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Sarah is a mother of four, so if you ask her why she enjoys writing about all things baby, she'll probably yell it at you over kids fighting, while wearing a spit-stained t-shirt, sanitizing bottles, and coordinating who's going to get the boys to baseball practice tonight. She's in the thick of it, knows a lot, and wants to help you get excited about motherhood, too.

The Top 27 Baby Shower Ideas That You’ll Love!

When someone close to you is expecting a baby, it’s the perfect excuse to have a party. If you’re the one planning it, you may feel overwhelmed by your options, or lack thereof. It’s all been done before, and you want to throw a party that’s unique and special.

Don’t feel discouraged. There are plenty of baby shower ideas that you can customize for the new mommy-to-be. Take something you saw on the internet and add your own touches to make it perfect for her.

Reasons to Have a Baby Shower

baby shower

Baby showers may seem frivolous, but there are plenty of reasons why every new mom should have one. It’s fun to get together and dote on the new mom-to-be. It makes her feel special and it’s an excuse to have a few snacks and open presents.

It’s practical, t

Best Nursing Tanks for Moms

The Best Nursing Tanks for Moms – Why Do You Need One?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re pregnant now and intending to breastfeed or your bundle of joy has already arrived and you’re in the thick of it. Nursing tanks are a godsend for breastfeeding moms. They are comfortable and can be very stylish. When someone is constantly latched onto you, you can feel not quite like …

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