin of Cyrus

Irish, Persian, Greek

Pronunciation of Cyrus


Variations of Cyrus

Craig, Cy, Cruz

Famous People Named Cyrus

Cyrus Vance (former US Secretary of State), Cyrus Teed (physician)

Cyrus Trends

Since 1880, more than 17,500 baby boys have been given the name Cyrus. In 2007, almost 580 newborns were named Cyrus.

Cyrus Fun Fact

Everybody these days associates the name Cyrus with Miley Cyrus, the famous singer, as well as with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.


10. Chase

Chase is a beautiful and elegant name that’s very common in the UK. In the US, it became more popular starting with the year 1995.

Meaning of Chase


Origin of Chase

English, French

Pronunciation of Chase


Variations of Chase

Chace, Chayce, Chasen, Chauncey

Famous People Named Chase

Chase Stokes (actor), Chase Hudson (Internet celebrity)

Chase Trends

Since 1880, nearly 133,000 baby boys have been given this name. In 2009, more than 7,300 newborns were named Chase.

Chase Fun Fact

Many people associate this name with the famous actor Chevy Chase.

11. Chandler

Chandler is a cute name for a baby boy and it sounds interesting and fun. Everyone will fall in love with your little Channy.

Meaning of Chandler

Candle maker

Origin of Chandler


Pronunciation of Chandler

ch-AE-n-d-l-er, CHAND-luhr

Variations of Chandler

Chandelor, Chanders, Chanley

Famous People Named Chandler

Chandler Brewer (football player), Chandler Brossard (novelist/writer)

Chandler Trends

Since 1880, around 27,500 baby boys have been given this name. In 1999, nearly 2,400 families have named their sons Chandler.

Chandler Fun Fact

At first, Chandler was more of a girl’s name but the famous Friends character, Chandler Bing, made this name popular and more masculine.

12. Caleb

If you ask me, Caleb is an excellent name for your little boy. It’s cute while he’s a toddler but it’s also masculine and manly which comes in handy for when your son will become an adult.

Meaning of Caleb

Faithful, wholehearted

Origin of Caleb

Hebrew, African

Pronunciation of Caleb

KAY-lehb, key-luh b

Variations of Caleb

Kalib, Cale, Kaleb, Cleve, Cliff

Famous People Named Caleb

Caleb Bradham (pharmacist), Caleb Followill (singer)

Caleb Trends

This name’s popularity took off after 1970. Since then, over 230,000 newborns have been named Caleb in the US. In 2002, more than 11,600 baby boys were named Caleb.

Caleb Fun Fact

Caleb is a Biblical character that appears alongside Moses in the Old Testament as Moses’ companion during the time they spent their days in the wilderness.

13. Carlson

Carlson has a strong resonance as a male name. It inspires power and strength. Your little Carlson will grow up to become a fearful yet empathetic man.

Meaning of Carlson

Carl’s town, son of Carl

Origin of Carlson

Old English, Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Carlson

k-ah-r-l-s-uh-n, KAHRL-suhn

Variations of Carlson

Carlsson, Karlson, Carleton, Carols, Carlin, Carlton

Famous People Named Carlson

Richard Carlson (actor), Joel Carlson (actor)

Carlson Trends

Carlson’s popularity as a name has fluctuated over the years. It is a pretty common surname in the English-speaking countries of the globe but, as a first name, it remains pretty unique and exquisite. It is more popular in countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Carlson Fun Fact

Carlson was first encountered mostly as a family name but nowadays it’s also known as a first name. It is a unisex name that both boys and girls can have.

14. Cruz

Cruz is a beautiful and unique name for a baby boy. It was made even more popular by celebrities who have chosen this special name for their kids.

Meaning of Cruz

the Cross of Jesus Christ, beauty, grace, kindness, crag, cross-bearer

Origin of Cruz

Spanish, Greek, Irish

Pronunciation of Cruz


Variations of Cruz

Craig, Cyrus, Cruzito

Famous People Named Cruz

Cruz Beckham (David Beckham’s son), Cruz Martinez (musician)

Cruz Trends

Since 1880, over 16,200 baby boys have been given this name. In 2012, more than 1,220 newborns were named Cruz, in the US.

Cruz Fun Fact

Most people associate this name with the famous and beautiful actress Penelope Cruz.

FAQs About Baby Boy Names Starting with C

What Are the Most Unique Baby Boy Names that Start with C?

There are plenty of beautiful names for a boy that start with the letter C. Here are some of them:

  • Caleb;
  • Charles;
  • Cameron;
  • Cole; etc.

Here are some other names that also start with C but they are very rare:

  • Cree;
  • Casper;
  • Caspian.

What Are the Cutest Names for a Boy that Start with C?

There are numerous options: Christian, Cooper, Connor, Chase, Carter, and more. Think about your little one’s future personality (how you would like him to be and pick a name that suits that potential character, according to the name’s meaning).

What Are Some Beautiful Baby Boy Names that Have the Meaning of Love?

  • Connelly;
  • Connor;
  • Corwin.

All the above names mean love, friendship, or they have a love-related meaning.

How to Properly Choose a Name for Your Baby?

Choose a timeless name, an evergreen first name; one that will never go out of style. One good example could be Charles. Or, if you want something extra and out of the ordinary, you should totally let your imagination go wild and opt for something like Cameo or Camden.

Bottom Line

So, here you go: the comprehensive list of some of the best baby boy names starting with C. Before choosing a name for the apple of your eye, you should do a little research, find the name’s meaning, variations, and potential nicknames.

Here are some guidelines that you should follow:

  • Avoid passing trends;
  • Research your family tree;
  • Opt for a classic one but don’t pick boring names;
  • Honor your culture;
  • Middle names should also be taken into consideration.