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My Bjorn Carrier One Air Review: Why this Mom Loves it!

My Bjorn Carrier One Air Review: Why this Mom Loves it!

One of the things that you might find with plenty of baby carriers is a thick material that becomes hot and bothersome for both you and your little one. This especially if you wear it for long periods of time. Luckily, with the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air, its crowing detail is that it’s made of an airy, lightweight, and cooling mesh material.

While remaining as sturdy as you’d expect from any baby carrier, the material also helps keep airflow at a maximum while wearing your baby or toddler against your body. In warmer weather, this is a must of course. However, the mesh fabric is also plenty durable and dries quickly after washing it, so you won’t have to worry about waiting for hours after cleaning it to be able to use it again.

The shape itself is ergonomic to accommodate your growing baby and keep their legs in the right position for hip development and comfort, while offering four different positions, including height adjustments. And since the carrier can typically be used for your toddler up to three years of age, this is an important feature.

Choosing a Carrier That You’ll Love Too

Bjorn Carrier One Air

When it comes to your comfort, there is a wide belt for lumbar support and to take some of the pressure off your shoulders and back, especially as your child gets bigger but still requires the carrier. Plus, you’ll get padded shoulder straps to add to your comfort. And when you’re spending hours per day wearing your baby, all the support and ease you can get will likely be welcome.

You can wear your baby on your front or safely on your back, but right from the start, you can use the infant insert to start using the carrier for your newborn and with him or her in that way.


  • There are four different carrying positions to use for either front or back carrying, including two different heights of carrying facing in, carrying out, or carrying your little one on your back.
  • The primary fabric is a cool and airy mesh mean to be breathable and allow you and your baby to stay cool while you wear them in the carrier.
  • The wide waist belt adds added comfort and support for you while wearing the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air.
  • An upper height position is built-in to comfortably fit your newborn in the carrier and use it right from the beginning as long as they’re at least eight pounds.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute has deemed the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air hip-healthy in that it promotes healthy hip development in your little one.


  • You can use the carrier for both infants and toddlers, so it grows with them, and you can get years of use out of it.
  • With the breathable mesh, you and your baby are a lot less likely to get hot or sweaty with your little one against your body.
  • It’s relatively easy to get your baby in and out of the carrier without any additional help.
  • The carrier offers added support on the lower back, which can be especially helpful for new moms with lower back pain.


  • Overall, the carrier might feel or seem a little bulky.
  • You might have a hard time finding somewhere to put your phone, keys, wallet, or any small baby accessories.
  • Although the mesh material is soft, it may lose its softness over time and be more of an irritant on your baby’s skin.
BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One Air
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How Others Compare

Ergobaby Original Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier

ergobaby original carrier

Unlike the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air, the Ergobaby Original Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier isn’t made of any mesh material. Instead, it is made of soft and supple cotton that will feel good on your baby’s skin, and the overall ergonomic shape and design are very similar.

There is an optional infant insert for babies from 7-12 pounds, but for this particular carrier, it’s sold separately. Without it, the carrier is designed for babies and toddlers from 12-45 pounds so that you can get the most out of its three different carrying positions.

In addition to being able to carry your baby on your front and back, the Ergobaby Original Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier can also be worn on your hip to give you a variety of positions with which to carry your baby or toddler.


  • The ergonomic M-shape for your baby’s legs promotes healthy hip development in your little one.
  • There’s also a privacy hood that provides UPF protection of 50+.
  • On the front are an easily accessible large zippered storage pocket for any small baby accessories and your keys, wallet, and phone.
  • There are comfortable shoulder straps that are also adjustable to be able to fit varying sizes of parents or caregivers.


  • It can be awkward and difficult to get in and out of the carrier on your own.
  • Although the seat is in an ergonomic shape for your baby’s physical development, they may not enjoy the position and may resist being placed in it.
  • Getting your child in the backpack carrying position can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any help in doing so.

Further Research: You can check out my comparison of the Ergobaby Original vs Baby Bjorn One (standard) to go deeper into the direct comp.

Ergobaby Ergonomic Multi-Position Original Baby Carrier
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Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

Similar to the other carriers with thick waistbands for lumbar support, the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier has an even wider band meant to add more support and make wearing your baby even easier. It’s designed to comfortably fit most babies and toddlers from 7-35 pounds and in four different positions to choose from.

