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Keith Lindner

Keith Lindner is a devoted dad, doting husband, tech nerd, a research expert and a certified Infant Feeding Technician. With 10+ years of consumer research and product management experience, he became passionate about finding and building products that improve his family's life and fit their lifestyle preferences. He loves sharing this info with other parents to help make life a bit easier during those first few years of life.

In many ways the task of buying baby formula has never been easier. It’s sold at nearly every supermarket, pharmacy and local health shop plus can be delivered straight to your door by many reputable online sellers. But as any parent that experienced the formula crisis of 2022 would tell you, it’s good to be …

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Laura and Sarah, the co-founders of Bobbie, aren’t just entrepreneurs – they’re moms. Moms with a bone to pick with the rather stale, $60 billion baby formula industry that seems to be managed by a gentlemen’s club of old fogies who care more about profit than your baby nowadays.  And I mean come on, who …

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