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Baby Brezza vs. Beaba Babycook: Which is Best?

Making homemade baby food for your little one is no longer about tossing some ingredients into a blender and hoping that the resulting mixture isn’t too runny or too lumpy. These days, you’ve got more options to make the best out of making baby food yourself, and when it comes …

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review

The is an electrical hospital grade breast pump, renowned for its excellent suction power. This nifty little breast pump is suitable for multi-users and the fact that it is easy to use and assemble makes this breast pump a favorite amongst new nursing mothers! Normal breast pump vs. hospital grade …
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The 7 Best Baby Lotions You’ll All Adore!

Since babies have zero words available to them to be able to tell you what’s wrong or explain any discomfort, you’re often left figuring it out yourself. But for a lot of things, like dirty diapers or dry skin, for example, you can usually anticipate those needs. There are few …