The shoulder straps are also thicker than your typical baby carrier and can be crossed on your back if preferred. Plus, there’s a headrest that can be a folder and buttoned-down in place when not in use. And like the Ergobaby, you can wear it in the positions of front carrying facing in, front carry facing out, on your back, or on your hip.

So if one position doesn’t work to keep your baby comfortable, another position is bound to work. It’s also very convenient to have adjustable straps to fit different parents or caregivers.


  • There’s a wide and convenient smartphone pocket built into the carrier for easy access.
  • For added comfort and stability, there are adjustable safety buckles on either side of the carrier.
  • The thick support band adds comfort and support for your lower back, neck, and shoulders, especially when carrying your toddler in the Beco Gemini.
  • You can switch to different carrying positions without even needing to take off the carrier or put the baby down.


  • Unlike some other carriers, this particular one doesn’t have any kind of sun shade option.
  • Initially, it can be challenging to get the carrier on by yourself.
  • Although the buckles on the sides of the carrier are convenient, they can be difficult to open and snap together.
Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Metro Black
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03/04/2024 11:46 am GMT

LilleBaby Complete Airflow

lilebaby compete airflow

The Lillebaby Complete Airflow is made of cool and breathable material, and while it does not exactly mesh like the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air, it does keep your baby cool and keeps you both from overheating in most situations.

With mesh material all the way around it and particularly breathable on the sides, you can be sure your baby will remain cool and comfortable while in the LilleBaby.

The attached hood that can be folded down when not in use can be used as a sleeping hood, sun shield, or just extra head support for your little one. Plus, the Lillebaby boasts six different carrying positions for your baby and toddler from 7-45 pounds.

You can choose the fetal position, infant, facing out, toddler, hip, or back, which gives you any possibly baby-wearing scenario. You also get the use of two different pockets which can be used for your smaller belongings as well as some small baby essentials.


  • There’s a pocket on the front of the carrier as well as one on the actual thick lumbar support belt.
  • It’s very easy to get in and out of the carrier.
  • With multiple positions available, you can be sure to find one that suits your baby, with the infant position accessible right away.
  • The shoulder straps are thick and have padding for extra comfort and support for you.


  • It can be bulky, even if it’s designed to fit your toddler.
  • The breathable mesh fabric can feel scratchy on your baby’s skin after a while.
  • For larger parents or caregivers, it may be hard to secure the lumbar support waistband properly.
Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360° Carrier | Amazon

Safe for baby’s hips and acknowledged as a HIP HEALTHY carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

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Contours Love 3-in-1 Baby & Child Carrier

Contours Love 3-in-1 Baby & Child Carrier

It may not be as well known as the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air, but the Contours Love 3-in-1 Baby & Child Carrier has the same general design with thick shoulder straps, a supportive lumbar waistband, and the ergonomic shape designed for your baby’s hip development.

Although there are just three possible positions, newborn, facing in, and facing out, the carrier is still strong and sturdy enough to hold your baby or toddler from 8-30 pounds. It also has too large storage pockets on the front and on the waist belt that can fit your smaller baby essentials, including a spare diaper even, which is very convenient when out and about with the carrier on.


  • The ergonomic shape of the carrier is best for your baby’s hip development.
  • Since you won’t even need an infant insert, you can quickly start using the carrier right away from the start.
  • The mesh knit material is breathable and does well in keeping both you and your little one cool.
  • It is one of the more cost-effective multi-position carriers on the market.


  • It can be difficult to secure your baby in the carrier on your own with no extra help.
  • Since the carrier’s purpose is for taller babies, it may be hard for younger or shorter babies to fit in it.
  • You might have trouble buckling the shoulder straps behind your back.
Contours Love 3 Position Baby Carrier
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Final Thoughts on the Baby Bjorn Mesh Carrier

Choosing a baby carrier can be difficult, especially if you plan to use it on a regular basis. These exist to keep your baby comfortable and secure. However, none quite compare to this particular carrier.

With the Baby Bjorn mesh carrier, you get an ergonomic baby carrier from a quality brand that you can wear in more than one position to suit your baby or toddler correctly.

Of course, there are enough similar baby carriers out there to compare to it for the most part, but at the end of the day, it’s hard to look past the cool air mesh material to keep your baby comfortable and the support it provides to your own lower back and shoulders.

Overall, the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air works well for both you and your little one.

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